San Antonio Spurs 2022 - Player Salaries

San Antonio Spurs have a total of 2 players in their home squad and 15 traded & released Players. Their highest paid player is earning SG per year.

San Antonio Spurs play in the National Basketball Association, the mens professional basketball league in the USA.

The teams total salary cap is:
  • $115,605,791 per year
  • $2,223,188 per week

Active Squad:

5AgeToPlayer (2)FromPositionIncoming CapOutgoing Cap
SG28ForbesBryn ForbesFree Agent$0
C25LandaleJock LandaleFree Agent$0

Free Agents and Pending Draft Picks

TypeAmount (Remaining)Reason/NotesExpire Date

Traded & Released Players

Player (3)Base SalaryAgePositionSign MethodTrade BonusIncentiveCap Use
DaQuan Jeffries24SGNon-Bird-$1,869,178
-DiopKeita Bates-Diop25SFTwo-Way$1,489,065$1,489,065
Quinndary Weatherspoon25SGTwo-Way-$1,489,065

Signing Grants & Exceptions

2021 NBA Tax Threshold$136,606,000
Taxable Salaries$110,758,483
Luxury Tax Space$25,847,517

Luxury Tax Breakdown

Cap TypeTotal
Roster Cap$109,516,143
2021 NBA Cap Max$112,414,000
Cap Max Space$-3,191,791
2021 NBA Cap Floor$101,173,000
Floor Space$-9,585,483


Cap TypeCap Total
Roster Cap$109,516,143
Cap Allocations$115,605,791
Cap Maximum
2021 NBA Cap Max$112,414,000
Cap Space$-3,191,791
2021 NBA -Cap$143,002,000
Hard-Cap Salaries$114,758,483
-Cap Space$28,243,517
Cap Floor
2021 NBA Cap Floor$101,173,000
Floor Space$-9,585,483

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