Queens Park Rangers 2021 - Player Wages

Queens Park Rangers have a total of 70 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Albert Adomah earning ₦7,387,250 per week.

Queens Park Rangers play in the Sky Bet Championship, the second division of mens professional football in England.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • ₦4,852,389,035 per year
  • ₦93,315,174 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Albert Adomah₦7,387,250₦384,137,00032M (R), AM (RL)Ghana
Geoff Cameron₦7,387,250₦384,137,00035D (RC), DM, M (C)U.S.A.
Lee Wallace₦5,682,500₦295,490,00032D/WB (L)Scotland
Rob Dickie₦4,943,775₦257,076,30024D (C)England
Ilias Chair₦4,602,825₦239,346,90022M (C), AM (LC)Belgium
Luke Amos₦4,546,000₦236,392,00023DM, M (C)England
Lyndon Dykes₦4,546,000₦236,392,00024ST (C)Australia
Macauley Bonne₦4,489,175₦233,437,10024AM (RL), ST (C)Zimbabwe
Bright Osayi-Samuel₦4,261,875₦221,617,50022M/AM (RL)Nigeria
Dominic Ball₦4,205,050₦218,662,60024D (R), DM, M (C)England
Joe Lumley₦4,034,575₦209,797,90025GKEngland
Todd Kane₦3,977,750₦206,843,00026D/WB (R)England
Liam Kelly₦3,977,750₦206,843,00024GKScotland
Yoann Barbet₦3,977,750₦206,843,00027D (LC)France
Osman Kakay₦3,295,850₦171,384,20022D/WB (R)England
George Thomas₦2,954,900₦153,654,80023M (C), AM (RC), ST (C)Wales
Niko Hämäläinen₦2,784,425₦144,790,10023D/WB (L)Finland
Tom Carroll₦2,613,950₦135,925,40028DM, M (C)England
Conor Masterson₦2,500,300₦130,015,60021D (C)Ireland
Charlie Kelman₦1,363,800₦70,917,60018ST (C)England
Charlie Owens₦1,363,800₦70,917,60022DM, M (C)N.Ireland
Faysal Bettache₦738,725₦38,413,70020DM, M (C)England
Dylan Duncan₦494,378₦25,707,63021M/AM (C)England
Stephen Duke-McKenna₦465,965₦24,230,18019M (L), AM (RL)Guyana
Deshane Dalling₦465,965₦24,230,18021AM (RL)England
Joe Gubbins₦431,870₦22,457,24018D (C)England
Ben Wells₦363,680₦18,911,36020D (C), DMIreland
Ody Alfa₦318,220₦16,547,44021AM (RL)England
Themis Kefalas₦289,808₦15,069,99020D (C)Greece
Franklin Domi₦284,125₦14,774,50019D (L)England
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Manassé Mampala₦272,760₦14,183,52020ST (C)DR Congo
Jake Frailing₦261,395₦13,592,54018M (C)England
Charley Kendall₦244,348₦12,706,07019ST (C)England
Kayden Williams Lowe₦227,300₦11,819,60019D (R)England
Kai Woollard-Innocent₦227,300₦11,819,60019D (L)England
Max Little₦215,935₦11,228,62017GKEngland
Nathan Carlyle₦210,253₦10,933,13019D (C), DM, M (C)Ireland
Nathaniel Orafu₦210,253₦10,933,13019DM, M (C)England
Shiloh Remy₦181,840₦9,455,68019M/AM (C)England
Tyla Dickinson₦147,745₦7,682,74019GKEngland
Sinclair Armstrong₦142,063₦7,387,25017M/AM (RL), ST (C)Ireland
Tom Middlehurst₦82,396₦4,284,60517GKEngland
Mason McLean₦82,396₦4,284,60516D (RC)England
Alex Aoraha₦82,396₦4,284,60517M/AM (C)England
Dillon De Silva₦82,396₦4,284,60518AM (RL)England
Henry Hawkins₦82,396₦4,284,60516D (C)England
Harrison Murphy₦82,396₦4,284,60516M/AM (C)England
Riley Cotter₦82,396₦4,284,60516DMEngland
Matthew Castillo-Anderson₦82,396₦4,284,60516M (C), AM (LC)England
Trent Mahorn₦82,396₦4,284,60518D (R)England
Isaac Pitblado₦82,396₦4,284,60518D (L)Scotland
Harun Hamid₦82,396₦4,284,60516M/AM (C)England
Ferrell Danso₦82,396₦4,284,60516ST (C)England
Murphy Cooper₦82,396₦4,284,60518GKEngland
Hamzad Kargbo₦82,396₦4,284,60518ST (C)England
Elijah Anthony₦82,396₦4,284,60516D (RLC)England
Armelindo Mema₦82,396₦4,284,60518AM (RL), ST (C)England
Micah Anthony₦82,396₦4,284,60516M/AM (RL)England
Mason Obeng₦82,396₦4,284,60516M/AM (C)England
Arkelle Jude-Boyd₦82,396₦4,284,60517D/M/AM (R)England
Ryan Hayes₦82,396₦4,284,60517M (C)England
Junior Paiva₦82,396₦4,284,60516D (L)England
Chima Eze₦82,396₦4,284,60517ST (C)England
Raheem Conte₦82,396₦4,284,60517DM, M/AM (C)Portugal
Bunmi Babajide₦82,396₦4,284,60517ST (C)England
Lemar Griffiths₦82,396₦4,284,60517AM (RL)England
Adam Dougui₦82,396₦4,284,60516M (R), AM (RL)England
Omar Eisa₦82,396₦4,284,60516ST (C)England
Marco Ramkilde₦0₦022AM (C), ST (C)Denmark
Chris Willock₦0₦022M (L), AM (RL)England

Who is Queens Park Rangers's highest earner?

Albert Adomah has the highest salary at Queens Park Rangers, earning ₦7,387,250 per week

What is Queens Park Rangers's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Queens Park Rangers total salary bill is ₦4,852,389,035 per year

What is Queens Park Rangers's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Queens Park Rangers total salary bill is ₦93,315,174 per week

What league do Queens Park Rangers's play in?

Queens Park Rangers play in the Sky Bet Championship, the second division of mens professional football in England.

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