Banfield 2023 - Player Wages

Banfield have a total of 79 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Jesús Dátolo earning $9,727 per week.

Banfield play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • $5,425,638 per year
  • $104,339 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Jesús Dátolo$9,727$505,80438AM CArgentina
Luciano Abecasis$9,590$498,68032D/WB RArgentina
Mauricio Cuero$8,083$420,31629AM RColombia
Alejandro Cabrera$7,535$391,82029DMArgentina
Enrique Bologna$7,261$377,57240GKArgentina
Dylan Gissi$6,028$313,45631D CSwitzerland
Nicolás Domingo$5,343$277,83637DMArgentina
Andrés Chávez$4,795$249,34031STArgentina
Facundo Cambeses$4,521$235,09225GKArgentina
Erik López$4,521$235,09220AM R, STParaguay
Julián Palacios$4,247$220,84423M RCArgentina
Luis Del Pino Mago$4,110$213,72027D LCVenezuela
Agustín Urzi$3,425$178,10022AM LArgentina
Alexis Maldonado$3,425$178,10024D CArgentina
Maximiliano Cuadra$2,603$135,35627AM RL, STArgentina
Emanuel Coronel$1,781$92,61225D/WB RArgentina
Alejandro Maciel$1,493$77,65225D CArgentina
Lautaro Ríos$1,370$71,24021DMArgentina
Nicolás Bertolo$1,233$64,11636AM LCArgentina
Dany Edjo'o$1,123$58,41720AM RL, STCameroon
Ramiro Di Luciano$932$48,44318D RArgentina
Matías Romero$849$44,16926D/WB R, M RCArgentina
Aarón Quiros$726$37,75721D LCArgentina
Axel Ovejero$726$37,75720STArgentina
Iván Pereyra$712$37,04522DMArgentina
Jeremías Perales$603$31,34621STArgentina
Alan Caló$603$31,34621D CArgentina
Alan Di Pippa$589$30,63322M CArgentina
Elián Rodríguez$548$28,49621D/WB RArgentina
Pedro Cejas$534$27,78421STArgentina
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Matías Gutiérrez$534$27,78421AM RArgentina
Mateo Guidolin$521$27,07121STArgentina
Ignacio Rodríguez$480$24,93420AM RArgentina
Matías Arias$438$22,79721D LArgentina
Marcos Echeverría$425$22,08418STArgentina
Nahuel Paredes$411$21,37221D CArgentina
Juan Manuel Cruz$315$16,38522STArgentina
Gregorio Tanco$288$14,96022D CArgentina
Ramiro Enrique$260$13,53621STArgentina
Facundo Sanguinetti$233$12,11121GKArgentina
José Álvarez$219$11,39827D L, AM LC, STUruguay
Matías González$164$8,54920AM RCArgentina
Julián Eseiza$27$1,42520WB/AM LArgentina
Facundo Vila$27$1,42519GKArgentina
Gino Santilli$27$1,42520GKArgentina
Alejandro Herrera$27$1,42517M CColombia
Esteban Cardozo$27$1,42520D CArgentina
Nicolás Villagra$27$1,42520DMArgentina
Lucas Mazieres$27$1,42520D CArgentina
Mateo Pérez$27$1,42520D CArgentina
Valentín Quevedo$27$1,42520M LCArgentina
Tomás Adoryan$27$1,42520AM CArgentina
Matías Cuéllar$27$1,42519GKArgentina
Tomás Capdevilla$27$1,42520GKArgentina
Abel Amaya$27$1,42519D RLArgentina
Marcos Valverdi$27$1,42520D CArgentina
Ignacio Torres$27$1,42520M CArgentina
Justo Rodríguez$27$1,42520AM LArgentina
Luis Campero$27$1,42520AM R, STArgentina
Juan Galeazzi$27$1,42519GKArgentina
Ignacio Ortega$27$1,42518D RArgentina
Iván Zelarrayán$27$1,42518D CArgentina
Juan Iribarren$27$1,42519D LArgentina
Mauro Echenique$27$1,42519D LCArgentina
Miguel Sotelo$27$1,42519D CArgentina
Sebastián Alcaraz$27$1,42519D RLArgentina
David Puca$27$1,42519DMArgentina
Lautaro Gómez$27$1,42518AM CArgentina
Lautaro Villegas$27$1,42518M CArgentina
Lucas Palavecino$27$1,42518M CArgentina
Samuel Ríos$27$1,42519AM CArgentina
Alex Bungaard$27$1,42519AM RArgentina
Fernando Rodríguez$27$1,42518AM RArgentina
Matías Figueredo$27$1,42519AM RLArgentina
Federico Ibáñez$27$1,42520AM RArgentina
Víctor Ayala$27$1,42517STArgentina
Federico Quiroga$27$1,42519D CArgentina
Mateo Fiordeliso$27$1,42518M CArgentina
Santiago Fernández$27$1,42518STArgentina

Who is Banfield's highest earner?

Jesús Dátolo has the highest salary at Banfield, earning $9,727 per week

What is Banfield's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Banfield total salary bill is $5,425,638 per year

What is Banfield's monthly wage bill in 2023?

Banfield total salary bill is $104,339 per week

What league do Banfield's play in?

Banfield play in the Super Liga, the top division of football in Argentina.

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