Santos 2020 - Player Wages

Santos have a total of 77 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Carlos Sánchez earning £73,000 per week.

Santos play in the Brasileirão, the top division of football in Brazil.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £15,362,360 per year
  • £295,430 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Carlos Sánchez£73,000£3,796,00034AM RCUruguay
Bryan Ruíz£25,000£1,300,00033AM LCCosta Rica
Fernando Uribe£19,000£988,00031STColombia
Eduardo Sasha£15,000£780,00027AM L, STBrazil
Lucas Veríssimo£11,000£572,00023D CBrazil
Diego Pituca£9,400£488,80026DMBrazil
Felipe Aguilar£9,300£483,60026D CColombia
Luiz Felipe£9,000£468,00025D CBrazil
Madson£9,000£468,00027D/WB/AM RBrazil
Marinho£9,000£468,00029AM RL, STBrazil
Pará£8,800£457,60033D/WB RLBrazil
Daniel Guedes£7,400£384,80025D/WB RBrazil
Jean Mota£7,100£369,20025D/WB L, AM LCBrazil
Luan Peres£7,000£364,00024D LCBrazil
Yeferson Soteldo£7,000£364,00022AM RL, STVenezuela
Raniel£6,700£348,40023AM RC, F CBrazil
Evandro£6,300£327,60032AM CBrazil
Felipe Jonatan£6,300£327,60021D/WB LBrazil
Alan Cardoso£3,500£182,00021D/WB/AM LBrazil
Diogo Vítor£3,400£176,80022AM RCBrazil
Jackson Porozo£3,100£161,20018D CEcuador
Kaio Jorge£3,000£156,00017STBrazil
Lucas Venuto£3,000£156,00024AM RCBrazil
Guilherme Nunes£2,200£114,40020DMBrazil
João Paulo£2,100£109,20024GKBrazil
Yuri Alberto£1,300£67,60018AM R, STBrazil
Allanzinho£990£51,48019AM LBrazil
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Donizete£960£49,92019AM CBrazil
Cadu£720£37,44017D/WB RBrazil
Victor Yan£640£33,28018DMBrazil
Gabriel Oliveira£520£27,04020D CBrazil
Matheus Moraes£520£27,04019STBrazil
Alexandre Tam£480£24,96020AM R, STBrazil
Gabriel Pirani£470£24,44017AM LBrazil
Tailson£450£23,40020AM RLC, F CBrazil
Arthur Gomes£440£22,88020AM RLBrazil
Marcos Leonardo£410£21,32016AM L, STBrazil
Ivonei£400£20,80017AM CBrazil
Vinicius Balieiro£320£16,64020D/WB RBrazil
Wagner Palha£310£16,12019D C, DMBrazil
Lucas Lourenço£230£11,96018AM CBrazil
Lucas Sena£230£11,96018AM LCBrazil
Sandro Perpétuo£230£11,96018DMBrazil
Alex Negueba£220£11,44018STBrazil
Felipe Carvalho£220£11,44019DMBrazil
Fernando£220£11,44019D RLBrazil
Heron£220£11,44019D CBrazil
Jhonnathan£220£11,44019D CBrazil
Lucas Henrique£220£11,44017DMBrazil
Lucas Milton£220£11,44020D RBrazil
Matheus Saldanha£220£11,44019GKBrazil
Mikael Doquinha£220£11,44019D RBrazil
Pedro Scaramussa£220£11,44017D LBrazil
Alex Nascimento£210£10,92020D CBrazil
Derick£210£10,92017D CBrazil
Anderson Ceará£130£6,76020AM CBrazil
Athos£130£6,76020M CBrazil
Caio Mota£130£6,76017AM R, STBrazil
Gustavo Vilar£130£6,76019D CBrazil
Robson Reis£130£6,76019D CBrazil
Lucas Yanase£100£5,20023STBrazil
Arthur£60£3,12019WB L, AM LCBrazil
Antônio Gamaroni£40£2,08019STBrazil
Giovanni£40£2,08017AM CBrazil
Renyer£40£2,08015AM RBrazil

Who is Santos's highest earner?

Carlos Sánchez has the highest salary at Santos, earning £73,000 per week

What is Santos's yearly wage bill in 2020?

Santos total salary bill is £15,362,360 per year

What is Santos's monthly wage bill in 2020?

Santos total salary bill is £295,430 per month

What league do Santos's play in?

Santos play in the Brasileirão, the top division of football in Brazil.

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