Frosinone 2023 - Player Wages

Frosinone have a total of 72 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Gianluca Frabotta earning $30,140 per week.

Frosinone play in the Serie B, the second division of football in Italy.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • $11,074,258 per year
  • $212,967 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Gianluca Frabotta$30,140$1,567,28023D/WB LItaly
Luca Mazzitelli$20,550$1,068,60026DMItaly
Fabio Lucioni$19,180$997,36034D CItaly
Roberto Insigne$17,810$926,12028AM RLCItaly
Giuseppe Caso$11,234$584,16823AM RLItaly
Luca Ravanelli$10,960$569,92025D CItaly
Luca Moro$10,960$569,92021STItaly
Daniel Boloca$10,138$527,17623DMRomania
Luca Garritano$8,220$427,44028AM RLCItaly
Matteo Cotali$8,083$420,31625D/WB LItaly
Marcus Rohdén$8,083$420,31631M RLCSweden
Karlo Lulić$6,850$356,20026DM, AM RCCroatia
Stefano Turati$6,302$327,70420GKItaly
Mario Sampirisi$5,343$277,83629D RLCItaly
Riccardo Ciervo$5,069$263,58820AM RLItaly
Ben Lhassine Koné$3,425$178,10022AM RLCIvory Coast
Leonardo Loria$2,740$142,48023GKItaly
Przemysław Szymiński$2,466$128,23228D CPoland
Sergio Kalaj$2,192$113,98422D CAlbania
Aliou Traoré$2,055$106,86021AM LCFrance
Luca Matarese$1,370$71,24024AM RLItaly
Miloš Bočić$1,233$64,11622AM RLC, F CSerbia
Anthony Oyono$1,137$59,12921D/WB/M RGabon
Andrea Oliveri$1,069$55,56719AM RLCItaly
Andrea Errico$959$49,86823AM RLCItaly
Lorenzo Vecchi$836$43,45619D/WB RLItaly
Samuele Mulattieri$822$42,74421STItaly
Giuseppe Marcianò$767$39,89422GKItaly
Gennaro Borrelli$726$37,75722STItaly
Kalifa Kujabi$644$33,48322DMThe Gambia
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Ilario Monterisi$521$27,07120D CItaly
Matteo Bruno$384$19,94719DMItaly
Andrea Peres$356$18,52219M CItaly
Sergio Jirillo$356$18,52219AM/F CItaly
Pietro Pera$356$18,52218AM RItaly
Simone Condello$301$15,67318AM L, STItaly
Lorenzo Schietroma$301$15,67316M CItaly
Daniel Macej$260$13,53618D CCzech Republic
Ayoub Afi$260$13,53618AM R, STItaly
Alessio Maestrelli$260$13,53618D CItaly
Marco Rosati$260$13,53617D RItaly
Luca Benacquista$260$13,53618D LCItaly
Simone Cangianello$260$13,53618AM CItaly
Simone Milazzo$260$13,53618M LCItaly
Nicola Mulattieri$260$13,53617DMItaly
Alessandro Selvini$260$13,53618STItaly
Salvatore Di Chiara$260$13,53618GKItaly
Evan Bouabré$260$13,53618AM RLIvory Coast
Matjasz Pahič$260$13,53618DMSlovenia
Niccolò Crecco$260$13,53617D/WB LItaly
Manuele De Min$260$13,53617M CItaly
Lorenzo Palmisani$260$13,53618GKItaly
Alessandro Pozzi$260$13,53618AM RL, STItaly
Gabriele Bracaglia$260$13,53618D RCItaly
Alessio Quadraccia$260$13,53617D CItaly
Diego Voncina$260$13,53617STItaly
Giovanni Stellato$260$13,53616GKItaly
Francesco Stazi$260$13,53616D CItaly
David Zettera$260$13,53617AM RLC, F CItaly
Francesco Stefanelli$260$13,53616D/WB LItaly
Francesco Minicangeli$260$13,53616GKItaly
Kristian Mezsargs$260$13,53616STLithuania
Lorenzo Bauco$260$13,53616AM RItaly
Eugenio Cozzolino$260$13,53616D/WB RItaly
Luca Iachini$260$13,53616D RItaly
Tiziano Romano$260$13,53616GKItaly
Cristian Maura$260$13,53618D RCItaly
Simone Ferrieri$260$13,53618STItaly
Alessandro De Rita$260$13,53616D/WB RItaly
Cristian Paparelli$260$13,53616DMItaly
Lorenzo Petrucci$260$13,53616M CItaly
Luca Gozzo$178$9,26117AM RLC, F CItaly

Who is Frosinone's highest earner?

Gianluca Frabotta has the highest salary at Frosinone, earning $30,140 per week

What is Frosinone's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Frosinone total salary bill is $11,074,258 per year

What is Frosinone's monthly wage bill in 2023?

Frosinone total salary bill is $212,967 per week

What league do Frosinone's play in?

Frosinone play in the Serie B, the second division of football in Italy.

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