Newcastle United 2023 - Player Wages

Newcastle United have a total of 73 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Bruno Guimarães earning $246,600 per week.

Newcastle United play in the Premier League, the top tier of English football (soccer).

The teams total wage bill is:
  • $143,759,470 per year
  • $2,764,605 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Bruno Guimarães$246,600$12,823,20025DMBrazil
Sandro Tonali$182,210$9,474,92023DMItaly
Alexander Isak$164,400$8,548,80023STSweden
Harvey Barnes$164,400$8,548,80025AM RLCEngland
Callum Wilson$150,700$7,836,40031STEngland
Kieran Trippier$137,000$7,124,00032D/WB REngland
Nick Pope$137,000$7,124,00031GKEngland
Miguel Almirón$137,000$7,124,00029AM RLCParaguay
Anthony Gordon$127,410$6,625,32022AM RLC, F CEngland
Sven Botman$120,560$6,269,12023D LCNetherlands
Joelinton$109,600$5,699,20026AM LC, F CBrazil
Joe Willock$109,600$5,699,20023M CEngland
Matthew Targett$108,230$5,627,96027D/WB LEngland
Dan Burn$98,640$5,129,28031D LCEngland
Tino Livramento$84,940$4,416,88020D/WB REngland
Jamaal Lascelles$75,350$3,918,20029D CEngland
Lewis Hall$68,500$3,562,00018D LC, DM, AM CEngland
Fabian Schär$64,390$3,348,28031D CSwitzerland
Martin Dúbravka$60,280$3,134,56034GKSlovakia
Matt Ritchie$60,280$3,134,56033WB L, AM RLScotland
Javi Manquillo$54,800$2,849,60029D/WB RLSpain
Paul Dummett$53,430$2,778,36031D LCWales
Emil Krafth$50,690$2,635,88028D/WB RSweden
Jacob Murphy$47,950$2,493,40028AM RLEngland
Loris Karius$41,100$2,137,20030GKGermany
Sean Longstaff$38,360$1,994,72025DMEngland
Elliot Anderson$19,180$997,36020AM RLCScotland
Mark Gillespie$8,083$420,31631GKEngland
Charlie Wiggett$4,658$242,21620D CEngland
Jordan Hackett$4,247$220,84419D/WB LEngland
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Amadou Diallo$3,425$178,10020AM RLC, F CEngland
Dylan Stephenson$3,288$170,97620AM RL, STEngland
Cathal Heffernan$3,288$170,97618D RCIreland
Lewis Miley$2,740$142,48017AM CEngland
Remi Savage$2,329$121,10821D LCEngland
Michael Ndiweni$1,233$64,11619AM RLC, F CEngland
Alex Murphy$1,233$64,11619D LCIreland
Charlie McArthur$1,206$62,69118D CScotland
Ben Parkinson$1,151$59,84218AM REngland
Ciaran Thompson$1,137$59,12918D CEngland
Ellis Stanton$1,110$57,70418DMEngland
Josh Scott$1,041$54,14220D/WB/AM LEngland
James Huntley$1,041$54,14219M CEngland
Kyle Crossley$1,028$53,43018AM REngland
Nathan Carlyon$986$51,29320DMEngland
Lucas De Bolle$877$45,59420AM RLCScotland
Will Brown$863$44,88121GKEngland
Travis Hernes$822$42,74417AM CNorway
Shaun Mavididi$822$42,744AM RL, STEngland
Jamie Miley$767$39,89419DMEngland
Reece Byrne$589$30,63318GKIreland
Jude Smith$562$29,20820GKScotland
Aidan Harris$301$15,67316GKEngland
Scott Bailey$301$15,67317D RCEngland
Carter Milmore$301$15,673D CEngland
Dylan Charlton$301$15,67317D LCEngland
Adrian Janusz$301$15,67317GKEngland
Anthony Munda$301$15,67316M CEngland
Thomas Bryant$301$15,67316D LEngland
Adam Harrison$301$15,67316GKEngland
Trevan Sanusi$82$4,27416AM LEngland
Leo Shahar$82$4,27416D REngland
Eden Page$82$4,27418D LEngland
Johnny Emerson$82$4,27418AM LScotland
Kacey Wooster$82$4,274STEngland
Harry Powell$82$4,27417D CEngland
Rory Powell$82$4,27417D RCEngland
Darren Palmer$82$4,27417AM RLEngland
Josh Donaldson$82$4,27417STEngland
Joe Brayson$82$4,27416STEngland
Luke Craggs$82$4,27415D CEngland
Sean Neave$82$4,27416STEngland
Logan Watts$82$4,27416D CEngland

Who is Newcastle United's highest earner?

Bruno Guimarães has the highest salary at Newcastle United, earning $246,600 per week

What is Newcastle United's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Newcastle United total salary bill is $143,759,470 per year

What is Newcastle United's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Newcastle United total salary bill is $2,764,605 per week

What league do Newcastle United's play in?

Newcastle United play in the Premier League, the top tier of English football (soccer).

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