Crystal Palace 2023 - Player Wages

Crystal Palace have a total of 70 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Wilfried Zaha earning £130,000 per week.

Crystal Palace play in the Premier League, the top tier of English football (soccer).

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £68,134,560 per year
  • £1,310,280 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Wilfried Zaha£130,000£6,760,00029AM RL, STIvory Coast
Odsonne Edouard£84,000£4,368,00024AM L, STFrance
Luka Milivojević£80,000£4,160,00031DMSerbia
Joachim Andersen£75,000£3,900,00026D CDenmark
Nathaniel Clyne£69,000£3,588,00031D/WB RLEngland
Vicente Guaita£67,000£3,484,00035GKSpain
Jeffrey Schlupp£60,000£3,120,00029AM LCGhana
James McArthur£55,000£2,860,00034DMScotland
Chris Richards£52,000£2,704,00022D RCU.S.A.
Jean-Philippe Mateta£50,000£2,600,00025STFrance
James Tomkins£50,000£2,600,00033D CEngland
Ebere Eze£47,000£2,444,00024AM LCEngland
Cheick Doucouré£47,000£2,444,00022M CMali
Will Hughes£46,000£2,392,00027DM, M RCEngland
Jaïro Riedewald£45,000£2,340,00025D L, DMHolland
Marc Guéhi£44,000£2,288,00021D CEngland
Michael Olise£44,000£2,288,00020AM RCFrance
Sam Johnstone£43,000£2,236,00029GKEngland
Joel Ward£40,000£2,080,00032D RLCEngland
Jordan Ayew£40,000£2,080,00030AM RLGhana
Jack Butland£40,000£2,080,00029GKEngland
Tyrick Mitchell£37,000£1,924,00022D/WB LEngland
Nathan Ferguson£29,000£1,508,00021D RLCEngland
Malcolm Ebiowei£9,000£468,00018AM RLEngland
Tayo Adaramola£4,600£239,20018D/WB LIreland
Kofi Balmer£3,000£156,00021D CN.Ireland
Killian Phillips£1,000£52,00020D C, DMIreland
Adler Nascimento£1,000£52,00017AM RLPortugal
David Omilabu£970£50,44019AM RL, STEngland
Danny Imray£970£50,44018D/WB REngland
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Fionn Mooney£950£49,40018AM LCEngland
John-Kymani Gordon£910£47,32019AM L, STEngland
Joe Whitworth£910£47,32018GKEngland
Jack Wells-Morrison£910£47,32018DMEngland
Jadan Raymond£910£47,32018AM RCWales
Kaden Rodney£900£46,80017D R, DMEngland
Ademola Ola-Adebomi£700£36,40018AM R, STEngland
Cardo Siddik£680£35,36019D CIraq
Joe Sheridan£610£31,72018D CEngland
Joshua Addae£610£31,72018D/WB REngland
Sean Grehan£600£31,20018D CIreland
Maliq Cadogan£580£30,16018AM RLEngland
Noah Watson£570£29,64019D LCEngland
Owen Goodman£560£29,12018GKEngland
Ryan Bartley£530£27,56018D CEngland
Victor Akinwale£490£25,48017AM R, STEngland
David Ozoh£180£9,36017DMEngland
Junior Dixon£180£9,36017STEngland
Basilio Rieno-Socoliche£180£9,36017AM RLC, F CEngland
Vonnte Williams£180£9,36017D/WB LEngland
David Obou£180£9,36016AM RLCEngland
Matt Vigor£180£9,36017M CEngland
Hindolo Mustapha£180£9,36016AM CEngland
Cameron Lewis-Brown£180£9,36018D REngland
Laurie Shala£180£9,36017GKKosovo
Freddie Bell£180£9,36017DMEngland
James Leonard£180£9,36017D CEngland
Jackson Izquierdo£180£9,36016GKEngland
Kalani Barton£180£9,36017D/WB REngland
Cormac Austin£180£9,36016DMN.Ireland
Asher Agbinone£180£9,36016AM RLEngland
Zach Marsh£180£9,36016AM RLEngland
Joe Gibbard£180£9,36016DMEngland
Caleb Kporha£180£9,36016D/WB REngland
Billy Eastwood£180£9,36016GKEngland
Finley Marjoram£180£9,36016DMEngland
Rio Cardines£180£9,36016AM REngland
Jake Grante£180£9,36016D CIreland
Giulio Marroni£180£9,36016M CEngland
Nabil Taitt£180£9,36016D CEngland

Who is Crystal Palace's highest earner?

Wilfried Zaha has the highest salary at Crystal Palace, earning £130,000 per week

What is Crystal Palace's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Crystal Palace total salary bill is £68,134,560 per year

What is Crystal Palace's monthly wage bill in 2023?

Crystal Palace total salary bill is £1,310,280 per week

What league do Crystal Palace's play in?

Crystal Palace play in the Premier League, the top tier of English football (soccer).

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