Virtus Entella 2023 - Player Wages

Virtus Entella have a total of 67 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Alessandro Faggioli earning $4,795 per week.

Virtus Entella play in the

The teams total wage bill is:
  • $4,144,743 per year
  • $79,707 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Alessandro Faggioli$4,795$249,34023AM L, STItaly
Claudio Santini$4,658$242,21631AM RLC, F CItaly
Federico Bonini$4,521$235,09221D LCItaly
Luca Zamparo$4,110$213,72028STItaly
Luca Parodi$4,110$213,72028D RCItaly
Lorenzo Meazzi$4,110$213,72022AM LCItaly
Victor De Lucia$3,425$178,10027GKItaly
Andrea Corbari$3,425$178,10029D C, DMItaly
Andrea Paroni$3,425$178,10033GKItaly
Davide Petermann$3,288$170,97628DMItaly
Claudio Manzi$3,288$170,97623D CItaly
Francesco Disanto$3,151$163,85228AM CItaly
Giacomo Tomaselli$3,014$156,72823WB L, AM RLItaly
Luca Clemenza$2,740$142,48025AM CItaly
Nicola Mosti$2,603$135,35625AM CItaly
Simone Tascone$2,192$113,98425DMItaly
Stefano Reali$2,192$113,98420D CItaly
Antonis Siatounis$2,055$106,86020D C, DMGreece
Emanuele Banfi$1,781$92,61219AM RL, STItaly
Elhdji Thioune$1,781$92,61219STSenegal
Iacopo Lipani$1,507$78,36422DMItaly
Ivan Kontek$1,507$78,36426D CCroatia
Kosovar Sadiki$1,356$70,52824D CCanada
Edoardo Lancini$986$51,29329D CItaly
Matheus Muller Cecchini$891$46,30620DMItaly
Davide Zappella$836$43,45625D/WB RItaly
Ovidijus Siaulys$836$43,45623GKLithuania
Stefano Di Mario$178$9,26118D/WB LItaly
Filippo Di Maro$178$9,26118D CItaly
Andrea Sanfilippo$178$9,26118GKItaly
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Ernesto Matteazzi$178$9,26118M CItaly
Emiliano Bellotti$178$9,26118M CItaly
Simone Mazzadi$178$9,26118GKItaly
Tommaso Casani$178$9,26118D/WB RItaly
Luca Cocconi$178$9,26116AM CItaly
Samuele Gariti$178$9,26117GKItaly
Edgar David Valera Suarez$178$9,26118AM RL, STVenezuela
Giammarco Pepe$178$9,26117D CItaly
Angelo Marco Petitti$178$9,26117D/WB/M LItaly
Pedro Vian Seewald$178$9,26117DMItaly
Cesari Martini Donati$178$9,26117STItaly
Filippo Macchini$178$9,26116STItaly
Krystian Massa$178$9,26117GKItaly
Tommaso Sanguineti$178$9,26117D CItaly
Tommaso Lagomarsino$178$9,26117D/WB/M LItaly
Pedro Dayan Neves$178$9,26115AM CBrazil
Abdulai Embaló$178$9,26118M CLuxembourg
Alessandro Dolce$178$9,26117D CItaly
Alessandro Hu$178$9,26117M RCItaly
Alberto Giacchina$178$9,26118M RCItaly
Gabriel Perrone$178$9,26117STItaly
Marco Piredda$178$9,26118DMItaly
Umberto Ghio$178$9,26117D CItaly
Nicolas Pisani$178$9,26118WB/AM RItaly
Daniel Bozzini$178$9,26117STItaly
Lorenzo Busicchia$178$9,26116D CItaly
Christian Giacobbe$178$9,26116AM CItaly
Leonardo Tiana$178$9,26117AM CItaly
Filippo Danero$178$9,26116M CItaly
Enrico Fior$178$9,26117M CItaly
Davide Giammona$178$9,26117M RCItaly
Giole Marzano$178$9,26117M CItaly
Luca Polverini$178$9,26117GKItaly
Davide Soracco$178$9,26117D CItaly
Andrea Virtuosi$178$9,26117D RCItaly
Emanuele Riolfi$178$9,26116STItaly
Mattia Pellini$178$9,26117D/WB/M RItaly

Who is Virtus Entella's highest earner?

Alessandro Faggioli has the highest salary at Virtus Entella, earning $4,795 per week

What is Virtus Entella's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Virtus Entella total salary bill is $4,144,743 per year

What is Virtus Entella's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Virtus Entella total salary bill is $79,707 per week

What league do Virtus Entella's play in?

Virtus Entella play in the

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