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For any enquiries or questions please contact us at the following email. We're more than happy to hear your feedback, feature requests or correct any inaccuracies.

About us

We strive to collate and maintain over 50,000 salaries from the worlds 7 largest sports, spanning the past 10 years. Our team trawls the internet for reliable sources on a daily basis to save you, our readers, the time! Spawned out of a University economics paper on the state of modern football wages, our founders were inspired to make the information they researched publically available and have maintained the database ever since.

Please note we only accept salaries from:

- Team/player press releases

- Confirmed by widely circulate articles from top tier publications

- Industry experts & team insiders

- Accurately and reliably sourced encyclopedias & databases

If you would like to contribute to the database or enquire for access to the raw data please enquire at the email address above.