Odisha 2023 - Player Wages

Odisha have a total of 36 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Roy Krishna earning ₦3,239,025 per week.

Odisha play in the Indian Super League, one of two professional football leagues in India.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • ₦1,056,967,730 per year
  • ₦20,326,303 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Roy Krishna₦3,239,025₦168,429,30035AM RL, STFiji
Ahmed Jahouh₦2,557,125₦132,970,50034DM, AM CMorocco
Diego Maurício₦1,932,050₦100,466,60032STBrazil
Mourtada Fall₦1,647,925₦85,692,10035D C, DMSenegal
Michael Soosairaj₦1,647,925₦85,692,10028AM RLIndia
Carlos Delgado₦1,363,800₦70,917,60033D LCSpain
Cy Goddard₦1,363,800₦70,917,60026AM/F CJapan
Amrinder Singh₦602,345₦31,321,94030GKIndia
Aniket Jadhav₦602,345₦31,321,94022AM R, STIndia
Lenny Rodrigues₦517,108₦26,889,59036DMIndia
Jerry Lalrinzuala₦471,648₦24,525,67024D/WB LIndia
Isaac Vanmalsawma₦448,918₦23,343,71026AM RLIndia
Narender Gahlot₦392,093₦20,388,81022D CIndia
Puitea₦380,728₦19,797,83025DM, AM LCIndia
Jerry Mawia₦363,680₦18,911,36026AM RIndia
Isak Vanlalruatfela₦232,983₦12,115,09022AM RLIndia
Princeton Rebello₦215,935₦11,228,62024DM, AM CIndia
Lalthuammawia Ralte₦215,935₦11,228,62030GKIndia
Paul Ramfangzauva₦215,935₦11,228,62024DMIndia
Niraj Kumar₦176,158₦9,160,19020GKIndia
Dinliana₦164,793₦8,569,21024D/WB RIndia
Aphaoba Singh₦159,110₦8,273,72019AM RL, STIndia
Paogoumang Singson₦147,745₦7,682,74018D C, DMIndia
Pungte Lapung₦147,745₦7,682,74020AM CIndia
Tankadhar Bag₦142,063₦7,387,25019D/WB RLIndia
Sahil Panwar₦136,380₦7,091,76023D/WB LIndia
Givson Singh₦136,380₦7,091,76021AM CIndia
Hendry Antonay₦119,333₦6,205,29023D/WB RIndia
Deven Sawhney₦119,333₦6,205,29021D/WB RIndia
Amey Ranawade₦79,555₦4,136,86025D/WB RIndia
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Thoiba Singh₦79,555₦4,136,86020D/WB RL, DMIndia
Lalliansanga Renthlei₦68,190₦3,545,88024D C, DMIndia
Akshunna Tyagi₦68,190₦3,545,88021STIndia
Cvl Remtluanga₦68,190₦3,545,88022M CIndia
Jones Lalthakima₦68,190₦3,545,88021D CIndia
Aman Aman₦34,095₦1,772,94017AM R, STIndia

Who is Odisha's highest earner?

Roy Krishna has the highest salary at Odisha, earning ₦3,239,025 per week

What is Odisha's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Odisha total salary bill is ₦1,056,967,730 per year

What is Odisha's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Odisha total salary bill is ₦20,326,303 per week

What league do Odisha's play in?

Odisha play in the Indian Super League, one of two professional football leagues in India.

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