Sporting Clube de Braga 2022 - Player Wages

Sporting Clube de Braga have a total of 69 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Ricardo Horta earning $10,549 per week.

Sporting Clube de Braga play in the Liga Nos, the top division of football in Portugal.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • $10,662,491 per year
  • $205,048 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Ricardo Horta$10,549$548,54826AM RLC, F CPortugal
Abel Ruiz$10,275$534,30021STSpain
Chiquinho$10,138$527,17625AM CPortugal
Galeno$9,864$512,92823AM RLBrazil
Rolando$9,179$477,30835D CPortugal
Ali Al Musrati$8,905$463,06025DMLibya
André Horta$8,905$463,06024AM LCPortugal
Iuri Medeiros$8,357$434,56427AM RLCPortugal
Nuno Sequeira$8,083$420,31630D/WB LPortugal
Raúl Silva$7,809$406,06831D CBrazil
André Castro$7,535$391,82033DM, AM CPortugal
Diogo Leite$7,398$384,69622D CPortugal
Lucas Piazón$6,850$356,20027AM RLCBrazil
Mario González$6,713$349,07625STSpain
Paulo Oliveira$6,576$341,95229D CPortugal
Tormena$6,302$327,70425D RCBrazil
Yan Couto$5,891$306,33219D/WB RBrazil
Eduardo Teixeira$5,891$306,33228AM RLCBrazil
Lucas Mineiro$5,480$284,96025DMBrazil
David Carmo$4,658$242,21621D C, DMPortugal
Francisco Moura$4,521$235,09221D/WB L, AM RLPortugal
Tiago Sá$3,562$185,22426GKPortugal
Bruno Rodrigues$3,425$178,10020D CPortugal
Fabiano Souza$3,151$163,85221D/WB RBrazil
André Lacximicant$2,055$106,86020AM/F CPortugal
Nuno Cunha$1,233$64,11620DMPortugal
Felipe Borges$1,206$62,69120AM RL, STPortugal
Marco Torres$1,110$57,70418D CPortugal
Mário Junior$1,069$55,56718D CGuinea-Bissau
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Fanuel Gomes$1,041$54,14217AM RLGuinea-Bissau
Rodrigo Macedo$1,041$54,14218STPortugal
João Madureira$986$51,29317M CPortugal
André Ferreira$959$49,86818D/WB RPortugal
Mateus Santos$945$49,15617AM CPortugal
Diogo Vieira$904$47,01820D/WB/AM RPortugal
Edgar Braga$891$46,30620D R, DMPortugal
Eduardo Santos$891$46,30617AM RLPortugal
Zezinho Biganha$877$45,59419AM RLGuinea-Bissau
Ivo Lopes$836$43,45617AM CPortugal
Juvy Kooner$822$42,74419D/WB LCanada
Pedro Pereira$740$38,47019D C, DMPortugal
José Pereira$658$34,19517D/WB/AM LPortugal
Álvaro Oliveira$644$33,48319D/WB RPortugal
Zé Pedro$644$33,48319D CPortugal
Luís Mesquita$630$32,77019D/WB LPortugal
Martim Duarte$617$32,05818GKPortugal
António Eirô$603$31,34620AM RLCPortugal
Rodrigo Beirão$548$28,49618D CPortugal
Lucas Sousa$507$26,35919M CPortugal
Yan Said$411$21,37218AM RL, STPortugal
Telmo Neves$397$20,66019M CPortugal
Giorgi Chkhetiani$137$7,12418D/WB LGeorgia
Vicente Durand$82$4,27417D/WB LPortugal
Diego Henrique$82$4,27416M CPortugal
Nuno Teixeira$82$4,27418D CPortugal
João Vasconcelos$82$4,27416M CPortugal
Francisco Chissumba$82$4,27416D/WB LPortugal
João Santos$82$4,27418DMPortugal
Tomás Marques$82$4,27416D RLPortugal
Luís Martins$82$4,27417D/WB RPortugal
Nuno Matos$82$4,27416D CPortugal
Jónatas Noro$82$4,27416D CPortugal
Eduardo Esteves$82$4,27418GKPortugal
José Azevedo$82$4,27417GKPortugal
Djeferson Costa$82$4,27416D CGuinea-Bissau
Dinis Gama$82$4,27417DMPortugal
Miguel Falé$82$4,27417STPortugal

Who is Sporting Clube de Braga's highest earner?

Ricardo Horta has the highest salary at Sporting Clube de Braga, earning $10,549 per week

What is Sporting Clube de Braga's yearly wage bill in 2022?

Sporting Clube de Braga total salary bill is $10,662,491 per year

What is Sporting Clube de Braga's monthly wage bill in 2022?

Sporting Clube de Braga total salary bill is $205,048 per week

What league do Sporting Clube de Braga's play in?

Sporting Clube de Braga play in the Liga Nos, the top division of football in Portugal.

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