Hebei CFFC 2020 - Player Wages

Hebei CFFC have a total of 90 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Ezequiel Lavezzi earning AU $763,800 per week.

Hebei CFFC play in the Chinese Super League, the top division of football in China.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • AU $91,815,828 per year
  • AU $1,765,689 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Ezequiel LavezziAU $763,800AU $39,717,60034AM RLC, F CArgentina
Jiang ZhipengAU $142,500AU $7,410,00030D/WB/M LChina
Zhang ChengdongAU $142,500AU $7,410,00030AM RLChina
Ren HangAU $87,400AU $4,544,80030D LCChina
Yin HongboAU $83,600AU $4,347,20029AM RLCChina
Zhao YuhaoAU $79,800AU $4,149,60026D C, DMChina
MarcaoAU $70,300AU $3,655,60025STBrazil
PaulinhoAU $58,900AU $3,062,80024AM RLCBrazil
Dong XueshengAU $34,200AU $1,778,40030STChina
Chi WenyiAU $24,700AU $1,284,40031GKChina
Geng XiaofengAU $24,700AU $1,284,40031GKChina
Luo SenwenAU $22,800AU $1,185,60026DM, AM CChina
Wang QiumingAU $17,100AU $889,20026AM CChina
Pan XimingAU $14,820AU $770,64026D CChina
Jiang WenjunAU $13,490AU $701,48029D LChina
Samir MemisevicAU $12,540AU $652,08025D C, DMBosnia & Herzegovina
Feng GangAU $11,970AU $622,44026AM LCChina
Jin YangyangAU $11,590AU $602,68026D CChina
Yang ChengAU $11,400AU $592,80033GKChina
Andy RussellAU $10,450AU $543,40031D C, DMHong Kong (China PR)
Xu TianyuanAU $10,260AU $533,52022AM LChina
Gao HuazeAU $7,980AU $414,96021AM RL, STChina
Hu RentianAU $7,980AU $414,96028AM RChina
Liu JingAU $7,600AU $395,20022D RLChina
Bao YaxiongAU $6,650AU $345,80022GKChina
Cui LinAU $6,460AU $335,92021D/WB LChina
Zhang LifengAU $5,700AU $296,40030AM RLChina
Zhang WeiAU $5,700AU $296,40019STChina
Ren WeiAU $5,130AU $266,76022D C, STChina
Chen AoAU $4,560AU $237,12018DMChina
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Chen TangAU $4,560AU $237,12023AM RLChina
Luo ShipengAU $3,800AU $197,60019STChina
Ma BokangAU $3,610AU $187,72020D L, M RLChina
Chen YunhuaAU $2,660AU $138,32019D C, DMChina
Wei ChangshengAU $2,660AU $138,32020D LChina
Yao XuchenAU $2,470AU $128,44019AM RLChina
Feng SiqiAU $1,957AU $101,76420DMChina
Li HaoranAU $1,900AU $98,80026AM RChina
Liao WeiAU $1,900AU $98,80020AM/F CChina
Luan HaodongAU $1,900AU $98,80021D CChina
Zhang HaitaoAU $1,900AU $98,80019D R, DM, M RCChina
Zhang HuiAU $1,900AU $98,80018AM CChina
Zhang JunzheAU $1,900AU $98,80028D RCChina
Zhang YuAU $1,900AU $98,80016D C, STChina
Kang MingjieAU $1,729AU $89,90820D C, DMChina
Li TaoyangAU $1,710AU $88,92022GKChina
Wang WenhaoAU $1,501AU $78,05221D/M RChina
MaidanjanAU $1,406AU $73,11220D/M RChina
Jin XingAU $1,349AU $70,14822DMChina
Wang HongzhiAU $1,349AU $70,14820D CChina
Wu GuodongAU $1,349AU $70,14824D/WB RLChina
Li YiyingAU $1,311AU $68,17219D RChina
Pang JiajunAU $969AU $50,38819GKChina
Piao LeiAU $969AU $50,38822AM RL, STChina
Gao YunpengAU $760AU $39,52019DMChina
Tian XiangyuAU $760AU $39,52018AM RChina
Li JunhuiAU $665AU $34,58018STChina
Yang ChenyuAU $570AU $29,64020D/WB RChina
Li ShuaihuAU $551AU $28,65220D L, M RLChina
Xu WenlongAU $551AU $28,65219DM, M LChina
Yang ShaochenAU $551AU $28,65219D C, DMChina
Liang GuoqiaoAU $304AU $15,80818D RCChina
Song XintaoAU $304AU $15,80817DMChina
Tan HaotianAU $304AU $15,80818DM, AM CChina
Yang SongAU $304AU $15,80821D CChina
Zheng HaokunAU $304AU $15,80817D C, DMChina
Yang YixuanAU $285AU $14,82018D LC, DMChina
Bi HaoyangAU $266AU $13,83217D/WB LChina
Chen ShaohongAU $247AU $12,84418GKChina
Chen HaohaoAU $228AU $11,85617DMChina
Chen LeiAU $228AU $11,85618D CChina
Lu LiAU $209AU $10,86822GKChina
Zhang YulongAU $209AU $10,86818D CChina
Du BoruiAU $190AU $9,88016GKChina
Gao LianduoAU $190AU $9,88017AM LChina
He ZijianAU $190AU $9,88017GKChina
Liu MengyuAU $190AU $9,88017M RChina
Liu RunnanAU $190AU $9,88017STChina
Liu TingpengAU $190AU $9,88018AM CChina
Liu XingyuAU $190AU $9,88017D LChina
Shen GuoweiAU $190AU $9,88017AM LChina
Sun HongweiAU $190AU $9,88017D CChina
Tang JixingAU $190AU $9,88017AM RLChina
Xia BoyangAU $190AU $9,88018M LChina
Xie JieAU $190AU $9,88018AM LChina
Chen JunnanAU $114AU $5,92815DMChina
Li HaozhouAU $114AU $5,92816D LChina
Li PeinanAU $114AU $5,92818D CChina
Tian JiaruiAU $114AU $5,92816STChina
Yu JianxianAU $114AU $5,92817GKChina

Who is Hebei CFFC's highest earner?

Ezequiel Lavezzi has the highest salary at Hebei CFFC, earning AU $763,800 per week

What is Hebei CFFC's yearly wage bill in 2020?

Hebei CFFC total salary bill is AU $91,815,828 per year

What is Hebei CFFC's monthly wage bill in 2020?

Hebei CFFC total salary bill is AU $1,765,689 per week

What league do Hebei CFFC's play in?

Hebei CFFC play in the Chinese Super League, the top division of football in China.

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