Fluminense 2020 - Player Wages

Fluminense have a total of 59 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Ganso earning £20,000 per week.

Fluminense play in the Brasileirão, the top division of football in Brazil.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £10,202,920 per year
  • £196,210 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Ganso£20,000£1,040,00029AM CBrazil
Egídio£15,000£780,00033D/WB LBrazil
Hudson£9,200£478,40031D/WB R, DMBrazil
Nenê£8,900£462,80037AM RLC, F CBrazil
Digão£8,400£436,80031D CBrazil
Gilberto£8,200£426,40025D/WB/M RBrazil
Luccas Claro£8,000£416,00027D CBrazil
Matheus Ferraz£7,900£410,80034D CBrazil
Yago Felipe£6,300£327,60024AM RCBrazil
Wellington Silva£6,000£312,00026AM RL, STBrazil
Nino£5,900£306,80022D CBrazil
Evanilson£5,300£275,60019AM L, STBrazil
Igor Julião£5,100£265,20024D/WB RBrazil
Felippe Cardoso£4,300£223,60020AM R, STBrazil
Marcos Paulo£3,900£202,80018AM LCPortugal
Orinho£3,800£197,60024D LBrazil
Fernando Pacheco£3,300£171,60020AM RLPeru
Marcos Felipe£2,900£150,80023GKBrazil
Matheus Alessandro£2,900£150,80022AM RLC, F CBrazil
Michel Araújo£2,900£150,80022AM RL, STUruguay
Pablo Dyego£2,800£145,60025D R, AM RLBrazil
Caio Paulista£2,400£124,80021AM RLBrazil
Dodi£2,400£124,80023DM, AM CBrazil
Frazan£2,300£119,60023D CBrazil
Gabriel Capixaba£2,200£114,40021AM RLBrazil
Matheus Pato£1,900£98,80024STBrazil
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Lucas Barcelos£920£47,84020AM R, STBrazil
Macula£900£46,80019AM L, STBrazil
Miguel Silveira£900£46,80016AM RCBrazil
Matheus Cassini£850£44,20023AM RLC, F CBrazil
John Kennedy£810£42,12017AM L, STBrazil
André Trindade£780£40,56017DMBrazil
Calegari£760£39,52017D/WB R, DMBrazil
Paulo Victor£750£39,00020AM CBrazil
Wisney£750£39,00020D/AM RBrazil
João Lopes£690£35,88023GKBrazil
Kaká£490£25,48017AM RLBrazil
Luan Freitas£480£24,96018D CBrazil
Luiz Henrique£290£15,08018STBrazil
Wallace£290£15,08018AM CBrazil
Jefferson£240£12,48017AM RLBrazil
Marcelo Pitaluga£210£10,92016GKBrazil
Denilson£190£9,88019AM CBrazil
Diogo£190£9,88021D/WB RBrazil
Geovani£190£9,88019D CBrazil
Samuel£190£9,88018AM L, STBrazil
João Cipriano£170£8,84016D CBrazil
Paulo Filho£100£5,20018GKBrazil
Kayky£90£4,68016AM CBrazil
Luan Vítor£90£4,68017GKBrazil
Metinho Silu£90£4,68016DMDR Congo
Matheus Martins£40£2,08015AM LCBrazil

Who is Fluminense's highest earner?

Ganso has the highest salary at Fluminense, earning £20,000 per week

What is Fluminense's yearly wage bill in 2020?

Fluminense total salary bill is £10,202,920 per year

What is Fluminense's monthly wage bill in 2020?

Fluminense total salary bill is £196,210 per month

What league do Fluminense's play in?

Fluminense play in the Brasileirão, the top division of football in Brazil.

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