Guangzhou Evergrande 2023 - Player Wages

Guangzhou Evergrande have a total of 78 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Tyias Browning earning ₦22,730,000 per week.

Guangzhou Evergrande play in the Chinese Super League, the top division of football in China.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • ₦2,672,411,560 per year
  • ₦51,392,530 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Tyias Browning₦22,730,000₦1,181,960,00028D RCChina
Li Xuepeng₦6,819,000₦354,588,00033D LC, AM LChina
Wei Shihao₦4,546,000₦236,392,00027AM RL, STChina
Zhang Xiuwei₦2,841,250₦147,745,00026DMChina
Yan Dinghao₦1,875,225₦97,511,70024M CChina
Yang Liyu₦1,306,975₦67,962,70025AM R, STChina
Li Yang₦568,250₦29,549,00024D C, DMChina
Liu Shibo₦471,648₦24,525,67025GKChina
He Xinjie₦426,188₦22,161,75020AM CChina
Jiang Weilang₦414,823₦21,570,77019D CChina
Wu Shaocong₦409,140₦21,275,28022D CChina
Guan Haojin₦335,268₦17,433,91026D CChina
Yang Xin₦278,443₦14,479,01028D C, DMChina
Ye Guochen₦244,348₦12,706,07025STChina
Tang Dechao₦176,158₦9,160,19038D CChina
Wu Junjie₦170,475₦8,864,70020AM RL, STChina
Wang Hanbing₦164,793₦8,569,21033M/AM R, STChina
Zheng Shengxiong₦159,110₦8,273,72023AM RL, STChina
Wang Wenxuan₦159,110₦8,273,72022D CChina
Tan Kaiyuan₦153,428₦7,978,23020AM CChina
Wang Shilong₦142,063₦7,387,25021D CChina
Ling Jie₦142,063₦7,387,25019STChina
Zhang Jianzhi₦142,063₦7,387,25022GKChina
Afrden₦136,380₦7,091,76018AM LC, F CChina
Cai Mingmin₦136,380₦7,091,76021AM RLCChina
Fan Hengbo₦136,380₦7,091,76022AM RChina
Huang Guangliang₦136,380₦7,091,76023DMChina
Chen Rijin₦136,380₦7,091,76023D/AM RChina
Li Jiaheng₦136,380₦7,091,76020AM/F CChina
Chen Quanjiang₦136,380₦7,091,76022D/AM RChina
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Hou Yu₦136,380₦7,091,76021D C, DMChina
Xu Bin₦136,380₦7,091,76018DMChina
Wang Tianqing₦136,380₦7,091,76021D LChina
Chen Long₦136,380₦7,091,76020AM/F CChina
Zhao Wenzhe₦136,380₦7,091,76021D CChina
Zhang Zili₦136,380₦7,091,76020DMChina
Chen-Zheng Feng₦136,380₦7,091,76021DMChina
Huo Shenping₦136,380₦7,091,76018GKChina
Tu Menghan₦136,380₦7,091,76019AM/F CChina
Ruan Sai₦136,380₦7,091,76021AM CChina
Ning Haoxu₦136,380₦7,091,76021AM RLChina
Chen Junzhou₦136,380₦7,091,76021AM/F CChina
Zhang Jihao₦136,380₦7,091,76019GKChina
Fan Ruiwei₦136,380₦7,091,76019D RLChina
Wei Minghe₦136,380₦7,091,76019D CChina
Huang Kaizhou₦136,380₦7,091,76020STChina
Chen Kun₦136,380₦7,091,76020AM RChina
Li Jiahao₦136,380₦7,091,76021AM R, STChina
He Shaolin₦136,380₦7,091,76019STChina
He Lipan₦136,380₦7,091,76021GKChina
Zeng Yaozhang₦136,380₦7,091,76017STChina
Yang Dejiang₦136,380₦7,091,76017DMChina
Wang Shijie₦136,380₦7,091,76018M LChina
Wei Suowei₦136,380₦7,091,76017D RLChina
Wu Junhao₦136,380₦7,091,76017DMChina
Yang Chen₦136,380₦7,091,76022GKChina
Wu Yuchen₦136,380₦7,091,76019DMChina
Chen Jinyu₦136,380₦7,091,76019M LChina
Luo Junhan₦136,380₦7,091,76018D CChina
Zhang Wenxuan₦136,380₦7,091,76017D/WB/M RLChina
Feng Yifan₦136,380₦7,091,76019D CChina
Li Xingxian₦136,380₦7,091,76017AM/F CChina
Lyu Shihao₦136,380₦7,091,76019AM LChina
Liu Langzhou₦136,380₦7,091,76019D CChina
Peng Jiahao₦136,380₦7,091,76020D CChina
Su Tianshi₦136,380₦7,091,76019AM RLC, F CChina
Ye Runbiao₦136,380₦7,091,76019STChina
Deng Shiyu₦136,380₦7,091,76020WB LChina
Zhou Tiancheng₦136,380₦7,091,76020D CChina
Cheng Shilin₦136,380₦7,091,76019STChina
Guo Shuai₦136,380₦7,091,76018DMChina
Wan Likai₦34,095₦1,772,94018D LChina
Tang Shi₦0₦027AM RL, STChina
Ju Feng₦0₦027AM RCChina
Li Geng₦0₦025DMChina
Jiang Zhengjie₦0₦023AM RChina
Zhou Chenye₦0₦025D CChina

Who is Guangzhou Evergrande's highest earner?

Tyias Browning has the highest salary at Guangzhou Evergrande, earning ₦22,730,000 per week

What is Guangzhou Evergrande's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Guangzhou Evergrande total salary bill is ₦2,672,411,560 per year

What is Guangzhou Evergrande's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Guangzhou Evergrande total salary bill is ₦51,392,530 per week

What league do Guangzhou Evergrande's play in?

Guangzhou Evergrande play in the Chinese Super League, the top division of football in China.

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