Pisa 2023 - Player Wages

Pisa have a total of 63 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Ernesto Torregrossa earning $21,920 per week.

Pisa play in the Serie B, the second division of football in Italy.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • $14,428,950 per year
  • $277,480 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Ernesto Torregrossa$21,920$1,139,84031STVenezuela
Ádám Nagy$20,550$1,068,60028DMHungary
Miguel Veloso$16,440$854,88037DMPortugal
Marco D'Alessandro$15,070$783,64032WB/AM RLItaly
Pietro Beruatto$13,700$712,40024D/WB LItaly
Mattia Valoti$13,700$712,40029AM CItaly
Arturo Calabresi$11,645$605,54027D RCItaly
Stefano Moreo$10,412$541,42430STItaly
Simone Canestrelli$10,412$541,42422D CItaly
Alessandro Arena$10,275$534,30022AM RItaly
Emanuel Vignato$10,001$520,05222AM RLCItaly
Tommaso Barbieri$9,590$498,68020D/WB/M RItaly
Maxime Leverbe$9,453$491,55626D CFrance
Andrea Barberis$8,905$463,06029DMItaly
Andrea Beghetto$8,905$463,06028WB/AM LItaly
Jan Mlakar$8,357$434,56424AM L, STSlovenia
Idrissa Touré$8,357$434,56425DM, M RCGermany
Hjörtur Hermannsson$7,124$370,44828D RCIceland
Gabriele Piccinini$7,124$370,44822AM CItaly
Antonio Caracciolo$6,165$320,58033D RCItaly
Mattéo Tramoni$5,343$277,83623AM RLCFrance
Alessandro De Vitis$4,795$249,34031D C, DMItaly
Gaetano Masucci$4,384$227,96838AM RL, STItaly
Lisandru Tramoni$4,110$213,72020AM RLCFrance
Roko Jureškin$3,699$192,34822D/WB/AM LCroatia
Tomás Esteves$3,562$185,22421D/WB RPortugal
Ettore Gliozzi$3,151$163,85227STItaly
Leonardo Loria$2,740$142,48024GKItaly
Marius Marin$644$33,48324DMRomania
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Matteo Campani$452$23,50922GKItaly
Endri Dama$301$15,67318AM RAlbania
Tommaso Casagrande$301$15,67318STItaly
Ante Vuković$260$13,53618GKCroatia
Miha Trdan$260$13,53618DMSlovenia
Francesco Coppola$260$13,53618D/WB/M RItaly
Filippo Fischer$260$13,53618AM CItaly
Mattia Saltalamacchia$260$13,53618DMItaly
Edoardo Ghibaudo$260$13,53618D/WB LItaly
Mattia Sala$260$13,53618AM RCItaly
Adrian Raychev$260$13,53617AM RBulgaria
Roberts Bočs$260$13,53617AM CLatvia
Motiejus Sapola$260$13,53617D CLithuania
Tommaso Rosini$260$13,53617GKItaly
Leonardo Signorini$260$13,53617D CItaly
Giacomo Baglini$260$13,53618GKItaly
Alessio Sansaro$260$13,53617D CItaly
Lorenzo Doveri$260$13,53617D CItaly
Daniel Cannarsa$260$13,53617DMItaly
Jacopo Rossi$260$13,53616D LItaly
Duccio Campani$260$13,536STItaly
Christian Lovo$260$13,53617AM CItaly
Jacopo Frosali$260$13,53616D RCItaly
Gabriel Eros Febbe$260$13,53617AM/F CItaly
Enea Rosselli$260$13,53616M CItaly
Niccolò Morandi$260$13,53616D CItaly
Francesco Chelucci$260$13,53617M CItaly
Matias Emilio Casarosa$260$13,53615D/WB RItaly
Simone Graziani$260$13,53618STItaly
Martins Lormanis$260$13,53618D/WB LLatvia
Davide Baldacci$260$13,53616D CItaly
Lorenzo Pucci$260$13,53615D CItaly
Tommaso Ferrari$260$13,53617STItaly

Who is Pisa's highest earner?

Ernesto Torregrossa has the highest salary at Pisa, earning $21,920 per week

What is Pisa's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Pisa total salary bill is $14,428,950 per year

What is Pisa's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Pisa total salary bill is $277,480 per week

What league do Pisa's play in?

Pisa play in the Serie B, the second division of football in Italy.

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