Chicago Bulls 2022 - Player Salaries

Chicago Bulls have a total of 12 players in their home squad and 1 traded & released Players. Their highest paid player is RozanDeMar DeRozan earning $26,000,000 per year.

Chicago Bulls play in the National Basketball Association, the mens professional basketball league in the USA.

The teams total salary cap is:
  • $163,047,914 per year
  • $3,135,537 per week

Active Squad:

Player (12)Sign MethodCapAgePositionBase SalaryCap UseCash Guarantee
RozanDeMar DeRozan$26,000,000Cap Space32SG$26,000,00015.95$55,900,000
Nikola Vucevic$24,000,000Bird30C$24,000,00014.72$22,000,000
VineZach LaVine$19,500,000Cap Space26SG$19,500,00011.96-
Lonzo Ball$18,604,651Bird23PG$18,604,65111.41$61,395,349
Alex Caruso$8,600,000NT-MLE27SG$8,600,0005.27$21,490,000
Patrick Williams$7,422,000Rookie20SF$7,422,0004.55-
Coby White$5,837,760Rookie21PG$5,837,7603.58-
Jr.Troy Brown Jr.$5,170,564Rookie22SF$5,170,5643.17-
Tony Bradley$1,789,256Minimum23C$1,789,2561.10-
Javonte Green$1,669,178Minimum28SG$1,669,1781.02$1,815,677
Ayo Dosunmu$925,258Minimum21SG$925,2580.57-
Marko Simonovic$925,258NT-MLE21C$925,2580.57$1,563,518

Free Agents and Pending Draft Picks

Player (5)Base SalaryAgePositionSign MethodTrade BonusIncentiveCap Use
Lauri Markkanen24PFRestricted Bird$9,026,952$20,194,524
Daniel Theis29CBird-$9,500,000
Garrett Temple35SGNon-Bird-$5,720,400
Ryan Arcidiacono27PGBird-$5,700,000
Adam Mokoka23SGTwo-Way-$1,489,065

Signing Grants & Exceptions

TypeAmount (Remaining)Reason/NotesExpire Date
-Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception$9,536,000Alex Caruso
-Annual Exception$3,732,000
Exception$5,000,000Daniel Theis trade with HOU08/07/2022

Luxury Tax Breakdown

2021 NBA Tax Threshold$136,606,000
Taxable Salaries$129,470,877
Luxury Tax Space$7,135,123


Cap TypeTotal
Roster Cap$120,443,925
2021 NBA Cap Max$112,414,000
Cap Max Space$-50,633,914

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