Minnesota Timberwolves 2023 - Player Salaries

Minnesota Timberwolves have a total of 14 players in their home squad and 2 traded & released Players. Their highest paid player is Rudy Gobert earning $41,000,000 per year.

Minnesota Timberwolves play in the National Basketball Association, the mens professional basketball league in the USA.

The teams total salary cap is:
  • $216,245,851 per year
  • $4,158,574 per week

Active Squad:

NameSalaryPositionContract RemainingCap Percent
Rudy Gobert$41,000,000C$131,482,76018.96
Karl-Anthony Towns$36,016,200C$270,589,00016.66
Mike Conley$24,360,000PG$24,360,00011.26
Anthony Edwards$13,534,817SG$219,434,8176.26
Naz Reid$12,950,400C$41,959,2965.99
Kyle Anderson$9,219,512PF$9,219,5124.26
Shake Milton$5,000,000SG$10,000,0002.31
Nickeil Alexander-Walker$4,687,500SG$9,000,0002.17
Troy Brown Jr.$4,000,000SG$8,000,0001.85
Jaden McDaniels$3,901,399PF$3,901,3991.80
Wendell Moore Jr.$2,421,720SG$9,533,0431.12
Jordan McLaughlin$2,320,000PG$2,320,0001.07
Josh Minott$1,719,864SF$5,927,0140.80
Leonard Miller-SF$8,319,7390.00

Free Agents and Pending Draft Picks

Player (8)Unlikely Incent.PositionQualifying OfferIncentiveTrade BonusCapRights
TurnerEvan TurnerSF-$27,909,834Bird
Alexander-WalkerNickeil Alexander-WalkerSG-$15,028,899Bird
KnightNathan KnightPF-$2,295,113Restricted Early Bird
BrooksAaron BrooksPG-$2,019,706Non-Bird
MonroeGreg MonroeC-$2,019,706Non-Bird
NowellJaylen NowellSG-$2,019,706Bird
RiversAustin RiversSG-$2,019,706Non-Bird
RyanMatt RyanSF$1,801,769$1,801,769Two-Way

Signing Grants & Exceptions

TypeReason (Used On)OriginalAvailable
Non-Taxpayer Mid-LevelShake Milton , Troy Brown Jr.$12,405,000$3,405,000
Trade 2/09/2024D'Angelo Russell trade with LAL$3,688,117$3,688,117

Luxury Tax Breakdown

2023 NBA Luxury Tax Threshold$165,294,000
Total Taxable Salaries$161,131,412
Current Luxury Tax Space$4,162,588


Cap TypeTotal
Active Roster Cap$161,131,412
Cap Holds$55,114,439
Total Salaries$216,245,851
2023 NBA Salary Cap Max$136,021,000
Actual Cap Max Space$-80,224,851

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