Newcastle United 2023 - Player Wages

Newcastle United have a total of 72 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Bruno Guimarães earning £160,000 per week.

Newcastle United play in the Premier League, the top tier of English football (soccer).

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £94,446,040 per year
  • £1,816,270 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Bruno Guimarães£160,000£8,320,00024DMBrazil
Alexander Isak£120,000£6,240,00022STSweden
Kieran Trippier£100,000£5,200,00031D/WB REngland
Nick Pope£100,000£5,200,00030GKEngland
Allan Saint-Maximin£93,000£4,836,00025AM RL, STFrance
Callum Wilson£92,000£4,784,00030STEngland
Sven Botman£88,000£4,576,00022D LCHolland
Chris Wood£82,000£4,264,00030STNew Zealand
Joelinton£80,000£4,160,00025AM LC, F CBrazil
Joe Willock£80,000£4,160,00022M CEngland
Matthew Targett£79,000£4,108,00026D/WB LEngland
Miguel Almirón£74,000£3,848,00028AM RLCParaguay
Jonjo Shelvey£70,000£3,640,00030DMEngland
Ryan Fraser£63,000£3,276,00028AM RLScotland
Jamaal Lascelles£55,000£2,860,00028D CEngland
Dan Burn£52,000£2,704,00030D LCEngland
Jamal Lewis£50,000£2,600,00024D/WB/AM LN.Ireland
Fabian Schär£47,000£2,444,00030D CSwitzerland
Matt Ritchie£44,000£2,288,00032WB L, AM RLScotland
Javi Manquillo£40,000£2,080,00028D/WB RLSpain
Paul Dummett£39,000£2,028,00030D LCWales
Emil Krafth£37,000£1,924,00027D/WB RSweden
Jacob Murphy£35,000£1,820,00027WB R, AM RLEngland
Loris Karius£30,000£1,560,00029GKGermany
Karl Darlow£30,000£1,560,00031GKEngland
Sean Longstaff£28,000£1,456,00024DMEngland
Elliot Anderson£12,000£624,00019AM RLCScotland
Mark Gillespie£5,900£306,80030GKEngland
Charlie Wiggett£3,400£176,80019D CEngland
Jordan Hackett£3,100£161,20018D/WB LEngland
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Santiago Muñoz£2,600£135,20019STMexico
Joe White£2,100£109,20019AM RCEngland
Remi Savage£1,700£88,40020D LCEngland
Cameron Ferguson£1,400£72,80019STScotland
Dylan Stephenson£970£50,44019AM RLC, F CEngland
Alex Murphy£900£46,80018D LCIreland
Niall Brookwell£900£46,80020D C, DMEngland
Charlie McArthur£880£45,76017D CScotland
Matthew Bondswell£780£40,56020D LCEngland
Michael Ndiweni£680£35,36018AM RLC, F CEngland
Isaac Westendorf£670£34,84019STEngland
Shaun Mavididi£670£34,84017AM RL, STEngland
Will Brown£630£32,76020GKEngland
Jay Turner-Cooke£610£31,72018AM RLC, F CEngland
Max Thompson£580£30,16017GKEngland
Jamie Miley£560£29,12018DMEngland
James Huntley£560£29,12018M CEngland
Harry Barclay£530£27,56018D CEngland
Joe Oliver£510£26,52019D/WB R, DMEngland
Josh Scott£510£26,52019D/WB/AM LEngland
Josh Stewart£510£26,52017D REngland
Kyle Crossley£500£26,00017AM REngland
Nathan Carlyon£470£24,44019DMEngland
Jude Smith£410£21,32019GKScotland
Lewis Miley£180£9,36016AM CEngland
Johnny Emerson£180£9,36017AM LScotland
Steven Bessent£180£9,36016GKEngland
Lucas Cooper£180£9,36017AM REngland
Callum McNally£180£9,36017D/WB REngland
Ciaran Thompson£180£9,36017D CEngland
Eden Page£180£9,36017D/WB/M LEngland
Ellis Stanton£180£9,36017DMEngland
Beau Beresford£180£9,36017D/WB LEngland
Nathaniel Nkunku£180£9,36017AM RLCEngland
Ben Parkinson£180£9,36017AM REngland
Carter Milmore£180£9,36016D LEngland
Darren Palmer£180£9,36016M REngland
Scott Bailey£180£9,36016AM LEngland
Dylan Charlton£180£9,36016D C, DMEngland
Josh Donaldson£180£9,36016STEngland
Harry Powell£180£9,36016DMEngland
Rory Powell£180£9,36016DMEngland

Who is Newcastle United's highest earner?

Bruno Guimarães has the highest salary at Newcastle United, earning £160,000 per week

What is Newcastle United's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Newcastle United total salary bill is £94,446,040 per year

What is Newcastle United's monthly wage bill in 2023?

Newcastle United total salary bill is £1,816,270 per week

What league do Newcastle United's play in?

Newcastle United play in the Premier League, the top tier of English football (soccer).

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