New Orleans Pelicans 2023 - Player Salaries

New Orleans Pelicans have a total of 14 players in their home squad and 1 traded & released Players. Their highest paid player is C.J. McCollum earning $35,802,469 per year.

New Orleans Pelicans play in the National Basketball Association, the mens professional basketball league in the USA.

The teams total salary cap is:
  • $180,519,100 per year
  • $3,471,521 per week

Active Squad:

NameSalaryPositionContract RemainingCap Percent
C.J. McCollum$35,802,469SG$99,802,46819.83
Zion Williamson$34,005,250PF$197,230,45018.84
Brandon Ingram$33,833,400SF$69,849,60018.74
Jonas Valanciunas$15,435,000C$15,435,0008.55
Herb Jones$12,015,150SF$53,827,8726.66
Larry Nance Jr.$10,375,000PF$21,580,0005.75
Dyson Daniels$5,784,120PG$19,551,3493.20
Kira Lewis Jr.$5,722,116PG$5,722,1163.17
Jordan Hawkins$4,310,160SG$20,599,0552.39
Trey Murphy III$3,359,280SF$8,519,1351.86
Cody Zeller$2,019,706C$3,196,4481.12
Naji Marshall$1,930,681SF$1,930,6811.07
Jose Alvarado$1,836,096PG$3,824,6941.02
E.J. Liddell$1,801,769PF$6,224,0491.00

Free Agents and Pending Draft Picks

Player (5)Unlikely Incent.PositionQualifying OfferIncentiveTrade BonusCapRights
HernangomezWilly HernangomezC-$4,863,890Bird
SnellTony SnellSG-$2,019,706Non-Bird
ClarkGary ClarkPF-$1,801,769Non-Bird
HarperJared HarperPG-$1,801,769Two-Way
NunnallyJames NunnallySF-$1,801,769Two-Way

Signing Grants & Exceptions

TypeReason (Used On)OriginalAvailable
Non-Taxpayer Mid-LevelE.J. Liddell $12,405,000$10,603,231

Luxury Tax Breakdown

2023 NBA Luxury Tax Threshold$165,294,000
Total Taxable Salaries$168,230,197
Current Luxury Tax Space$-2,936,197
Est. Luxury Tax Bill$4,404,296


Cap TypeTotal
Active Roster Cap$168,230,197
Cap Holds$12,288,903
Total Salaries$180,519,100
2023 NBA Salary Cap Max$136,021,000
Actual Cap Max Space$-44,498,100

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