Arminia Bielefeld 2020 - Player Wages

Arminia Bielefeld have a total of 39 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Marcel Hartel earning £7,900 per week.

Arminia Bielefeld play in the Bundesliga 2, the second division of football in Germany.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £5,811,520 per year
  • £111,760 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Marcel Hartel£7,900£410,80023AM CGermany
Fabian Klos£7,300£379,60031STGermany
Joakim Nilsson£7,100£369,20025D CSweden
Oscar Linnér£6,800£353,60022GKSweden
Cédric Brunner£6,400£332,80025D RCSwitzerland
Jóan Símun Edmundsson£6,100£317,20027AM RC, F CFaroe Islands
Sven Schipplock£5,600£291,20030STGermany
Patrick Weihrauch£4,800£249,60025AM RCGermany
Reinhold Yabo£4,700£244,40027DM, AM CGermany
Stefan Ortega£4,600£239,20026GKGermany
Brian Behrendt£4,500£234,00027D C, DMGermany
Cebio Soukou£4,400£228,80026AM RLBenin
Florian Hartherz£4,300£223,60026D/WB LGermany
Jonathan Clauss£4,100£213,20026D/WB/AM RFrance
Manuel Prietl£3,900£202,80027DM, AM CAustria
Nils Quaschner£3,900£202,80025STGermany
Stephan Salger£3,600£187,20029D LCGermany
Tom Schütz£3,600£187,20031DMGermany
Andreas Voglsammer£3,500£182,00027STGermany
Nils Seufert£2,900£150,80022DM, AM CGermany
Philipp Klewin£2,800£145,60025GKGermany
Anderson Lucoqui£2,500£130,00021D/WB LGermany
Jomaine Ellay Consbruch£2,100£109,20017DMGermany
Amos Pieper£1,500£78,00021D CGermany
Keanu Staude£1,000£52,00022AM LCGermany
Fabian Kunze£570£29,64021D C, DMGermany
Sebastian Müller£510£26,52018AM R, STGermany
Serkan Temin£280£14,56018D CGermany
Maxim Bairamov£270£14,04018AM LCAzerbaijan
Melik Aziz Ben El Ouahmi£270£14,04018AM RLCGermany
Erkan Aydin£220£11,44018D LGermany
Aram Yüksel£120£6,24018M CSweden
Ágoston Kiss£100£5,20018GKHungary
Jan Fauseweh£100£5,20017GKGermany
Lukas Ayyildiz£100£5,20017AM CGermany
Mervin Kalac£100£5,20017STGermany
Dildar Atmaca£60£3,12016AM LGermany
Dominik Movskin£60£3,12017D RGermany
Álex Pérez£-900£-46,80027D CSpain

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