Fluminense Football Club 2021 - Player Wages

Fluminense Football Club have a total of 72 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Fred (Frederico Chaves Guedes) earning AU $53,200 per week.

Fluminense Football Club play in the Brasileirão, the top division of football in Brazil.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • AU $17,126,486 per year
  • AU $329,356 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Fred (Frederico Chaves Guedes)AU $53,200AU $2,766,40036ST (C)Brazil
Ganso (Paulo Henrique Chagas de Lima)AU $28,500AU $1,482,00030M/AM (C)Brazil
Egídio (Egídio de Araújo Pereira Júnior)AU $22,800AU $1,185,60034D/WB (L)Brazil
Luccas Claro (Luccas Claro dos Santos)AU $19,000AU $988,00028D (C)Brazil
Calegari (Lucas Felipe Calegari)AU $17,860AU $928,72018D/WB (R), DMBrazil
Nino (Marcílio Florêncio Mota Filho)AU $15,010AU $780,52023D (C)Brazil
Wellington Silva (Wellington Alves da Silva)AU $14,060AU $731,12027M/AM (RL), ST (C)Brazil
Yuri (Yuri Oliveira Lima)AU $13,870AU $721,24025DMBrazil
Lucca (Lucca Borges de Brito)AU $13,300AU $691,60030AM (L), ST (C)Brazil
Michel AraújoAU $13,110AU $681,72023AM (RL), ST (C)Uruguay
Nenê (Anderson Luís de Carvalho)AU $13,110AU $681,72039M/AM (RLC), ST (C)Brazil
Danilo Barcelos (Danilo Carvalho Barcelos)AU $12,160AU $632,32028D/WB/M (L)Brazil
Hudson (Hudson Rodrigues dos Santos)AU $11,780AU $612,56032D/WB (R), DM, M (C)Brazil
Matheus Ferraz (Matheus Ferraz Pereira)AU $11,210AU $582,92035D (C)Brazil
Yago Felipe (Yago Felipe da Costa Rocha)AU $8,170AU $424,84025M/AM (RC)Brazil
Muriel (Muriel Gustavo Becker)AU $7,410AU $385,32033GKBrazil
Felippe Cardoso (Wanderson Felipe Cardoso dos Santos)AU $6,270AU $326,04021AM (R), ST (C)Brazil
Igor Julião (Igor de Carvalho Julião)AU $5,890AU $306,28025D/WB (R)Brazil
Marcos Paulo (Marcos Paulo Costa do Nascimento)AU $5,510AU $286,52019AM (LC), ST (C)Portugal
Fernando PachecoAU $4,370AU $227,24021AM (RL)Peru
Marcos Felipe (Marcos Felipe de Freitas Monteiro)AU $3,610AU $187,72024GKBrazil
Reginaldo Júnior (Reginaldo Manoel da Silva Júnior)AU $3,230AU $167,96028D (RC)Brazil
Caio Paulista (Caio Fernando de Oliveira)AU $2,660AU $138,32022M (L), AM (RL)Brazil
Frazan (Wesley Frazan Bernardo)AU $2,470AU $128,44024D (C)Brazil
Martinelli (Matheus Martinelli Lima)AU $1,853AU $96,33018DM, M (C)Brazil
Luiz Henrique (Luiz Henrique André Rosa da Silva)AU $1,486AU $77,26219AM (RL), ST (C)Brazil
Miguel Silveira (Miguel Silveira dos Santos)AU $1,313AU $68,27117AM (RC)Brazil
Zé Ricardo (José Ricardo Araújo Fernandes)AU $1,275AU $66,29521DM, M (C)Brazil
Gabriel Majela (Gabriel Augusto Cesar Majela)AU $1,210AU $62,93618DM, M/AM (C)Brazil
John Kennedy (John Kennedy Batista de Souza)AU $1,140AU $59,28018AM (L), ST (C)Brazil
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Daniel (Daniel Lima de Castro)AU $1,024AU $53,25321D/WB (R)Brazil
Alexandre Jesus (Alexandre Jesus Jeruzalem Junior)AU $927AU $48,21418ST (C)Brazil
André Trindade (André Trindade da Costa Neto)AU $927AU $48,21419DM, M (C)Brazil
Rafael Ribeiro (Rafael Ribeiro Alves)AU $916AU $47,62224D (C)Brazil
Paulo Victor (Paulo Victor da Costa Miranda Alves)AU $796AU $41,39721AM (C)Brazil
João Lopes (João Vitor Lopes da Silva)AU $756AU $39,32224GKBrazil
Wisney (Wisney Junio Dias Carvalho)AU $741AU $38,53221D/AM (R)Brazil
Luan Freitas (Luan de Freitas Molarinho Chagas)AU $507AU $26,38019D (C)Brazil
Caio Vinícius (Caio Vinícius da Conceição)AU $507AU $26,38021DM, M (C)Brazil
Nascimento (Mateus Nascimento Soares)AU $431AU $22,42821DMBrazil
Kayky (Kayky da Silva Chagas)AU $393AU $20,45217AM (R)Brazil
Marcos Pedro (Marcos Pedro Braga Maciel)AU $393AU $20,45218D/WB (L)Brazil
Wagninho (Luiz Wagner da Silva Costa)AU $380AU $19,76020DMBrazil
Gabryel Martins (Gabryel da Silva Martins)AU $315AU $16,40118ST (C)Brazil
Samuel (Samuel Salustiano de Jesus Silva)AU $262AU $13,63419AM (L), ST (C)Brazil
Denilson (Denilson Rodrigues Roldão)AU $262AU $13,63420AM (C)Brazil
Geovani (Geovani Eduardo Prado Marinho)AU $262AU $13,63420D (C)Brazil
Wallace (Wallace Madeira Almeida)AU $239AU $12,44919AM (C)Brazil
Justen (Lucas da Silva Justen)AU $239AU $12,44917D (RC), WB (R)Brazil
John (John Everson de Morais Mesquita)AU $201AU $10,47320DMBrazil
Pedro Rangel (Pedro Felipe de Faria Rangel)AU $201AU $10,47320GKBrazil
Jefté (Jefté Vital da Silva Dias)AU $201AU $10,47316D/WB (L)Brazil
Alexsander (Alexsander Cristhian Gomes da Costa)AU $201AU $10,47316DM, M (C)Brazil
Jefferson (Jefferson Souza do Nascimento)AU $163AU $8,49718AM (RL)Brazil
João Cipriano (João Luiz da Silva Cipriano)AU $108AU $5,63217D (C)Brazil
Matheus Martins (Matheus Martins Silva dos Santos)AU $103AU $5,33517AM (L), ST (C)Brazil
Metinho SiluAU $95AU $4,94017DM, M (C)Brazil
João Neto (João Batista da Cruz Santos Neto)AU $95AU $4,94017ST (C)Brazil
Edinho (Eder Maciel Lopes)AU $87AU $4,54518M/AM (C)Brazil
Davi Schuindt (Davi Duarte Schuindt)AU $80AU $4,15016D (C)Brazil
Gustavo Lobo (Gustavo Gonçalves Lobo)AU $72AU $3,75416ST (C)Brazil
João Bartoski (João Victor Bartoski de Lima)AU $67AU $3,45817GKBrazil
Ykaro (Ykaro Trindade Barros)AU $59AU $3,06319AM (C)Brazil
Gustavo (Gustavo Apis Pascoal de Farias)AU $59AU $3,06321AM (RLC)Brazil
Eduardo (Eduardo Pinto de Jesus)AU $57AU $2,96418D/WB (L)Brazil
Davi Alves (Davi Alves Soares)AU $57AU $2,96418D (C)Brazil
André (André Fernandes Damaceno)AU $55AU $2,86518D (C)Brazil
Ewerthon (Ewerthon Rodrigo Braga Soares)AU $55AU $2,86519M/AM (C)Brazil
Paulo Filho (Paulo Beserra Camelo Filho)AU $55AU $2,86519GKBrazil
Thiago (Thiago Viana Gonçalves)AU $55AU $2,86519GKBrazil
Felipe (Felipe de Andrade Vieira)AU $55AU $2,86518D (RC), WB (R)Brazil
Yago (Yago de Paula Ferreira)AU $55AU $2,86518AM (C), ST (C)Brazil

Who is Fluminense Football Club's highest earner?

Fred (Frederico Chaves Guedes) has the highest salary at Fluminense Football Club, earning AU $53,200 per week

What is Fluminense Football Club's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Fluminense Football Club total salary bill is AU $17,126,486 per year

What is Fluminense Football Club's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Fluminense Football Club total salary bill is AU $329,356 per week

What league do Fluminense Football Club's play in?

Fluminense Football Club play in the Brasileirão, the top division of football in Brazil.

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