Charlton Athletic 2023 - Player Wages

Charlton Athletic have a total of 67 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Slobodan Tedić earning $17,810 per week.

Charlton Athletic play in the League One, the third division of mens professional football in England.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • $8,731,174 per year
  • $167,907 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Slobodan Tedić$17,810$926,12023STSerbia
Louie Watson$10,960$569,92022AM CIreland
Panutche Camará$10,686$555,67226M CGuinea-Bissau
Scott Fraser$10,412$541,42428AM CScotland
Alfie May$8,905$463,06030AM/F CEngland
Chuks Aneke$8,768$455,93630STEngland
Chem Campbell$7,398$384,69620AM RLCWales
Charlie Kirk$7,398$384,69625AM RLEngland
George Dobson$7,124$370,44825DMEngland
Michael Hector$6,713$349,07630D CJamaica
Tayo Edun$6,302$327,70425D/WB L, DMEngland
Terry Taylor$6,302$327,70422DMScotland
Conor McGrandles$6,028$313,45627DMScotland
Harry Isted$5,754$299,20826GKEngland
Lloyd Jones$5,480$284,96027D CEngland
Ashley Maynard-Brewer$4,795$249,34024GKAustralia
Corey Blackett-Taylor$4,658$242,21625AM RLEngland
Tennai Watson$3,562$185,22426D/WB REngland
Terell Thomas$3,562$185,22427D CSt Lucia
Miles Leaburn$2,603$135,35619STEngland
James Abankwah$1,507$78,36419D RCIreland
Deji Elerewe$1,192$61,97919D CEngland
Karoy Anderson$1,096$56,99218AM CEngland
Lucas Ness$945$49,15621D CEngland
Richard Chin$795$41,31920D/WB RLEngland
Daniel Kanu$781$40,60718STEngland
Henry Rylah$726$37,75717AM RL, STEngland
Chibike Okechukwu$726$37,75718AM L, STNigeria
Henry Molyneux$658$34,19518GKIreland
Naz Bakrin$644$33,48320D CEngland
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Euan Williams$630$32,77020AM CN.Ireland
Jeremy Santos$630$32,77020AM CEngland
Patrick Casey$617$32,05817STIreland
Nathan Asiimwe$575$29,92118D/WB REngland
Tyreece Campbell$562$29,20819AM RLEngland
Jacob Roddy$562$29,20820D LEngland
Ollie Hobden$562$29,20818D RCEngland
Prince Adegoke$548$28,49619GKEngland
Harvey Kedwell$521$27,07118DMEngland
Ralfi Hand$521$27,07118DMEngland
Matthew Dench$521$27,07119D/WB L, M CAustralia
Jason Adigun$493$25,64619AM CEngland
Josh Laqeretabua$493$25,64617D CFiji
Toby Bower$493$25,64618D LEngland
Ryan Viggars$452$23,50920STWales
Seydil Touré$438$22,79719D CSenegal
Tolu Ladapo$425$22,08419AM RL, STEngland
Ryan Huke$384$19,94718AM REngland
Keenan Gough$301$15,67317STEngland
Brook Myers$301$15,67317AM CEngland
Mikey Berry$301$15,67317M CEngland
David Danso$301$15,67317D CGhana
James Batt$301$15,67317GKEngland
Jude Sadler$301$15,67316GKEngland
Alan Mwamba$301$15,67316AM CEngland
Ethan Cann$301$15,67316D CEngland
Manu Wales$301$15,67316AM RLCEngland
Jacob Safa$301$15,67316AM CEngland
Micah Mbick$301$15,67316STEngland
Joshua Ogunnowo$301$15,673D CEngland
Kai Enslin$82$4,27417AM RL, STEngland
Jadon Yamoah$82$4,27417D/WB/M REngland
Mason Hunter$82$4,27417D CEngland
Harmony Okwumo$82$4,27417D LGermany
Luke Ashburn$82$4,27416D/WB LEngland
Ethan Brown$82$4,27416D CEngland
Ibrahim Fullah$82$4,27416AM RLC, F CEngland

Who is Charlton Athletic's highest earner?

Slobodan Tedić has the highest salary at Charlton Athletic, earning $17,810 per week

What is Charlton Athletic's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Charlton Athletic total salary bill is $8,731,174 per year

What is Charlton Athletic's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Charlton Athletic total salary bill is $167,907 per week

What league do Charlton Athletic's play in?

Charlton Athletic play in the League One, the third division of mens professional football in England.

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