Newcastle United 2021 - Player Wages

Newcastle United have a total of 73 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Allan Saint-Maximin earning £83,000 per week.

Newcastle United play in the Premier League, the top tier of English football (soccer).

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £64,412,608 per year
  • £1,238,704 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Allan Saint-Maximin£83,000£4,316,00023M/AM (RL)France
Joelinton£80,000£4,160,00023AM (LC), ST (C)Brazil
Callum Wilson£77,000£4,004,00028ST (C)England
Miguel Almirón£74,000£3,848,00026M (R), AM (RLC)Paraguay
Jonjo Shelvey£70,000£3,640,00028DM, M (C)England
Ryan Fraser£63,000£3,276,00026M/AM (RL)Scotland
Jamaal Lascelles£50,000£2,600,00026D (C)England
Jeff Hendrick£45,000£2,340,00028M/AM (RC)Ireland
Federico Fernández£45,000£2,340,00031D (C)Argentina
Jamal Lewis£45,000£2,340,00022D/WB/M/AM (L)N.Ireland
Fabian Schär£42,000£2,184,00028D (C)Switzerland
Matt Ritchie£39,000£2,028,00030D/WB (L), M/AM (RL)Scotland
Martin Dubravka£39,000£2,028,00031GKSlovakia
Ciaran Clark£37,000£1,924,00030D (C)Ireland
Henri Saivet£36,000£1,872,00029M (C), AM (RLC)Senegal
Isaac Hayden£36,000£1,872,00025DM, M (C)England
Javi Manquillo£35,000£1,820,00026D (RL), WB (R)Spain
Paul Dummett£34,000£1,768,00028D (LC)Wales
Dwight Gayle£32,000£1,664,00030ST (C)England
DeAndre Yedlin£32,000£1,664,00027D/WB (R)U.S.A.
Emil Krafth£32,000£1,664,00025D/WB (R)Sweden
Christian Atsu£32,000£1,664,00028M (L), AM (RL)Ghana
Jacob Murphy£25,000£1,300,00025WB/M (R), AM (RL)England
Karl Darlow£25,000£1,300,00029GKEngland
Matty Longstaff£24,000£1,248,00020DM, M/AM (C)England
Andy Carroll£23,000£1,196,00031ST (C)England
Sean Longstaff£18,000£936,00022DM, M (C)England
Achraf Lazaar£18,000£936,00028D/WB/M (L)Morocco
Rolando Aarons£12,000£624,00024M/AM (RL)England
Mark Gillespie£5,900£306,80028GKEngland
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Kyle Scott£5,000£260,00022DM, M/AM (C)U.S.A.
Yannick Touré£4,300£223,60019ST (C)Switzerland
Rodrigo Vilca£2,700£140,40021M (C), AM (RC)Peru
Bradley Cross£2,500£130,00019D (C)South Africa
Elliot Anderson£2,300£119,60017M (C), AM (RLC)Scotland
Ludwig Francillette£2,000£104,00021D (C)France
Florent Indalecio£850£44,20022AM (RLC)France
Reagan Thomson£730£37,96016M (C)Scotland
Owen Bailey£660£34,32021D (C)England
Adam Wilson£600£31,20020AM (RLC), ST (C)England
Daniel Langley£570£29,64019GKEngland
Lucas Gamblin£510£26,52018D (LC)England
Stan Flaherty£470£24,44018AM (C)England
Niall Brookwell£470£24,44018D (C), DM, M (C)England
Ollie Walters£460£23,92020D (LC)England
Ryan Barrett£430£22,36019D (RC)Wales
Rosaire Longelo£430£22,36020D (L), AM (RL)England
Will Brown£350£18,20018GKEngland
Oisin McEntee£310£16,12019D (C)Ireland
Josh Scott£249£12,94817M/AM (L)England
Dylan Stephenson£145£7,54017AM (RLC), ST (C)England
Tom Midgley£145£7,54017D (L)England
Josh Gilchrist£145£7,54017AM (RLC), ST (C)England
Michael Ndiweni£145£7,54016AM (RLC), ST (C)England
Piotr Banda£145£7,54016GKPoland
Jamie Miley£145£7,54016DM, M (C)England
Nathan Carlyon£145£7,54017DM, M (C)England
Joe White£145£7,54017DM, M/AM (C)England
Oliver Marshall£145£7,54017GKEngland
Lucas De Bolle£145£7,54017M (RL), AM (RLC)England
Kyle Crossley£145£7,54016M/AM (R)England
Joe Oliver£145£7,54017D/WB (R), DMEngland
Josh Harrison£145£7,54017M (C), AM (RLC), ST (C)England
James Huntley£145£7,54016M (C)England
Lewis Brannen£145£7,54017D (LC)England
Harry Barclay£145£7,54016D (C)England
Max Thompson£145£7,54015GKEngland
Joel Green£145£7,54016D (L)Wales
Nathan Robertson£0£016M (C)England
Josh Nicholson£0£016D (L)England

Who is Newcastle United's highest earner?

Allan Saint-Maximin has the highest salary at Newcastle United, earning £83,000 per week

What is Newcastle United's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Newcastle United total salary bill is £64,412,608 per year

What is Newcastle United's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Newcastle United total salary bill is £1,238,704 per week

What league do Newcastle United's play in?

Newcastle United play in the Premier League, the top tier of English football (soccer).

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