Karlsruhe 2021 - Player Wages

Karlsruhe have a total of 36 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Jérôme Gondorf earning ₦6,250,750 per week.

Karlsruhe play in the Bundesliga 2, the second division of football in Germany.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • ₦3,755,382,410 per year
  • ₦72,218,893 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Jérôme Gondorf₦6,250,750₦325,039,00032DM, M/AM (C)Germany
Marvin Wanitzek₦3,920,925₦203,888,10027M (RLC), AM (RC)Germany
Anton Fink₦3,693,625₦192,068,50032AM (C), ST (C)Germany
Daniel Gordon₦3,636,800₦189,113,60035D (C), DMJamaica
David Pisot₦3,636,800₦189,113,60033D (C)Germany
Lukas Grozurek₦3,409,500₦177,294,00028AM (L), ST (C)Austria
Änis Ben-Hatira₦3,409,500₦177,294,00032M (RL), AM (RLC)Tunisia
Benjamin Uphoff₦3,125,375₦162,519,50026GKGermany
Lukas Fröde₦2,841,250₦147,745,00025D (C), DM, M (C)Germany
Marc Lorenz₦2,784,425₦144,790,10032M/AM (L)Germany
Marius Gersbeck₦2,784,425₦144,790,10025GKGermany
Manuel Stiefler₦2,784,425₦144,790,10032M/AM (RC)Germany
Marco Djuricin₦2,784,425₦144,790,10027AM (RLC), ST (C)Austria
Burak Çamoğlu₦2,557,125₦132,970,50023D/WB/M/AM (R)Turkey
Babacar Guèye₦2,557,125₦132,970,50025ST (C)Senegal
Christoph Kobald₦2,500,300₦130,015,60022D (RLC), DMAustria
Damian Roßbach₦2,500,300₦130,015,60027D/WB (L)Germany
Choi Kyoung-Rok₦2,500,300₦130,015,60025M/AM (RLC)South Korea
Dirk Carlson₦2,500,300₦130,015,60022D/WB/M (L)Luxembourg
Marco Thiede₦2,216,175₦115,241,10028D/WB/M (R)Germany
Philipp Hofmann₦2,159,350₦112,286,20027ST (C)Germany
Martin Röser₦1,647,925₦85,692,10029M (RL), AM (RLC)Germany
Alexander Groiß₦1,420,625₦73,872,50022D (C), DM, M (C)Germany
Justin Möbius₦1,193,325₦62,052,90023M/AM (RLC)Germany
Sven Müller₦909,200₦47,278,40024GKGermany
Dominik Kother₦795,550₦41,368,60020M (L), AM (RL)Germany
Janis Hanek₦568,250₦29,549,00021DM, M (C)Germany
Mario Schragl₦528,473₦27,480,57021GKAustria
Jannis Rabold₦232,983₦12,115,09019D (R)Germany
Paul Löhr₦119,333₦6,205,29019GKGermany
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
David Trivunic₦90,920₦4,727,84018D (C), DM, M (C)Germany
Ian Hoffmann₦56,825₦2,954,90018DM, M (C), AM (LC)U.S.A.
Sven Kronemayer₦34,095₦1,772,94018ST (C)Germany
Luca Bolay₦34,095₦1,772,94018D/WB/M (L), AM (C)Germany
Niklas Schuch₦34,095₦1,772,94018GKGermany
Emre Kahriman₦0₦019DM, M (C), AM (LC)Germany

Who is Karlsruhe's highest earner?

Jérôme Gondorf has the highest salary at Karlsruhe, earning ₦6,250,750 per week

What is Karlsruhe's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Karlsruhe total salary bill is ₦3,755,382,410 per year

What is Karlsruhe's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Karlsruhe total salary bill is ₦72,218,893 per week

What league do Karlsruhe's play in?

Karlsruhe play in the Bundesliga 2, the second division of football in Germany.

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