Clube Sport Marítimo - SAD 2021 - Player Wages

Clube Sport Marítimo - SAD have a total of 56 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Jorge Sáenz earning £7,100 per week.

Clube Sport Marítimo - SAD play in the Liga Nos, the top division of football in Portugal.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £2,977,000 per year
  • £57,250 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Jorge Sáenz£7,100£369,20024D CSpain
Zainadine Júnior£3,000£156,00033D RCMozambique
Ali Alipour£2,500£130,00025STIran
Cláudio Winck£2,400£124,80027D/WB RBrazil
Xadas£2,400£124,80023AM RCPortugal
China£2,400£124,80029D/WB LPortugal
Edgar Costa£2,300£119,60034AM RLCPortugal
Henrique£2,200£114,40027AM RLBrazil
Iván Rossi£2,100£109,20027DMArgentina
Joël Tagueu£2,100£109,20027AM R, STCameroon
Léo Andrade£2,000£104,00023D CBrazil
Paulo Victor£1,800£93,60034GKBrazil
Rafik Guitane£1,700£88,40022AM CFrance
André Vidigal£1,500£78,00022AM RLPortugal
Diogo Mendes£1,400£72,80023DMPortugal
Clésio£1,400£72,80026AM RLMozambique
Filipe Cardoso£1,300£67,60027DMPortugal
Milson£900£46,80021AM RLAngola
Miguel Silva£900£46,80026GKPortugal
Matheus Costa£900£46,80026D CBrazil
Pedro Pelágio£800£41,60021DMPortugal
Facundo Costantini£760£39,52021D C, DMBrazil
Jefferson Kibe£720£37,44021STBrazil
Rúben Macedo£700£36,40025AM RLPortugal
Aires Sousa£610£31,72022AM LPortugal
Stefano Beltrame£600£31,20028AM RLC, F CItaly
Tim Söderström£600£31,20027D RL, M RLCSweden
Sadiq Abdulfatai£510£26,52020DMNigeria
Vitor Eudes£500£26,00022GKBrazil
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Vítor Costa£500£26,00027D/WB LBrazil
Jhonnys Guerrero£480£24,96022D/WB LColombia
Miguel Rosário£450£23,40023D CPortugal
Alejandro Sánchez£430£22,36019D C, M CColombia
Ali Alobaidan£430£22,36021D CSaudi Arabia
André Cardoso£430£22,36020AM/F CPortugal
Bernardo Gomes£420£21,84017M CPortugal
Carlos Eduardo£410£21,32018STBrazil
Cristiano Abreu£410£21,32022D/WB LPortugal
Francisco Gomes£380£19,76017AM RLPortugal
Fábio Faria£380£19,76021D R, AM RLPortugal
Gonçalo Rodrigues£370£19,24018AM RLPortugal
Daniel Pereira£370£19,24018AM RLPortugal
Santiago Irala£350£18,20022AM RL, STParaguay
João Araújo£340£17,68020AM CPortugal
Guilherme Alves£260£13,52018AM RLPortugal
José Correia£260£13,52019M CPortugal
Noah Madsen£260£13,52019D C, DMDenmark
Rúben Sousa£260£13,52020D CPortugal
João Barros£250£13,00019M CPortugal
Miguel Gouveia£250£13,00022DMPortugal
Bernardo Dias£250£13,00018GKPortugal
Francisco Nunes£60£3,12017GKPortugal
Fabiano Mendonça£60£3,12018DM, AM CPortugal
Pedro Gomes£60£3,12018GKPortugal

Who is Clube Sport Marítimo - SAD's highest earner?

Jorge Sáenz has the highest salary at Clube Sport Marítimo - SAD, earning £7,100 per week

What is Clube Sport Marítimo - SAD's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Clube Sport Marítimo - SAD total salary bill is £2,977,000 per year

What is Clube Sport Marítimo - SAD's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Clube Sport Marítimo - SAD total salary bill is £57,250 per week

What league do Clube Sport Marítimo - SAD's play in?

Clube Sport Marítimo - SAD play in the Liga Nos, the top division of football in Portugal.

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