Sparta Rotterdam 2022 - Player Wages

Sparta Rotterdam have a total of 65 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Giannis Masouras earning $5,754 per week.

Sparta Rotterdam play in the Eredivisie, the premier division of football in the Netherlands.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • $3,421,657 per year
  • $65,801 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Giannis Masouras$5,754$299,20824D/WB/AM RGreece
Bart Vriends$4,795$249,34030D CHolland
Adil Auassar$4,795$249,34034DMHolland
Lennart Thy$4,110$213,72029AM RL, STGermany
Michaël Heylen$3,973$206,59627D C, DMBelgium
Mohammed Osman$3,973$206,59627AM CSyria
Tom Beugelsdijk$3,562$185,22430D CHolland
Benjamin van Leer$3,425$178,10029GKHolland
Aaron Meijers$3,425$178,10033D/WB/M LHolland
Laurent Jans$2,740$142,48028D/WB RLuxembourg
Maduka Okoye$2,603$135,35621GKNigeria
Michael Pinto$2,603$135,35628D/WB LPortugal
Mario Engels$2,603$135,35627AM RLC, F CGermany
Bryan Smeets$2,055$106,86028AM RCHolland
Dirk Abels$1,918$99,73624D RLCHolland
Emanuel Emegha$1,781$92,61218STHolland
Jeremy van Mullem$1,192$61,97922D C, DMHolland
Tim Coremans$1,055$54,85530GKHolland
Kenzo Goudmijn$1,028$53,43019DM, AM CHolland
Sven Mijnans$822$42,74421AM CHolland
Vito van Crooij$685$35,62025AM RLHolland
Delano Vianello$397$20,66018D C, M CHolland
Jason Meerstadt$370$19,23520DMHolland
Mohammed Tahiri$343$17,81020STHolland
Jomar Gomes$301$15,67321GKHolland
Farouq Limouri$274$14,24818D CHolland
Tariq Dilrosun$247$12,82319D RCHolland
Mohamed el Karbachi$247$12,82320AM RLCHolland
Augustin Drakpe$206$10,68619D CHolland
Joshua Adney$206$10,68620D/WB RHolland
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Jeremy Udenhout$206$10,68618DMHolland
Patrick Brouwer$206$10,68620DM, M RCHolland
Rijk Janse$178$9,26119GKHolland
Constantijn Schop$178$9,26119DMHolland
Mike Frimpong$178$9,26118AM RL, STHolland
Marcus Scholten$178$9,26119AM RCHolland
Finn Murre$151$7,83617GKHolland
Yanilio de Nooijer$151$7,83618D LHolland
Jay den Haan$151$7,83620D/WB LHolland
Jair Haakmat$151$7,83617D CHolland
Jafar Bynoe$151$7,83617DMHolland
Aaron Bashir$151$7,83617AM L, STHolland
Rayvien Rosario$151$7,83617AM/F CHolland
Shairon de Wind$151$7,83618AM RHolland
Karim El Fakiri$137$7,12417GKHolland
Rafael de Heij$137$7,12416GKHolland
Kevin Tímas Almeida$137$7,12416D LHolland
Siem de Moes$137$7,12417D LCHolland
Augustas Grabažis$137$7,12417D CLithuania
Chiverio Adely$137$7,12416M CHolland
David Garden$137$7,12417AM L, STHolland
Finn de Bruin$137$7,12417AM RCHolland
Dylan van Wageningen$123$6,41218D RC, DMHolland
Damian Hamerslag$110$5,69916STHolland
Giovanni Mulumba$110$5,69916D LHolland
Tiziano Vianello$110$5,69916D CHolland
Valentijn Zandbergen$110$5,69916M CHolland
Mats van der Eerden$110$5,69915M CHolland
Hamza el Dahri$110$5,69916AM CHolland
Jorn Triep$110$5,69916STHolland
Ishan Kort$0$021GKSuriname
Gaultiér Overman$0$020D LC, AM LHolland
Achraf Madi$0$019AM CHolland
Marouane Afaker$0$022AM RLHolland
Pepijn Doesburg$0$020STHolland

Who is Sparta Rotterdam's highest earner?

Giannis Masouras has the highest salary at Sparta Rotterdam, earning $5,754 per week

What is Sparta Rotterdam's yearly wage bill in 2022?

Sparta Rotterdam total salary bill is $3,421,657 per year

What is Sparta Rotterdam's monthly wage bill in 2022?

Sparta Rotterdam total salary bill is $65,801 per week

What league do Sparta Rotterdam's play in?

Sparta Rotterdam play in the Eredivisie, the premier division of football in the Netherlands.

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