New York Knicks 2022 - Player Salaries

New York Knicks have a total of 15 players in their home squad and 1 traded & released Players. Their highest paid player is Julius Randle earning $19,800,000 $1,980,000 per year.

New York Knicks play in the National Basketball Association, the mens professional basketball league in the USA.

The teams total salary cap is:
  • $141,243,034 per year
  • $2,716,212 per week

Active Squad:

Player (15)Sign MethodCapAgePositionBase Salary (Likely Incentives)Cap UseCash Guarantee
Julius Randle$19,800,000 $1,980,000Cap Space26PF$21,780,00015.42$106,444,800
Evan Fournier$17,142,857Sign-and-Trade28SG$17,142,85712.14$36,857,143
Derrick Rose$13,271,605Cap Space32PG$13,271,6059.40$29,728,395
Alec Burks$9,536,000Cap Space30SG$9,536,0006.75$10,012,800
Nerlens Noel$8,800,000Cap Space27C$8,800,0006.23$9,240,000
Kemba Walker$8,729,020Cap Space31PG$8,729,0206.18$9,165,471
R.J. Barrett$8,623,920Rookie21SG$8,623,9206.11-
Kevin Knox$5,845,978Rookie22SF$5,845,9784.14-
Obi Toppin$5,105,160Rookie23PF$5,105,1603.61-
Taj Gibson$4,910,000Room36PF$4,910,0003.48$5,155,500
Luca Vildoza$3,325,000Cap Space26PG-$3,325,0002.35-
Immanuel Quickley$2,210,640Rookie22SG$2,210,6401.57-
Quentin Grimes$2,168,760Rookie21SG$2,168,7601.54$2,277,000
Mitchell Robinson$1,802,057NT-MLE23C$1,802,0571.28-
BrideMiles McBride$925,258Cap Space21PG$925,2580.66$1,563,518

Free Agents and Pending Draft Picks

Player (5)Base SalaryAgePositionSign MethodTrade BonusIncentiveCap Use
Derrick Rose32PGEarly Bird-$9,987,805
Nerlens Noel27CNon-Bird-$6,000,000
Taj Gibson36PFNon-Bird-$1,669,178
Jared Harper24PGTwo-Way-$1,489,065
Theo Pinson25SGTwo-Way-$1,489,065

Traded & Released Players

NameBase SalaryAgePositionSign MethodSigning BonusTrade BonusDead MoneyCapCap %
Joakim Noah$6,431,66636C---$6,431,6664.55

Signing Grants & Exceptions

TypeAmount (Remaining)Reason/NotesExpire Date

Luxury Tax Breakdown

2021 NBA Tax Threshold$136,606,000
Taxable Salaries$120,607,921
Luxury Tax Space$15,998,079


Cap TypeTotal
Roster Cap$114,176,255
2021 NBA Cap Max$112,414,000
Cap Max Space$-28,829,034

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