SPAL 2023 - Player Wages

SPAL have a total of 74 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Alessandro Tripaldelli earning $13,015 per week.

SPAL play in the

The teams total wage bill is:
  • $5,341,575 per year
  • $102,723 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Alessandro Tripaldelli$13,015$676,78024D/WB/M LItaly
Enrico Alfonso$8,631$448,81235GKItaly
Mirco Antenucci$8,083$420,31638STItaly
Fabio Maistro$7,261$377,57225AM CItaly
Luca Siligardi$5,480$284,96035AM RLItaly
Marco Bertini$5,343$277,83620DMItaly
Patryk Peda$5,206$270,71221D CPoland
Nicola Dalmonte$3,973$206,59625AM L, STItaly
Raffaele Celia$3,699$192,34824D/WB/M LItaly
Riccardo Collodel$3,699$192,34824M CItaly
Simone Rabbi$3,562$185,22421AM RL, STItaly
Alessandro Fiordaliso$3,425$178,10024D RCItaly
Dario Šits$3,288$170,97619AM RL, STLatvia
Nahuel Valentini$2,603$135,35634D CArgentina
Matteo Bruscagin$2,603$135,35633D RLCItaly
Marco Rosafio$2,603$135,35629AM RLCItaly
Matteo Arena$2,603$135,35624D C, DMItaly
Giuseppe Iglio$1,644$85,48822D C, DMItaly
Alessandro Orfei$1,370$71,24020AM RLItaly
Mattia Del Favero$1,329$69,10325GKItaly
Marco Carraro$1,206$62,69125DMItaly
Filippo Puletto$1,028$53,43019AM RLC, F CItaly
Daniel Dumbravanu$945$49,15621D CMoldova
Marco Meneghetti$863$44,88122GKItaly
Philipp Breit$534$27,78420D CAustria
Fabio Parravicini$178$9,26118AM RCItaly
Nicolò Contiliano$178$9,26118DMItaly
Emanuele Rao$178$9,26117AM RL, STItaly
Filippo Saiani$178$9,26118D/WB/M LItaly
Tommaso Angeletti$178$9,26118STItaly
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Daniel Colanero$178$9,26117AM R, STItaly
Sebastiano Pisasale$178$9,26118AM/F CItaly
Finn van der Vlugt$178$9,26118D C, DMNetherlands
Jacopo Simonetta$178$9,26117DM, AM CItaly
Ladji Mory Kane$178$9,26117M CIvory Coast
Giovanni Aurino$178$9,26118AM RC, F CItaly
Fotis Koutsoupias$178$9,26116M CGreece
Serigne Abdou Deme$178$9,26118AM LC, F CSenegal
Alessio Marrale$178$9,26118DMItaly
Marco Basile$178$9,26117D CItaly
Vittorio Satalino$178$9,26117AM RLItaly
Nicolò Micai$178$9,26116GKItaly
Nicolo Badiali$178$9,26117AM RItaly
Matteo Orlandi$178$9,26116M CItaly
Tommaso Nistor$178$9,26116D LCRomania
Riccardo Vesprini$178$9,26117D RItaly
Giole Castiglione$178$9,26116DMItaly
Leroy Cecchinato$178$9,26116AM RItaly
Giacomo Pegoraro$178$9,26115D CItaly
Massimo Rizzotto$178$9,26116D RItaly
Antono Rocco$178$9,26116D CItaly
Alessandro Margiotta$178$9,26116D CItaly
Tommaso Anzolin$178$9,26117M CItaly
Andrea Carbone$178$9,26116DMItaly
David Kola$178$9,26115M CItaly
Raffaele Federico$178$9,26116STItaly
Francesco Costantini$178$9,26117GKItaly
Alex Rama$178$9,26117M CItaly
Luca Romagnoli$178$9,26116GKItaly
Matteo Tassinari$178$9,26117M CItaly
Lorenzo Andreoli$178$9,26117AM CItaly
Riccardo Ceneri$178$9,26117D CItaly
Alberto Osti$178$9,26117D/WB RItaly
Federico Ribello$178$9,26117D CItaly
Alessandro Del Puente$178$9,26117M CItaly
Yassin Nejmaoui$178$9,26116AM/F CItaly
Alessandro Amati$178$9,26116M CItaly
Daniel Pierre Mayele$178$9,26116D CItaly
Pietro Boschetti$178$9,26116STItaly
Filippo Cicero$178$9,26117D/WB LItaly
Biagio Ogaristi$178$9,26116AM CItaly
Samuele Incerti$178$9,26116D CItaly
Alexander Zenti$178$9,26116GKItaly
Umberto Camelio$178$9,26117AM/F CItaly

Who is SPAL's highest earner?

Alessandro Tripaldelli has the highest salary at SPAL, earning $13,015 per week

What is SPAL's yearly wage bill in 2023?

SPAL total salary bill is $5,341,575 per year

What is SPAL's weekly wage bill in 2023?

SPAL total salary bill is $102,723 per week

What league do SPAL's play in?

SPAL play in the

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