Atl. Tucumán 2021 - Player Wages

Atl. Tucumán have a total of 77 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Javier Toledo earning $9,727 per week.

Atl. Tucumán play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • $4,934,652 per year
  • $94,897 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Javier Toledo$9,727$505,80434STArgentina
Cristian Lucchetti$8,768$455,93641GKArgentina
Franco Mussis$7,261$377,57228DM, MArgentina
Cristian Erbes$6,028$313,45630DM, MArgentina
Guillermo Acosta$5,754$299,20832M, AMArgentina
Guillermo Ortiz$5,754$299,20827DArgentina
Lucas Melano$5,480$284,96027M, AM, STArgentina
Yonathan Cabral$4,521$235,09228DArgentina
Fabián Monzón$4,521$235,09233D/WBArgentina
Leonardo Heredia$4,110$213,72024M, AMArgentina
Nicolás Aguirre$3,973$206,59630M, AMArgentina
Matías Alustiza$3,973$206,59636AM, STArgentina
Ramiro Carrera$3,699$192,34826M/AMArgentina
Augusto Lotti$3,425$178,10024M, AM, STArgentina
Franco Pizzicanella$3,151$163,85224GKArgentina
Gustavo Toledo$3,014$156,72830D/WBArgentina
Gabriel Risso Patrón$1,644$85,48824D/WBArgentina
Mauro Osores$1,233$64,11623DArgentina
Matías Solohaga$985$51,22222STArgentina
Jonás Romero$892$46,37719M/AM, STArgentina
Abel Bustos$756$39,32421DM, MArgentina
Daniel Ibáñez$732$38,04222GKArgentina
Camilo Albornoz$697$36,26119D, DMArgentina
Hernán Rosales$686$35,69121M/AMArgentina
Agustín Lagos$658$34,19518DArgentina
Carlos Lapetina$630$32,77019DM, MArgentina
Kevin Isa Luna$611$31,77319M/AM, STArgentina
Nicolás Laméndola$570$29,63621M, AMArgentina
Pablo Sánchez$516$26,85726DArgentina
Ramiro Ruíz Rodríguez$511$26,57320M, STArgentina
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Sergio González$318$16,52821DArgentina
Walter Juárez$299$15,53021DArgentina
Tomás Marchiori$0$025GKArgentina
Fabricio Navarro$0$019AM, STArgentina
Rodrigo Gallo$0$015STArgentina
Kevin Salinas$0$020DArgentina
Marcelo Ortiz$0$026DArgentina
Gerónimo Hernández$0$017M/AMArgentina
Alexis Minotti$0$016D/MArgentina
Alán Ávila$0$017AM, STArgentina
Joaquín Ortega$0$017STArgentina
Kevin Nickler$0$019DM, MArgentina
Ignacio Maestro Puch$0$016STArgentina
Juan Trujillo$0$019MArgentina
Maximiliano Alanís$0$017STArgentina
Ignacio Serrano$0$017AM, STArgentina
Ramiro Laméndola$0$019DArgentina
Nicolás Romero$0$016DArgentina
Joaquín Ávila$0$019MArgentina
Sergio Romano$0$019DArgentina
Andrés Gigena$0$019M/AMArgentina
Maximiliano Carabajal$0$025DArgentina
Luis Estrada$0$019STArgentina
Gustavo Lescano$0$018GKArgentina
Santiago De La Rosa$0$018MArgentina
Matías Mamani$0$020DArgentina
Rodrigo Morales$0$017DArgentina
Braian Jiménez$0$020M, AMArgentina
Juan Pablo Rizo$0$017MArgentina
Álvaro Medina$0$017DArgentina
Rafael Medina$0$016STArgentina
Tobías Díaz$0$017D, MArgentina
Benjamín Salverry$0$016AMArgentina
Enzo Vázquez$0$018GKArgentina
Agustín Fernández$0$016AMArgentina
Fabricio Olmedo$0$018M/AMArgentina
Hernán Rivero$0$019DArgentina
Marcelo Vega$0$017D/MArgentina
Enzo Valenzuela$0$021DM, MArgentina
Mauricio Chaín$0$018GKArgentina
Franco Arroyo$0$017MArgentina
José Acosta$0$016DArgentina
Francisco Starecinchi$0$018D, DMArgentina
Ignacio Juárez$0$016MArgentina
Nazareno López$0$016DArgentina
Thiago Sale$0$016D, DMArgentina
Moisés Brandán$0$020D/WB/MArgentina

Who is Atl. Tucumán's highest earner?

Javier Toledo has the highest salary at Atl. Tucumán, earning $9,727 per week

What is Atl. Tucumán's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Atl. Tucumán total salary bill is $4,934,652 per year

What is Atl. Tucumán's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Atl. Tucumán total salary bill is $94,897 per week

What league do Atl. Tucumán's play in?

Atl. Tucumán play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

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