Athlético Paranaense 2020 - Player Wages

Athlético Paranaense have a total of 82 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Carlos Eduardo earning £19,000 per week.

Athlético Paranaense play in the Brasileirão, the top division of football in Brazil.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £10,012,548 per year
  • £192,549 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Carlos Eduardo£19,000£988,00022AM RL, STBrazil
Adriano£15,000£780,00034D/WB RLBrazil
Marquinhos Gabriel£12,000£624,00028AM RLBrazil
Jonathan£11,000£572,00033D/WB/M RBrazil
Léo Cittadini£11,000£572,00025DM, AM CBrazil
Lucho González£10,000£520,00038AM CArgentina
Lucas Halter£8,000£416,00019D CBrazil
Vitinho£7,500£390,00020AM RLC, F CBrazil
Nikão£6,900£358,80026AM RLC, F CBrazil
Marcio Azevedo£5,900£306,80033D/WB LBrazil
Róbson Bambu£5,700£296,40021D CBrazil
Khellven£5,000£260,00018D/WB RBrazil
Léo Gomes£5,000£260,00022DMBrazil
Matheus Anjos£4,900£254,80020AM CBrazil
Thiago Heleno£4,600£239,20030D CBrazil
Abner Vinicius£3,500£182,00019D/WB LBrazil
Fernando Canesin£3,300£171,60027AM RC, F CBrazil
Zé Ivaldo£3,300£171,60022D CBrazil
Breno Lopes£2,500£130,00023AM CBrazil
Denner£2,400£124,80019AM RCBrazil
Pedrinho£1,800£93,60019AM RLBrazil
Danilo Boza£1,400£72,80021D RCBrazil
Elias£1,300£67,60019AM RL, STBrazil
Bruno Leite£1,080£56,16019AM/F CBrazil
Luiz Fernando£1,000£52,00019AM L, STBrazil
Léo Vieira£930£48,36028GKBrazil
Erick£920£47,84021AM CBrazil
Walber£870£45,24022D CBrazil
Pedrão£800£41,60022D RCBrazil
Reinaldo£700£36,40018AM RC, F CBrazil
Christian Alves£600£31,20018DMBrazil
Josué Cuero£600£31,20018D/WB REcuador
Léo Simas£510£26,52020D/WB RBrazil
Bissoli£480£24,96021AM/F CBrazil
Brener£280£14,56019AM RLCBrazil
Renan Soares£240£12,48018AM RLC, F CBrazil
Thiago Souza£219£11,38820AM L, STBrazil
Pedro do Rio£200£10,40018DMBrazil
Wesley£200£10,40019D C, DMBrazil
Leonardo Linck£180£9,36018GKBrazil
Luan Patrick£180£9,36017D CBrazil
Raimar£170£8,84017AM CBrazil
João Pedro£130£6,76017DMBrazil
Juan Makil£130£6,76016AM CBrazil
Vinicius Kaue£130£6,76016AM RLC, F CBrazil
John Mercado£100£5,20017AM CEcuador
Reginaldo£100£5,20017D CBrazil
Luca Caio£90£4,68018D LBrazil
João Pagoto£80£4,16018AM CBrazil
Tiago Gomes£70£3,64016GKBrazil
Braga£60£3,12016D/WB RBrazil
David Samuel£40£2,08016D CBrazil
Gabriel Fornari£40£2,08018D CBrazil
Gabriel Morais£40£2,08017STBrazil
Guilherme Rink£40£2,08018AM RLC, F CGermany
Iago£40£2,08017AM RLC, F CBrazil
Jhonny Lira£40£2,08016D/WB RBrazil
João Gabriel£40£2,08016D CBrazil
Kauã£40£2,08016D CBrazil
Kelvin Antony£40£2,08016AM RLC, F CBrazil
Leonardo Costa£40£2,08016AM RLC, F CBrazil
Lucas Guido£40£2,08017AM CBrazil
Luiz Silvestre£40£2,08016DMBrazil
Ruan Librelato£40£2,08016AM CBrazil
Victor Cruz£40£2,08018M RCBrazil
Vinicius Pertile£40£2,08016AM CBrazil
Welligton Rocha£40£2,08018D CBrazil

Who is Athlético Paranaense's highest earner?

Carlos Eduardo has the highest salary at Athlético Paranaense, earning £19,000 per week

What is Athlético Paranaense's yearly wage bill in 2020?

Athlético Paranaense total salary bill is £10,012,548 per year

What is Athlético Paranaense's monthly wage bill in 2020?

Athlético Paranaense total salary bill is £192,549 per month

What league do Athlético Paranaense's play in?

Athlético Paranaense play in the Brasileirão, the top division of football in Brazil.

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