Dinamo Moscow 2023 - Player Wages

Dinamo Moscow have a total of 54 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Fedor Smolov earning $43,840 per week.

Dinamo Moscow play in the Russian Premier League, the highest league of professional football in Russia.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • $23,034,029 per year
  • $442,962 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Fedor Smolov$43,840$2,279,68033STRussia
Eli Dasa$36,990$1,923,48030D/WB RIsrael
Bitello$28,770$1,496,04023DM, AM LCBrazil
Luis Chávez$27,400$1,424,80027DM, AM RLCMexico
Fabián Balbuena$27,400$1,424,80031D CParaguay
Jorge Carrascal$27,400$1,424,80025AM LCColombia
Diego Laxalt$26,030$1,353,56030D/WB/M LUruguay
Nicolas Moumi Ngamaleu$23,290$1,211,08028AM RLCameroon
Daniil Fomin$21,920$1,139,84026DMRussia
Denis Makarov$21,920$1,139,84025AM RRussia
Dmitry Skopintsev$19,180$997,36026D/WB/M LRussia
Daniil Lesovoy$19,180$997,36025AM LRussia
Sergey Parshivlyuk$13,700$712,40034D/WB RRussia
Vyacheslav Grulev$12,330$641,16024AM L, STRussia
Nicolás Marichal$12,193$634,03622D CUruguay
Roberto Fernández$11,919$619,78823D CParaguay
Anton Shunin$11,645$605,54036GKRussia
Igor Leschuk$11,097$577,04427GKRussia
Konstantin Tyukavin$10,960$569,92021STRussia
Alexandr Kutitskiy$10,275$534,30021D C, DMRussia
Yaroslav Gladyshev$5,891$306,33220AM R, STRussia
Milan Majstorović$5,343$277,83618D CSerbia
Igor Shkolik$2,877$149,60422AM LCRussia
Luka Gagnidze$2,740$142,48020DMGeorgia
Andrey Mazurin$1,069$55,56721AM RLRussia
Ivan Budachev$959$49,86821GKRussia
Ivan Zazvonkin$575$29,92119AM RC, F CRussia
Ilja Kuptsov$493$25,64621GKRussia
Maxim Alexandrov$438$22,79721D LC, DMRussia
Ulvi Babaev$411$21,37219AM RL, STRussia
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Ruslan Shagiakhmetov$370$19,23519DMRussia
Ivan Lepskiy$370$19,23518D CRussia
Dmitry Malygin$370$19,23520AM RCRussia
Stanislav Bessmertny$356$18,52219D/WB RRussia
Yan Tses'$274$14,24819D CRussia
Alexandr Khubulov$274$14,24817STRussia
Leon Zaidenzal$274$14,24818D CRussia
Nikita Alferov$260$13,53618D LRussia
Danil Basyrov$260$13,53618DMRussia
Irakli Giorgidze$233$12,11118D RCRussia
Artem Beskibalny$192$9,97418D LCRussia
Artem Krylovskiy$178$9,26118AM R, STRussia
Denis Davydov$178$9,26119GKRussia
Evgeny Ibragimov$178$9,26119D/WB RLRussia
Victor Okishor$151$7,83616AM LCRussia
Richard Golovachev$151$7,83618D CRussia
Rodion Podguzov$110$5,69919M RRussia
Kurban Rasulov$82$4,27417GKRussia
Kirill Isaev$82$4,27418D RCRussia
Gleb Kosteley$82$4,27418GKRussia
Semyon Loktionov$82$4,27419AM CRussia
Denis Konshin$82$4,27417WB LRussia
Gleb Knyazev$69$3,56217STRussia
Maxim Maiorov$69$3,56216D C, DMRussia

Who is Dinamo Moscow's highest earner?

Fedor Smolov has the highest salary at Dinamo Moscow, earning $43,840 per week

What is Dinamo Moscow's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Dinamo Moscow total salary bill is $23,034,029 per year

What is Dinamo Moscow's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Dinamo Moscow total salary bill is $442,962 per week

What league do Dinamo Moscow's play in?

Dinamo Moscow play in the Russian Premier League, the highest league of professional football in Russia.

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