SpVgg Greuther Fürth 2023 - Player Wages

SpVgg Greuther Fürth have a total of 50 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Gideon Jung earning ₦8,523,750 per week.

SpVgg Greuther Fürth play in the Bundesliga 2, the second division of mens professional football in Germany.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • ₦4,071,852,200 per year
  • ₦78,304,850 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Gideon Jung₦8,523,750₦443,235,00027D C, DMGermany
Branimir Hrgota₦7,955,500₦413,686,00029AM R, STSweden
Andreas Linde₦7,387,250₦384,137,00028GKSweden
Luca Itter₦4,546,000₦236,392,00023D/WB LGermany
Afimico Pululu₦4,261,875₦221,617,50023AM RL, STFrance
Jeremy Dudziak₦4,034,575₦209,797,90026D/WB L, AM CGermany
Marco John₦3,920,925₦203,888,10020D/WB L, DM, M LCGermany
Marco Meyerhöfer₦3,920,925₦203,888,10026D/WB RGermany
Sebastian Griesbeck₦3,750,450₦195,023,40031DMGermany
Armindo Sieb₦3,693,625₦192,068,50019AM RLC, F CGermany
Julian Green₦2,898,075₦150,699,90027AM RLC, F CU.S.A.
Oussama Haddadi₦2,727,600₦141,835,20030D/WB LTunisia
Ragnar Ache₦2,670,775₦138,880,30023STGermany
Timothy Tillman₦2,045,700₦106,376,40023AM LCGermany
Dickson Abiama₦1,932,050₦100,466,60023STNigeria
Nils Seufert₦1,647,925₦85,692,10025DM, AM CGermany
Max Christiansen₦1,647,925₦85,692,10025D C, DMGermany
Tobias Raschl₦1,477,450₦76,827,40022DM, AM CGermany
Simon Asta₦1,477,450₦76,827,40021D/WB RGermany
Damian Michalski₦1,363,800₦70,917,60024D RLCPoland
Lucien Littbarski₦1,136,500₦59,098,00019AM RLCJapan
Leon Schaffran₦568,250₦29,549,00023GKGermany
Devin Angleberger₦505,743₦26,298,61019DM, AM LCGermany
Sidney Raebiger₦403,458₦20,979,79017AM CGermany
Robin Kehr₦397,775₦20,684,30022AM RL, STGermany
Oliver Fobassam₦335,268₦17,433,91019D CGermany
Oualid Mhamdi₦261,395₦13,592,54019D/WB/M RMorocco
Bennet Külpmann₦250,030₦13,001,56018D RCGermany
Christoph Meister₦250,030₦13,001,56017D RGermany
Edin Zengin₦238,665₦12,410,58017D CGermany
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Jan Mottl₦204,570₦10,637,64017GKGermany
Jonas Simon₦204,570₦10,637,64018D CGermany
Javon Hendricks₦204,570₦10,637,64018STGermany
Kenan Aydın₦204,570₦10,637,64017M RGermany
Marlon Fries₦193,205₦10,046,66018DM, AM CGermany
Nico Grimbs₦181,840₦9,455,68018AM/F CGermany
Niclas Rautinger₦181,840₦9,455,68018GKGermany
Philipp Müller₦170,475₦8,864,70018DMGermany
Semir Kaymakci₦153,428₦7,978,23017GKGermany
Denis Pfaffenrot₦34,095₦1,772,94017AM LGermany
Richard Hauth₦34,095₦1,772,94016D CGermany
Julian Hoyler₦34,095₦1,772,94017D LGermany
Tim Bairlein₦34,095₦1,772,94017STGermany
Taid Keserovic₦34,095₦1,772,94016AM CGermany
Patrick Götzelmann₦34,095₦1,772,94017M CGermany
Kay Ramthun₦34,095₦1,772,94017STGermany
Laurent Hertle₦34,095₦1,772,94017STGermany
Lukas Napflein₦34,095₦1,772,94017M CGermany
Alihan Adıgüzel₦34,095₦1,772,94016AM LGermany
Cem Cevizci₦34,095₦1,772,94016STGermany

Who is SpVgg Greuther Fürth's highest earner?

Gideon Jung has the highest salary at SpVgg Greuther Fürth, earning ₦8,523,750 per week

What is SpVgg Greuther Fürth's yearly wage bill in 2023?

SpVgg Greuther Fürth total salary bill is ₦4,071,852,200 per year

What is SpVgg Greuther Fürth's monthly wage bill in 2023?

SpVgg Greuther Fürth total salary bill is ₦78,304,850 per week

What league do SpVgg Greuther Fürth's play in?

SpVgg Greuther Fürth play in the Bundesliga 2, the second division of mens professional football in Germany.

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