Brooklyn Nets 2023 - Player Salaries

Brooklyn Nets have a total of 14 players in their home squad and 2 traded & released Players. Their highest paid player is Ben Simmons earning $37,893,408 per year.

Brooklyn Nets play in the National Basketball Association, the mens professional basketball league in the USA.

The teams total salary cap is:
  • $166,260,016 per year
  • $3,197,308 per week

Active Squad:

NameSalaryPositionContract RemainingCap Percent
Ben Simmons$37,893,408PG$78,231,55222.79
Cameron Johnson$25,679,348SF$91,125,00015.45
Mikal Bridges$21,700,000SF$69,900,00013.05
Spencer Dinwiddie$20,357,143PG$18,857,14312.24
Dorian Finney-Smith$13,930,820PF$43,158,9608.38
Nicolas Claxton$9,625,000C$8,750,0005.79
Royce O'Neale$9,500,000SF$9,500,0005.71
Noah Clowney$3,089,520PF$15,146,2741.86
Dariq Whitehead$2,966,040SG$14,709,7521.78
Cameron Thomas$2,240,160SG$6,281,4091.35
Edmond Sumner$2,239,943SG$2,239,9431.35
Day'Ron Sharpe$2,210,040C$6,199,1621.33
Dennis Smith Jr.$2,019,706PG$2,528,2331.21
Lonnie Walker IV$2,019,706SG$2,346,6141.21

Free Agents and Pending Draft Picks

Player (5)Unlikely Incent.PositionQualifying OfferIncentiveTrade BonusCapRights
MilutinovNikola MilutinovC-$2,306,4001st Round Pick
Duke Jr.David Duke Jr.SG$2,221,685$2,221,685Early Bird
AldridgeLaMarcus AldridgePF-$2,221,685Early Bird
ChandlerWilson ChandlerSF-$2,019,706Non-Bird
JamesMike JamesPG-$2,019,706Non-Bird

Signing Grants & Exceptions

TypeReason (Used On)OriginalAvailable
Non-Taxpayer Mid-Level$12,405,000$12,405,000
Trade 2/06/2024Markieff Morris trade with DAL$1,836,090$1,836,090
Trade 2/06/2024Kyrie Irving trade with DAL$4,494,702$4,494,702
Trade 2/07/2024Kessler Edwards trade with SAC$1,637,966$1,637,966
Trade 2/09/2024Kevin Durant trade with PHX$18,131,946$18,131,946
Trade 2/09/2024T.J. Warren trade with PHX$1,836,090$1,836,090
Trade 7/06/2024Joe Harris trade with DET$19,928,571$19,928,571

Luxury Tax Breakdown

2023 NBA Luxury Tax Threshold$165,294,000
Total Taxable Salaries$155,470,834
Current Luxury Tax Space$9,823,166


Cap TypeTotal
Active Roster Cap$155,470,834
Cap Holds$10,789,182
Total Salaries$166,260,016
2023 NBA Salary Cap Max$136,021,000
Actual Cap Max Space$-30,239,016

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