Fleetwood Town 2021 - Player Wages

Fleetwood Town have a total of 48 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Callum Connolly earning £17,000 per week.

Fleetwood Town play in the Sky Bet League One, the third division of mens professional football in England.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £5,222,880 per year
  • £100,440 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Callum Connolly£17,000£884,00022D (C), DM, M (C)England
Charlie Mulgrew£16,000£832,00034D (C)Scotland
Barrie McKay£15,000£780,00025AM (RLC)Scotland
Ched Evans£4,400£228,80031ST (C)Wales
Glenn Whelan£4,200£218,40036DM, M (C)Ireland
Paul Coutts£3,800£197,60032DM, M (RC)Scotland
Paddy Madden£3,800£197,60030ST (C)Ireland
Callum Camps£3,400£176,80024DM, M/AM (C)England
Josh Morris£3,100£161,20028M/AM (RL)England
Mark Duffy£2,900£150,80034AM (RLC)England
Morgan Boyes£2,900£150,80019D (LC), WB (L)Wales
Tom Edwards£2,600£135,20021D (R)England
Alex Cairns£2,500£130,00027GKEngland
Danny Andrew£2,400£124,80029D/WB (L)England
Joel Coleman£2,100£109,20024GKEngland
Jordan Rossiter£2,100£109,20023DM, M (C)England
Sam Stubbs£1,600£83,20021D (C)England
Wes Burns£1,400£72,80025WB/M/AM (R), ST (C)Wales
Jayson Leutwiler£910£47,32031GKCanada
Ged Garner£640£33,28021ST (C)England
Sam Finley£600£31,20027DM, M/AM (C), ST (C)England
Barry Baggley£540£28,08018M (C)N.Ireland
Ryan Rydel£530£27,56019D/WB/M (L)England
James Hill£510£26,52018D (LC), WB (L)England
Harvey Saunders£480£24,96023ST (C)England
Carl Johnston£480£24,96018AM (L)N.Ireland
Dylan Boyle£470£24,44018M (C)N.Ireland
Harrison Holgate£430£22,36019D (RC)England
Szymon Czajor£420£21,84018GKPoland
Laurence Smith£390£20,28019DMEngland
Shayden Morris£270£14,04018AM (R)England
Jay Matete£250£13,00018M (C)England
Danny Edwards£145£7,54017M (RC)England
Thomas Hoyle£145£7,54016D (C)England
Harry Wilson£145£7,54016ST (C)N.Ireland
Sam Bird£145£7,54017D (C)England
Shaun Sitole£145£7,54016AM (RC), ST (C)England
Enoch Takpe£145£7,54017AM (L)England
Jake Wallace£145£7,54016D (R)N.Ireland
Connor Eastham£145£7,54016GKEngland
Matthew Fenton£145£7,54016GKEngland
Johnathon Borwick£145£7,54017GKEngland
Sam Barratt£145£7,54017D/WB (L)England
Covy Smith£145£7,54016ST (C)England
Billy Batch£145£7,54017D (L)England
Donte Thompson-Prempeh£145£7,54016ST (C)England
Cian Hayes£145£7,54017D/WB (L)Ireland
Akiel Raffie£145£7,54017ST (C)England

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