Cremonese 2021 - Player Wages

Cremonese have a total of 65 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Samuel Di Carmine earning $26,030 per week.

Cremonese play in the Serie B, the second division of football in Italy.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • $9,867,452 per year
  • $189,759 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Samuel Di Carmine$26,030$1,353,56032STItaly
Caleb Okoli$11,508$598,41619D CItaly
Nicolò Fagioli$9,453$491,55620DM, AM CItaly
Alessandro Crescenzi$8,905$463,06029D/WB RLItaly
Enrico Alfonso$8,631$448,81233GKItaly
Gianluca Gaetano$8,494$441,68821AM RLCItaly
Jaime Báez$8,357$434,56426AM RL, STUruguay
Luca Ravanelli$8,220$427,44024D CItaly
Luca Vido$8,220$427,44024AM L, STItaly
Matteo Bianchetti$8,083$420,31628D RCItaly
Paolo Bartolomei$7,946$413,19231DMItaly
Andrea Meroni$7,535$391,82024D CItaly
Daniel Ciofani$7,398$384,69635STItaly
Luca Valzania$6,850$356,20025DMItaly
Luca Strizzolo$6,850$356,20029STItaly
Alessandro Fiordaliso$6,165$320,58022D RCItaly
Christian Dalle Mura$4,658$242,21619D CItaly
Filippo Nardi$4,521$235,09223DMItaly
Marco Carnesecchi$3,973$206,59621GKItaly
Leonardo Sernicola$2,740$142,48023D/WB/M RLItaly
Luca Zanimacchia$2,740$142,48022AM RLCItaly
Michele Castagnetti$2,603$135,35631DMItaly
Riccardo Collodel$2,329$121,10822M CItaly
Cristian Buonaiuto$1,918$99,73628AM RLCItaly
Mouhamadou Sarr$1,233$64,11624GKSenegal
Marco Zunno$1,233$64,11620AM L, STItaly
Francesco Deli$1,192$61,97926AM CItaly
Daniel Frey$1,165$60,55419D/WB/M RItaly
Dorian Ciezkowski$918$47,73120GKPoland
Emanuele Valeri$658$34,19522D/WB/M LItaly
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Pietro Angelo Itraloni$301$15,67316DMItaly
Alessandro Fratus$301$15,67316D/WB RItaly
Mattia Ballabio$301$15,67318AM CItaly
Matteo Pentimone$260$13,53616AM L, STItaly
Ioan Pascar$260$13,53616D CItaly
Dachi Lordkipanizde$260$13,53616DMGeorgia
Filippo Donarini$260$13,53616DMItaly
Davide Chiesa$260$13,53616DMItaly
Niccolò Brontesi$260$13,53616D CItaly
Thomas Brahja$260$13,53616GKAlbania
Diego Binelli$260$13,53616AM RItaly
Francesco Bignotti$260$13,53616D RCItaly
Alberto Basso Ricci$260$13,53617STItaly
Giovanni Pennati$260$13,53617DMItaly
Leonardo Vigiliati$260$13,53616GKItaly
Samuele Regazzetti$260$13,53616D RCItaly
Davide Imprezzabile$260$13,53617AM RL, STItaly
Davide Peschieri$260$13,53617GKItaly
Federico Agazzi$260$13,53617GKItaly
Giorgio Fortunato$260$13,53617D LCItaly
Mattia Scaringi$260$13,53618D CItaly
Umberto Ventura$260$13,53617D CItaly
Paolo Gardoni$260$13,53616D/WB RItaly
Andrea Arpini$260$13,53618D RCItaly
Christian Cherubini$260$13,53616D/WB RItaly
Edoardo Rocchetta$260$13,53618AM LCItaly
Gian Piero Lauciello$260$13,53618AM RCItaly
Brian Musaj$260$13,53616M RCItaly
Giovanni Osamudiamen Odalo$260$13,53616M CItaly
Daniel Zoppi$260$13,53617M CItaly
Daniele Giorgio Colombo$260$13,53616DMItaly
Luca Roncalli$260$13,53618AM/F CItaly
Elia Marcello Pezzini$260$13,53618STItaly
Matteo Ferraroni$260$13,53617STItaly
Alberto Bellandi$260$13,53616AM/F CItaly

Who is Cremonese's highest earner?

Samuel Di Carmine has the highest salary at Cremonese, earning $26,030 per week

What is Cremonese's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Cremonese total salary bill is $9,867,452 per year

What is Cremonese's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Cremonese total salary bill is $189,759 per week

What league do Cremonese's play in?

Cremonese play in the Serie B, the second division of football in Italy.

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