Los Angeles Clippers 2022 - Player Salaries

Los Angeles Clippers have a total of 15 players in their home squad and 1 traded & released Players. Their highest paid player is Paul George earning $39,344,900 per year.

Los Angeles Clippers play in the National Basketball Association, the mens professional basketball league in the USA.

The teams total salary cap is:
  • $176,995,115 per year
  • $3,403,752 per week

Active Squad:

Player (15)AgePositionCapSign MethodBase SalaryCap UseCash Guarantee
Paul George31SGBird Max Ext$39,344,900$39,344,90022.23$136,920,496
Kawhi Leonard30SFEarly Bird Max$39,344,900$39,344,90022.23$136,920,252
Eric Bledsoe31PGBird$18,125,000$18,125,00010.24$3,900,000
Sr.Marcus Morris Sr.32SFNon-Bird$15,627,907$15,627,9078.83$33,488,372
Luke Kennard25SGBird$12,727,273$12,727,2737.19$28,509,091
Reggie Jackson31PGEarly Bird$10,384,500$10,384,5005.87$11,215,260
Serge Ibaka32CNT-MLE$9,720,900$9,720,9005.49-
Ivica Zubac24CBird$7,518,518$7,518,5184.25-
Justise Winslow25SFT-MLE$3,902,439$3,902,4392.20$4,097,561
Nicolas Batum32SFNon-Bird$3,170,029$3,170,0291.79$3,328,530
Keon Johnson19SGRookie$2,553,120$2,553,1201.44$2,681,040
Yogi Ferrell28PGMinimum$1,977,011-$1,977,0111.12-
Terance Mann24SGMinimum$1,782,621$1,782,6211.01-
Jason Preston22PGT-MLE$1,062,303$1,062,3030.60$1,563,518
JrBrandon Boston Jr19SGT-MLE$925,258$925,2580.52$1,563,518

Free Agents and Pending Draft Picks

Player (4)Base SalaryAgePositionSign MethodTrade BonusIncentiveCap Use
Patrick Patterson32PFEarly Bird-$4,001,015
DeMarcus Cousins31CNon-Bird-$1,669,178
Reggie Jackson31PGEarly Bird-$1,669,178
Amir Coffey24SGTwo-Way$1,489,065$1,489,065

Signing Grants & Exceptions

TypeAmount (Remaining)Reason/NotesExpire Date
Mid-Level Exception$5,890,000Justise Winslow, Brandon Boston Jr
Exception$2,075,880Mfiondu Kabengele trade with SAC02/08/2022

Luxury Tax Breakdown

2021 NBA Tax Threshold$136,606,000
Taxable Salaries$168,166,679
Luxury Tax Space$-31,560,679
. Luxury Tax Bill$92,413,230


Cap TypeTotal
Roster Cap$168,166,679
2021 NBA Cap Max$112,414,000
Cap Max Space$-64,581,115

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