FC Rostov 2022 - Player Wages

FC Rostov have a total of 52 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Bastos (Bartolomeu Quissanga) earning ₦18,752,250 per week.

FC Rostov play in the Russian Premier League, the highest league of professional football in Russia.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • ₦6,250,795,460 per year
  • ₦120,207,605 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Bastos₦18,752,250₦975,117,00030D CAngola
Ali Sowe₦10,796,750₦561,431,00027STThe Gambia
Kento Hashimoto₦9,092,000₦472,784,00027DMJapan
Dmitry Poloz₦8,523,750₦443,235,00030AM RL, STRussia
Dennis Hadzikadunic₦8,523,750₦443,235,00023D CSweden
Maxim Osipenko₦7,955,500₦413,686,00027D CRussia
Denis Terentjev₦7,387,250₦384,137,00028D/WB RLRussia
Sergey Pesjakov₦7,387,250₦384,137,00032GKRussia
Danil Glebov₦7,387,250₦384,137,00021DMRussia
Nikolay Komlichenko₦6,819,000₦354,588,00026STRussia
Pontus Almqvist₦6,250,750₦325,039,00022AM RL, STSweden
Pavel Mamaev₦5,000,600₦260,031,20032AM CRussia
Yegor Baburin₦3,579,975₦186,158,70027GKRussia
Armin Gigović₦2,557,125₦132,970,50019AM CSweden
Khoren Bairamyan₦2,273,000₦118,196,00029WB L, AM LCArmenia
Igor Kalinin₦1,761,575₦91,601,90025D/WB LRussia
Roman Tugarev₦1,534,275₦79,782,30022AM RLRussia
Kirill Folmer₦1,136,500₦59,098,00021AM RLCRussia
Maxim Rudakov₦1,079,675₦56,143,10025GKRussia
Danila Proshlyakov₦380,728₦19,797,83021STRussia
Konstantin Kovalev₦340,950₦17,729,40021D/M RRussia
Danila Sukhomlinov₦295,490₦15,365,48018AM CRussia
Nikita Kotin₦193,205₦10,046,66018D CRussia
Alexandr Mukhin₦164,793₦8,569,21019D CRussia
Victor Melekhin₦125,015₦6,500,78017D C, DMRussia
Andrey Langovich₦125,015₦6,500,78018D RRussia
Maxim Turischev₦62,508₦3,250,39019STRussia
Narek Manukyan₦56,825₦2,954,90017AM CRussia
Artem Isik₦51,143₦2,659,41019DMRussia
Sergey Kochkanyan₦51,143₦2,659,41018D R, DMRussia
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Danil Khromov₦51,143₦2,659,41018AM R, STRussia
Daniil Sokolov₦45,460₦2,363,92018M CRussia
Timofey Kalistratov₦39,778₦2,068,43018D CRussia
Bogdan Rogochiy₦39,778₦2,068,43018D CRussia
Daniil Nikolaev₦39,778₦2,068,43019D LC, M LRussia
Kirill Moiseev₦34,095₦1,772,94017STRussia
Alexey Kornienko₦22,730₦1,181,96018M LRussia
Nikolay Poyarkov₦22,730₦1,181,96021D LRussia
Ruslan Murtazov₦22,730₦1,181,96018GKRussia
Alexey Demushkin₦22,730₦1,181,96018M CRussia
Kirill Girnyk₦22,730₦1,181,96018M RLRussia
Alexandr Djachkov₦22,730₦1,181,96018GKRussia
Kirill Schetinin₦22,730₦1,181,96019AM LCRussia
Roman Romanov₦17,048₦886,47018DMRussia
Nikita Kashtan₦17,048₦886,47017M CRussia
Ivan Komarov₦17,048₦886,47018M RCRussia
Rinat Mamedov₦17,048₦886,47018D CRussia
Pavel Gorelov₦17,048₦886,47018DMRussia
Danil Ryazanov₦17,048₦886,47017GKRussia
Artem Ntumba₦17,048₦886,47018STRussia
Maxim Stavtsev₦17,048₦886,47017D CRussia
Eddi Tsanava₦17,048₦886,47017DMRussia

Who is FC Rostov's highest earner?

Bastos (Bartolomeu Quissanga) has the highest salary at FC Rostov, earning ₦18,752,250 per week

What is FC Rostov's yearly wage bill in 2022?

FC Rostov total salary bill is ₦6,250,795,460 per year

What is FC Rostov's monthly wage bill in 2022?

FC Rostov total salary bill is ₦120,207,605 per week

What league do FC Rostov's play in?

FC Rostov play in the Russian Premier League, the highest league of professional football in Russia.

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