Oxford United 2021 - Player Wages

Oxford United have a total of 50 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Gavin Whyte earning ₦4,659,650 per week.

Oxford United play in the Sky Bet League One, the third division of mens professional football in England.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • ₦2,376,921,560 per year
  • ₦45,710,030 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Gavin Whyte₦4,659,650₦242,301,80025AM RN.Ireland
Herbie Kane₦3,523,150₦183,203,80022DMEngland
Cameron Brannagan₦2,500,300₦130,015,60025DM, AM CEngland
James Henry₦2,329,825₦121,150,90032AM RCEngland
Jordan Thorniley₦2,329,825₦121,150,90024D LCEngland
Marcus McGuane₦2,216,175₦115,241,10022DMEngland
Matty Taylor₦2,216,175₦115,241,10031STEngland
Sam Winnall₦2,045,700₦106,376,40030STEngland
Billy Bodin₦1,988,875₦103,421,50029AM RLCWales
Alejandro Rodríguez Gorrín₦1,988,875₦103,421,50027DMSpain
Elliott Moore₦1,875,225₦97,511,70024D CEngland
Jamie Hanson₦1,761,575₦91,601,90025DMEngland
Mark Sykes₦1,647,925₦85,692,10023AM RCN.Ireland
Nathan Holland₦1,647,925₦85,692,10023AM RLCEngland
Ryan Williams₦1,534,275₦79,782,30027AM RLCAustralia
Anthony Forde₦1,420,625₦73,872,50027D R, AM RCIreland
Daniel Agyei₦1,363,800₦70,917,60024STEngland
Jack Stevens₦1,193,325₦62,052,90023GKEngland
Steve Seddon₦909,200₦47,278,40023D/WB LEngland
Sam Long₦909,200₦47,278,40026D RCEngland
Simon Eastwood₦909,200₦47,278,40032GKEngland
Joel Cooper₦625,075₦32,503,90025AM RLN.Ireland
John Mousinho₦625,075₦32,503,90035D C, DMEngland
Luke McNally₦568,250₦29,549,00021D CIreland
Ben Davis₦392,093₦20,388,81020AM CThailand
Michael Elechi₦215,935₦11,228,62019D LNigeria
Leon Chambers-Parillon₦193,205₦10,046,66019M CEngland
Mackenzie Chapman₦187,523₦9,751,17018GKEngland
Tyler Goodrham₦147,745₦7,682,74017AM RC, F CEngland
Yoav Sade₦147,745₦7,682,74021D RCIsrael
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Slavi Spasov₦125,015₦6,500,78019AM/F CBulgaria
Ibrahim Sankoh₦79,555₦4,136,86016D REngland
Elijah Coe₦79,555₦4,136,86016M CEngland
Ben Watt₦79,555₦4,136,86017D RCEngland
Eddie Brearey₦79,555₦4,136,86017GKEngland
Owen Giles₦79,555₦4,136,86016D CEngland
Kie Plumley₦79,555₦4,136,86017GKEngland
Amari Davis-Stephenson₦79,555₦4,136,86016AM RLEngland
Josh Anifowose₦79,555₦4,136,86017M CEngland
Fraser Barnsley₦79,555₦4,136,86016GKEngland
Mac Masters₦79,555₦4,136,86017DMEngland
Enrique Tiamuna₦79,555₦4,136,86016M CEngland
Josh Johnson₦79,555₦4,136,86016DMEngland
Gatlin O'Donkor₦79,555₦4,136,86016STEngland
Adam Smith₦79,555₦4,136,86017STEngland
James Golding₦79,555₦4,136,86016D CEngland
Erion Zabeli₦79,555₦4,136,86016D CEngland
Clinton Nosakhare₦79,555₦4,136,86017D CAustria
Will Owens₦79,555₦4,136,86016STEngland
George Franklin₦79,555₦4,136,86016M CEngland

Who is Oxford United's highest earner?

Gavin Whyte has the highest salary at Oxford United, earning ₦4,659,650 per week

What is Oxford United's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Oxford United total salary bill is ₦2,376,921,560 per year

What is Oxford United's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Oxford United total salary bill is ₦45,710,030 per week

What league do Oxford United's play in?

Oxford United play in the Sky Bet League One, the third division of mens professional football in England.

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