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Brentford - 2023 Player Wages

Brentford have a total of 71 players in their home squad. Brentford play in the Premier League, the second division of mens professional football in England.

Brentford total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £47,030,880 per year
  • £904,440 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Neal Maupay earning £49,000 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Neal Maupay£49,000£2,548,00026STFrance
Bryan Mbeumo£43,000£2,236,00023AM RL, STCameroon
Ben Mee£43,000£2,236,00033D LCEngland
Christian Nørgaard£42,000£2,184,00029DMDenmark
Mathias Jensen£39,000£2,028,00027M CDenmark
Mikkel Damsgaard£39,000£2,028,00023AM RLCDenmark
Nathan Collins£39,000£2,028,00022D CIreland
Frank Onyeka£37,000£1,924,00025DMNigeria
Ivan Toney£36,000£1,872,00027STEngland
Rico Henry£35,000£1,820,00025D/WB LEngland
Kristoffer Ajer£35,000£1,820,00025D C, DMNorway
Aaron Hickey£35,000£1,820,00021D/WB RLScotland
Mark Flekken£34,000£1,768,00030GKNetherlands
Ethan Pinnock£32,000£1,664,00030D CJamaica
Vitaly Janelt£32,000£1,664,00025DMGermany
Thomas Strakosha£32,000£1,664,00028GKAlbania
Keane Lewis-Potter£32,000£1,664,00022AM RLCEngland
Kevin Schade£30,000£1,560,00021AM RLC, F CGermany
Mads Roerslev£29,000£1,508,00024D/WB RDenmark
Josh Dasilva£27,000£1,404,00024M CEngland
Yoane Wissa£26,000£1,352,00026AM L, STDR Congo
Mathias Jørgensen£24,000£1,248,00033D CDenmark
Saman Ghoddos£23,000£1,196,00029AM RLCIran
Shandon Baptiste£21,000£1,092,00025DM, AM CGrenada
Charlie Goode£20,000£1,040,00027D CEngland
Ellery Balcombe£17,000£884,00023GKEngland
Myles Peart-Harris£4,900£254,80020AM CEngland
Yehor Yarmoliuk£4,300£223,60019AM CUkraine
Michael Olakigbe£3,900£202,80019AM RLCEngland
Nathan Young-Coombes£3,900£202,80020STEngland
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Angel Waruih£2,500£130,00019DMEngland
Charlie Farr£2,400£124,80021D/WB/M REngland
Ethan Brierley£2,300£119,60019DMEngland
Ethan Laidlaw£2,300£119,60018STScotland
Erion Zabeli£2,300£119,60018D CAlbania
Iwan Morgan£2,100£109,20017STWales
Kyrece Lisbie£2,000£104,00019AM REngland
Kim Ji-Soo£2,000£104,00018D CSouth Korea
Max Wilcox£1,900£98,80019M CEngland
Romeo Beckham£1,700£88,40020AM REngland
Val Adedokun£1,500£78,00020D/WB/AM LIreland
Vincent Angelini£1,500£78,00019GKScotland
Byron Wilson£1,500£78,00017D REngland
Max Dickov£900£46,80021AM RLEngland
Ashley Hay£850£44,200STEngland
Isaac Holland£820£42,64017STEngland
Conor McManus£730£37,96019D LIreland
Tony Yogane£710£36,92017AM REngland
Riley Owen£680£35,36017AM LEngland
Andre Grey£600£31,20017D CEngland
Beaux Booth£590£30,68017M CEngland
Marley Tavaziva£480£24,96018GKEngland
Chanse Headman£430£22,36018D CEngland
Remy-Lee Bennison£280£14,56017D LEngland
Reggie Rose£280£14,560GKEngland
Benjamin Arthur£220£11,440D CEngland
Evan Anderson£220£11,44016GKScotland
Trae Payet£220£11,44016D REngland
Kerron Samuels£220£11,44016D CEngland
Kaya Halil£220£11,44016AM RCTürkiye
Ollie Shield£220£11,44016AM LEngland
Connor Wolfheimer£220£11,440GKEngland
Josh Djoro£220£11,44016STEngland
Mikel Francis£220£11,44016M CEngland
Omaru King£220£11,44016AM LEngland
Konstantin Ivanov£220£11,44016D LBulgaria
Gregory Asemokhai£220£11,44016D CEngland
Freddie Taylor£220£11,44016D REngland
Benjamin Fredrick£110£5,72018D CNigeria
Emeka Peters£60£3,12016AM LEngland
Yaw Agyei£60£3,12017AM CEngland

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Who is Brentford's highest earner?

Neal Maupay has the highest salary at Brentford, earning £49,000 per week

What is Brentford's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Brentford total salary bill is £47,030,880 per year

What is Brentford's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Brentford total salary bill is £904,440 per week

What league do Brentford's play in?

Brentford play in the Premier League, the second division of mens professional football in England.

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