Vit. Setúbal 2023 - Player Wages

Vit. Setúbal have a total of 36 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is José Semedo earning ₦625,075 per week.

Vit. Setúbal play in the Liga NOS, the top division of football in Portugal.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • ₦361,679,760 per year
  • ₦6,955,380 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
José Semedo₦625,075₦32,503,90037D C, DMPortugal
Zequinha₦568,250₦29,549,00035AM RLC, F CPortugal
Malam Camará₦392,093₦20,388,81022DMGuinea-Bissau
David Santos₦380,728₦19,797,83028D/WB/AM LPortugal
Camilo Triana₦352,315₦18,320,38025STColombia
Luís Pedro₦335,268₦17,433,91033D CPortugal
Lucas Marques₦335,268₦17,433,91027DMBrazil
Leonardo Ferreira₦335,268₦17,433,91021GKPortugal
Robson Shimabuku₦329,585₦17,138,42034M CBrazil
Rafael Alves₦301,173₦15,660,97028GKPortugal
Aloísio Neto₦284,125₦14,774,50024D CBrazil
Gabriel Lima₦250,030₦13,001,56024AM RL, STBrazil
José Varela₦250,030₦13,001,56024AM RLCape Verde
João Freitas₦232,983₦12,115,09030D CPortugal
Ismaël Kanda₦232,983₦12,115,09021D R, DMFrance
Mário Mendonça₦210,253₦10,933,13030D/WB/AM LPortugal
Pedro Pinto₦164,793₦8,569,21022M CPortugal
François Sene₦147,745₦7,682,74032D CSenegal
Vitinho₦147,745₦7,682,74029AM RLBrazil
Tiago Melo₦142,063₦7,387,25025D RPortugal
Kamo-Kamo₦125,015₦6,500,78022AM L, STMozambique
Rodrigo Mathiola₦125,015₦6,500,78024AM/F CBrazil
João Marouca₦125,015₦6,500,78022AM R, STPortugal
Daniel Carvalho₦73,873₦3,841,37018AM CPortugal
Rodrigo Pereira₦73,873₦3,841,37019STPortugal
Tiago Neto₦73,873₦3,841,37018GKPortugal
Diogo Sequeira₦34,095₦1,772,94018AM RLPortugal
Rodrigo Geraldo₦34,095₦1,772,94017AM RLPortugal
Lourenço Henriques₦34,095₦1,772,94018D CPortugal
Bernardo Paiva₦34,095₦1,772,94017D/WB LPortugal
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
André Gomes₦34,095₦1,772,94016AM RLPortugal
Manuel Ezequiel₦34,095₦1,772,94018D/WB LPortugal
Rodrigo Franco₦34,095₦1,772,94017DMPortugal
Alessandro₦34,095₦1,772,94018D/WB LPortugal
Tiago Brito₦34,095₦1,772,94017D/WB RLPortugal
Pedro Santos₦34,095₦1,772,94018M CPortugal

Who is Vit. Setúbal's highest earner?

José Semedo has the highest salary at Vit. Setúbal, earning ₦625,075 per week

What is Vit. Setúbal's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Vit. Setúbal total salary bill is ₦361,679,760 per year

What is Vit. Setúbal's monthly wage bill in 2023?

Vit. Setúbal total salary bill is ₦6,955,380 per week

What league do Vit. Setúbal's play in?

Vit. Setúbal play in the Liga NOS, the top division of football in Portugal.

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