AFC Wimbledon 2023 - Player Wages

AFC Wimbledon have a total of 46 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Alex Bass earning ₦3,125,375 per week.

AFC Wimbledon play in the League Two, the fourth division of mens professional football in England.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • ₦1,220,669,190 per year
  • ₦23,474,408 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Alex Bass₦3,125,375₦162,519,50025GKEngland
Alex Pearce₦1,420,625₦73,872,50034D CIreland
Connor Lemonheigh-Evans₦1,363,800₦70,917,60026AM CWales
Harry Pell₦1,250,150₦65,007,80031DM, AM CEngland
Jake Reeves₦1,193,325₦62,052,90030DMEngland
James Tilley₦1,193,325₦62,052,90025AM RLCEngland
Joe Lewis₦1,193,325₦62,052,90023D RCWales
Josh Davison₦1,193,325₦62,052,90023STEngland
James Ball₦1,193,325₦62,052,90027DM, AM CEngland
Lee Brown₦1,136,500₦59,098,00032D/WB LEngland
Omar Bugiel₦1,022,850₦53,188,20029STLebanon
Ryan Johnson₦966,025₦50,233,30026D LCN.Ireland
Armani Little₦852,375₦44,323,50026DM, AM CEngland
Charlie Lakin₦795,550₦41,368,60024AM LCEngland
Josh Neufville₦625,075₦32,503,90022AM RLEngland
Isaac Ogundere₦625,075₦32,503,90020D RCEngland
Ali Al-Hamadi₦511,425₦26,594,10021AM RL, STIraq
Nik Tzanev₦511,425₦26,594,10026GKNew Zealand
Paul Kalambayi₦454,600₦23,639,20023D CEngland
Ethan Sutcliffe₦380,728₦19,797,83019D CEngland
Ryan McLean₦375,045₦19,502,34023AM RLEngland
Huseyin Biler₦357,998₦18,615,87021D/WB REngland
Jack Currie₦289,808₦15,069,99021D/WB LEngland
Josh Hallard₦267,078₦13,888,03019D/WB LEngland
Marcel Campbell₦238,665₦12,410,58019AM RCEngland
Morgan Williams₦142,063₦7,387,25018DM, AM CEngland
Aron Sasu₦142,063₦7,387,25018AM RL, STEngland
Paris Lock₦142,063₦7,387,25018AM RL, STEngland
Mathias Tepe₦28,413₦1,477,450D/WB REngland
Luka Ziger₦28,413₦1,477,45018GKCroatia
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Kai Jennings₦28,413₦1,477,450M CEngland
Hugo Few₦28,413₦1,477,45018M CEngland
Ollie Downs₦28,413₦1,477,450D/WB/M LEngland
Tom Wilson₦28,413₦1,477,450STEngland
Ed Leach₦28,413₦1,477,450AM RL, STEngland
Leo Young₦28,413₦1,477,450D CEngland
Bailey Cotton₦28,413₦1,477,450D/WB REngland
Harry Sidwell₦28,413₦1,477,450AM CEngland
Kelvin Kargbo₦28,413₦1,477,450AM RLEngland
Connor Harris₦28,413₦1,477,450M CEngland
Kai McKenzie₦28,413₦1,477,450STEngland
Junior Nkeng₦28,413₦1,477,450AM RLEngland
Riley Horan₦28,413₦1,477,450D CEngland
Reuban Amissah₦28,413₦1,477,450AM RLEngland
Max Foulkes₦28,413₦1,477,450GKEngland
Jake Lawrence₦28,413₦1,477,450AM CEngland

Who is AFC Wimbledon's highest earner?

Alex Bass has the highest salary at AFC Wimbledon, earning ₦3,125,375 per week

What is AFC Wimbledon's yearly wage bill in 2023?

AFC Wimbledon total salary bill is ₦1,220,669,190 per year

What is AFC Wimbledon's weekly wage bill in 2023?

AFC Wimbledon total salary bill is ₦23,474,408 per week

What league do AFC Wimbledon's play in?

AFC Wimbledon play in the League Two, the fourth division of mens professional football in England.

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