OFI 2022 - Player Wages

OFI have a total of 30 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Lazaros Lamprou earning ₦2,273,000 per week.

OFI play in the Superleague Greece, the top division of football in Greece.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • ₦1,499,907,240 per year
  • ₦28,844,370 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Lazaros Lamprou₦2,273,000₦118,196,00023AM RLCGreece
Jonathan de Guzmán₦1,761,575₦91,601,90033DM, AM CHolland
Kosmas Tsilianidis₦1,704,750₦88,647,00027AM RLCGreece
Miguel Mellado₦1,647,925₦85,692,10028DMArgentina
Abdul Rahman Weiss₦1,420,625₦73,872,50023D/WB RGreece
Boy Waterman₦1,420,625₦73,872,50037GKHolland
Apostolos Giannou₦1,420,625₦73,872,50031STAustralia
Devis Epassy₦1,363,800₦70,917,60028GKFrance
Felipe Gallegos₦1,306,975₦67,962,70029DM, M LCChile
Jon Toral₦1,193,325₦62,052,90026AM RLCSpain
Juan Neira₦1,193,325₦62,052,90032AM/F CArgentina
Mike van Duinen₦1,079,675₦56,143,10029AM L, STHolland
Nikos Marinakis₦1,079,675₦56,143,10027D/WB R, DMGreece
Nikos Korovesis₦1,079,675₦56,143,10029D/WB/AM LGreece
Praxitelis Vouros₦1,022,850₦53,188,20026D RC, DMGreece
Bruce Kamau₦852,375₦44,323,50026AM RLAustralia
Vahid Selimović₦852,375₦44,323,50024D CLuxembourg
Apostolos Diamantis₦852,375₦44,323,50021D C, DMGreece
Adil Nabi₦852,375₦44,323,50027AM CEngland
Dimitris Sotiriou₦795,550₦41,368,60033GKGreece
Fiori Durmishaj₦738,725₦38,413,70024STGreece
Kostas Giannoulis₦568,250₦29,549,00033D LCGreece
Luc Castaignos₦568,250₦29,549,00028STHolland
Paschalis Staikos₦437,553₦22,752,73025DMGreece
Triantafyllos Pasalidis₦340,950₦17,729,40024D CGreece
Frixos Grivas₦312,538₦16,251,95020AM RLGreece
Kostas Balogiannis₦284,125₦14,774,50022DMGreece
Odysseas Lyberakis₦261,395₦13,592,54023D/WB/M LGreece
Nikos Chalkiadakis₦102,285₦5,318,82017M CGreece
Vasilis Sifakis₦56,825₦2,954,90019GKGreece
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality

Who is OFI's highest earner?

Lazaros Lamprou has the highest salary at OFI, earning ₦2,273,000 per week

What is OFI's yearly wage bill in 2022?

OFI total salary bill is ₦1,499,907,240 per year

What is OFI's monthly wage bill in 2022?

OFI total salary bill is ₦28,844,370 per week

What league do OFI's play in?

OFI play in the Superleague Greece, the top division of football in Greece.

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