Crotone 2023 - Player Wages

Crotone have a total of 51 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Jacopo Petriccione earning $20,550 per week.

Crotone play in the Serie B, the top division of mens professional football in Italy

The teams total wage bill is:
  • $5,218,330 per year
  • $100,353 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Jacopo Petriccione$20,550$1,068,60027DMItaly
Giuseppe Cuomo$8,494$441,68824D CItaly
Alessio Tribuzzi$7,535$391,82023AM RCItaly
Luis Rojas$6,850$356,20020AM CChile
Vasile Mogoş$4,795$249,34029D/WB/M RRomania
Vladimir Golemić$4,795$249,34031D CSerbia
Augustus Kargbo$4,795$249,34022AM LC, F CSierra Leone
Marco Tumminello$3,973$206,59623STItaly
Davide Bove$3,288$170,97623D CItaly
Gabriele Bernardotto$3,014$156,72825STItaly
Luca Calapai$2,740$142,48029D/WB/M RItaly
Mattia Vitale$2,603$135,35624M CItaly
Maxime Giron$2,603$135,35627D/WB/M LFrance
Paolo Branduani$2,466$128,23233GKItaly
Theophilus Awua$2,192$113,98424DMNigeria
Andrea Dini$2,055$106,86026GKItaly
Giuseppe Panico$1,644$85,48825AM RLC, F CItaly
Guido Gomez$1,644$85,48828STItaly
Carlo Crialese$1,329$69,10329D/WB/M LItaly
Cosimo Chiricò$1,302$67,67830AM RLCItaly
Marco Carraro$1,233$64,11624DMItaly
Federico Papini$1,151$59,84222D RLCItaly
Pasquale Giannotti$1,096$56,99223AM RLCItaly
Orazio Pannitteri$1,096$56,99222AM RLC, F CItaly
Riccardo Spaltro$959$49,86822D/WB/M RItaly
Thomas Schirò$822$42,74422DMItaly
Antonio Ranieri$740$38,47019AM CItaly
Sergio Yakubiv$493$25,64620D CUkraine
Andrea Filosa$178$9,26117D RCItaly
Raffaele Cantisani$178$9,26118AM RLItaly
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Lorenzo Chiarella$178$9,26118STItaly
Alberto Lucano$178$9,26117GKItaly
Antonio Nisticò$178$9,26118M CItaly
Daniele De Paola$178$9,26118D/WB RLItaly
Alessandro Mauriello$178$9,26117D/WB RItaly
Michele Lupinacci$178$9,26116D/WB LItaly
Umberto D'Amora$178$9,26117D CItaly
Antonio Giancotti$178$9,26117DMItaly
Tommaso Scandale$178$9,26117AM R, STItaly
Massimo Rossi$178$9,26117DMItaly
Francesco Abruzzese$178$9,26117D CItaly
Alessio Aprile$178$9,26117AM RLItaly
Gabriel Ambrogio$178$9,26116AM/F CItaly
Santino Russo$178$9,26117D CItaly
Gabriele Dennis Urso$178$9,26117STItaly
Diego Panzarella$178$9,26117M CItaly
Francesco Gattuso$178$9,26117GKItaly
Mattia Pugliese$178$9,26117STItaly
Francesco Scarriglia$178$9,26117GKItaly
Antonio Tarantino$178$9,26116D CItaly
Francesco De Gennaro$178$9,26115M CItaly

Who is Crotone's highest earner?

Jacopo Petriccione has the highest salary at Crotone, earning $20,550 per week

What is Crotone's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Crotone total salary bill is $5,218,330 per year

What is Crotone's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Crotone total salary bill is $100,353 per week

What league do Crotone's play in?

Crotone play in the Serie B, the top division of mens professional football in Italy

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