FC Krasnodar 2023 - Player Wages

FC Krasnodar have a total of 60 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Jhon Córdoba earning $35,620 per week.

FC Krasnodar play in the Russian Premier League, the highest league of professional football in Russia.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • $21,523,741 per year
  • $413,918 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Jhon Córdoba$35,620$1,852,24030STColombia
Matvey Safonov$30,140$1,567,28024GKRussia
Tormena$27,400$1,424,80027D RCBrazil
Junior Alonso$27,400$1,424,80030D LCParaguay
Eduard Spertsyan$26,030$1,353,56023AM CArmenia
Lucas Olaza$23,290$1,211,08028D/WB LUruguay
Alexandr Chernikov$21,920$1,139,84023DMRussia
Kaio Fernando$19,180$997,36027D C, DMBrazil
Kady$19,180$997,36027AM RLCBrazil
Ilzat Akhmetov$19,180$997,36025AM RLCRussia
Olakunle Olusegun$17,810$926,12021AM RL, STNigeria
Batxi$17,810$926,12025AM RLAngola
Sergey Petrov$16,440$854,88032D RRussia
Mihajlo Banjac$15,070$783,64024DM, AM CSerbia
Nikita Krivtsov$15,070$783,64020AM CRussia
Kevin Pina$13,700$712,40026DMCape Verde
Stanislav Agkatsev$11,782$612,66421GKRussia
Sergey Volkov$11,782$612,66420D RRussia
Alexandr Ektov$10,275$534,30027D/WB R, AM RLRussia
Moses Cobnan$9,453$491,55620AM RL, STNigeria
Kamil Mullin$4,110$213,72029STRussia
Danil Karpov$3,288$170,97624AM RL, STRussia
Vitaly Shakhov$2,055$106,86032D CRussia
Dmitry Pivovarov$1,918$99,73623D RLRussia
Dmitry Ivanov$1,028$53,43022D CRussia
Dmitry Kratkov$1,028$53,43021DMRussia
Danila Gaivoronskiy$1,028$53,43019D CRussia
Georgy Arutyunyan$986$51,29318D CRussia
Eduard Bagrintsev$863$44,88120WB R, AM RLCRussia
Grigory Zhilkin$795$41,31920D LRussia
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Nikita Plotnikov$699$36,33220DMRussia
Alexandr Koksharov$685$35,62018STRussia
Sergey Sharov$630$32,77031DMRussia
Valentin Grishin$589$30,63320GKRussia
Islam-Bek Gubzhokov$575$29,92121AM RLCRussia
Dmitry Kuchugura$562$29,20818M CRussia
Mikhail Shtepa$438$22,79720GKRussia
Alexandr Yegurnev$370$19,23521AM RRussia
Stepan Komar$370$19,23520D/AM LRussia
Stanislav Puzanov$356$18,52219D LRussia
Yury Zheleznov$288$14,96020AM RLRussia
Nikita Getman$274$14,24819DMRussia
Dmitry Paderin$274$14,24819AM CRussia
Ivan Churikov$274$14,24819D RLRussia
Roman Safronov$274$14,24820GKRussia
Artem Arutyunov$178$9,26119STRussia
Ruslan Chobanov$178$9,26119DMRussia
Kirill Bogdanets$151$7,83619AM L, STRussia
Daniil Golikov$151$7,83619AM CRussia
Daniil Melnikov$151$7,83618D CRussia
Robert Potinyan$151$7,83619AM LRussia
Vladimir Yarlykov$110$5,69918D CRussia
Alexey Ploschadny$110$5,69919GKRussia
Dmitry Kanaev$110$5,69918AM RRussia
Ruslan Babayan$110$5,69919D RRussia
Vladislav Dys$82$4,27419AM RRussia
Mikhail Kuzmin$69$3,56218GKRussia
Andrey Domotsev$27$1,42517AM R, STRussia
Kirill Dvornikov$27$1,42518D RRussia
Alexandr Kulikov$27$1,42517WB LRussia

Who is FC Krasnodar's highest earner?

Jhon Córdoba has the highest salary at FC Krasnodar, earning $35,620 per week

What is FC Krasnodar's yearly wage bill in 2023?

FC Krasnodar total salary bill is $21,523,741 per year

What is FC Krasnodar's weekly wage bill in 2023?

FC Krasnodar total salary bill is $413,918 per week

What league do FC Krasnodar's play in?

FC Krasnodar play in the Russian Premier League, the highest league of professional football in Russia.

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