Vitória Sport Clube 2021 - Player Wages

Vitória Sport Clube have a total of 81 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Gideon Mensah earning £6,200 per week.

Vitória Sport Clube play in the Liga NOS, the top division of football in Portugal.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £5,539,196 per year
  • £106,523 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Gideon Mensah£6,200£322,40022D/WB (L)Ghana
André André£5,500£286,00030M (C)Portugal
Ricardo Quaresma£4,700£244,40036AM (RL)Portugal
Bruno Duarte£3,500£182,00024ST (C)Brazil
Bruno Varela£3,500£182,00025GKPortugal
Yann-Aurel Bisseck£3,300£171,60019D (C), DMGermany
Falaye Sacko£3,300£171,60025D/WB (R)Mali
Elias Abouchabaka£3,300£171,60020M/AM (RLC)Germany
Joseph Amoah£3,100£161,20026DM, M (C)Ghana
Nicolas Janvier£2,900£150,80021M/AM (C)France
Marcus Edwards£2,900£150,80021AM (RLC)England
Mikel Agu£2,900£150,80027DM, M (C)Nigeria
Miguel Luís£2,900£150,80021M (C)Portugal
Pepelu£2,800£145,60021DM, M (C)Spain
Rochinha£2,700£140,40025M (C), AM (RLC)Portugal
Sílvio£2,600£135,20032D/WB (RL)Portugal
Abou Ouattara£2,500£130,00020AM (RL), ST (C)Burkina Faso
Abdul Mumin£2,500£130,00022D (C)Ghana
André Almeida£2,500£130,00020M/AM (C)Portugal
Celton Biai£2,400£124,80019GKPortugal
Easah Suliman£2,300£119,60022D (C)England
Jorge Fernandes£2,100£109,20023D (C)Portugal
Iuri Tavares£2,100£109,20019AM (R), ST (C)Cape Verde
Jacob Maddox£2,100£109,20021M (LC), AM (C)England
Lyle Foster£2,000£104,00019ST (C)South Africa
Noah Jean Holm£1,900£98,80019M/AM (RL), ST (C)Norway
David Álvarez£1,400£72,80019M/AM (R)Spain
Braima Fati£913£47,47621M/AM (RLC)Guinea-Bissau
Mascarenhas£900£46,80022D/WB (L)Brazil
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Matous Trmal£900£46,80021GKCzech Republic
Nicolas Tié£900£46,80019GKIvory Coast
Kim Jung-Min£884£45,96820M (C)South Korea
Antal Bencze£858£44,61618GKHungary
Melvin Maboungou£839£43,62818ST (C)France
Caio Domingues£838£43,57620M (C)Brazil
Diogo Ferreira£828£43,05618M/AM (RC)Portugal
Duarte Moreira£828£43,05618ST (C)Portugal
Suan Besic£804£41,80822GKBosnia & Herzegovina
Guilherme Guedes£798£41,49618M (C)Portugal
Hugo Nunes£788£40,97619AM (RL), ST (C)Portugal
Zié Ouattara£758£39,41620D/WB (R)Ivory Coast
André Ramalho£732£38,06418AM (R)Portugal
Daniel Martins£702£36,50419D/WB (L)Portugal
Diogo Cardoso£702£36,50418ST (C)Portugal
Rúben Marques£688£35,77617ST (C)Portugal
Gonçalo Gomes£672£34,94419ST (C)Portugal
Pedro Rosas£582£30,26419D (C)Portugal
Pedro Silva£582£30,26418M/AM (C)Portugal
David Vieira£575£29,90017DMPortugal
Abdel Dayane Yessoufou£557£28,96417D (C)France
Gonçalo Vidazinha£545£28,34017M (C)Portugal
Jota£515£26,78018AM (RL)Portugal
Bruno Miguel£447£23,24419GKPortugal
Mamadou Tounkara£437£22,72418D (C)France
Rui Correia£435£22,62018D (C)Portugal
Agostinho Mané£429£22,30820ST (C)Guinea-Bissau
Figa£407£21,16416M (C)Portugal
Hélder Sá£387£20,12417D (L)Portugal
Miguel Magalhães£337£17,52417D (R)Portugal
Nogueira£327£17,00416M (C)Portugal
Pedro Cancelo£307£15,96418D (L)Portugal
Rúben Moura£287£14,92420D/WB/AM (L)Portugal
Florentino Júnior£238£12,37618M (C)Guinea-Bissau
Pinto£238£12,37617D (C), DM, M (C)Portugal
Maher Bouyadel£204£10,60817D (C), DMFrance
Tiago Assis£55£2,86016AM (RC)Portugal
José Botelho£0£018D (C), DMPortugal
Lucas Pinto£0£016ST (C)Portugal
Francisco Canário£0£016AM (L), ST (C)Portugal
Chung Sung-won£0£019DM, M (C)South Korea
Emir Tonbul£0£019DM, M (C)Switzerland
Jonas Carls£0£023D (LC), WB/M (L)Germany
Eurichano Setila£0£016ST (C)Angola
Abas Djaló£0£017AM (RL)Guinea-Bissau
Jonathan Mutombo£0£017AM (R)France
Afonso Soares£0£017DM, M (C)Portugal
Tiago Aguiar£0£016D (C)Portugal
Alberto Baio£0£016D (C)Portugal
Roka£0£016ST (C)Portugal

Who is Vitória Sport Clube's highest earner?

Gideon Mensah has the highest salary at Vitória Sport Clube, earning £6,200 per week

What is Vitória Sport Clube's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Vitória Sport Clube total salary bill is £5,539,196 per year

What is Vitória Sport Clube's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Vitória Sport Clube total salary bill is £106,523 per month

What league do Vitória Sport Clube's play in?

Vitória Sport Clube play in the Liga NOS, the top division of football in Portugal.

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