Chicago Bulls 2023 - Player Salaries

Chicago Bulls have a total of 12 players in their home squad and 1 traded & released Players. Their highest paid player is Zach LaVine earning $40,064,220 per year.

Chicago Bulls play in the National Basketball Association, the mens professional basketball league in the USA.

The teams total salary cap is:
  • $175,684,820 per year
  • $3,378,554 per week

Active Squad:

NameSalaryPositionContract RemainingCap Percent
Zach LaVine$40,064,220SG$178,063,20022.80
DeMar DeRozan$28,600,000SF$28,600,00016.28
Lonzo Ball$20,465,117PG$41,860,46511.65
Nikola Vucevic$18,518,519C$60,000,00010.54
Coby White$12,444,444PG$36,000,0007.08
Patrick Williams$9,835,881SF$9,835,8815.60
Alex Caruso$9,460,000SG$19,350,0005.38
Jevon Carter$6,190,476PG$19,500,0003.52
Andre Drummond$3,360,000C$3,360,0001.91
Dalen Terry$3,350,760SG$12,260,3581.91
Torrey Craig$2,528,233SF$5,373,5751.44
Carlik Jones$1,927,896PG$4,020,2401.10

Free Agents and Pending Draft Picks

Player (6)Unlikely Incent.PositionQualifying OfferIncentiveTrade BonusCapRights
Jones Jr.Derrick Jones Jr.SF-$6,080,000Bird
DosunmuAyo DosunmuPG$5,216,324$5,216,324Restricted Early Bird
GreenJavonte GreenSG-$2,019,706Bird
ThomasMatt ThomasSG-$2,019,706Non-Bird
TaylorTerry TaylorSF$1,801,491$1,801,769Two-Way
LewisJustin LewisSF-$1,801,769Two-Way

Signing Grants & Exceptions

TypeReason (Used On)OriginalAvailable
Non-Taxpayer Mid-LevelJevon Carter $12,405,000$6,214,524

Luxury Tax Breakdown

2023 NBA Luxury Tax Threshold$165,294,000
Total Taxable Salaries$156,745,546
Current Luxury Tax Space$8,548,454


Cap TypeTotal
Active Roster Cap$156,745,546
Cap Holds$18,939,274
Total Salaries$175,684,820
2023 NBA Salary Cap Max$136,021,000
Actual Cap Max Space$-39,663,820

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