Pordenone 2021 - Player Wages

Pordenone have a total of 61 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Giacomo Calò earning $15,070 per week.

Pordenone play in the Serie B, the highest league of professional football in Saudi Arabia.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • $5,350,480 per year
  • $102,894 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Giacomo Calò$15,070$783,64023DM, M (C)Italy
Alessandro Bassoli$7,535$391,82030D (C)Italy
Gianvito Misuraca$7,124$370,44830AM (C), ST (C)Italy
Manuel Scavone$6,713$349,07633M (C)Italy
Michele Camporese$6,713$349,07628D (C)Italy
Patrick Ciurria$6,576$341,95225AM (RC), ST (C)Italy
Samuele Perisan$6,302$327,70422GKItaly
Roberto Zammarini$5,069$263,58824DM, M (RC)Italy
Giacomo Bindi$4,384$227,96833GKItaly
Luca Magnino$4,110$213,72022M (C)Italy
Mirko Stefani$3,973$206,59636D (C)Italy
Claudio Morra$3,288$170,97625ST (C)Italy
Nicola Falasco$2,603$135,35626D/WB (L)Italy
Adam Chrzanowski$2,055$106,86021D (C)Poland
Karlo Butic$1,370$71,24021ST (C)Croatia
Luca Zanon$1,370$71,24024D/WB/M (L)Italy
Kevin Biondi$1,370$71,24021AM (RL)Italy
Alberto Barison$1,337$69,53025D (C)Italy
Filippo Berra$1,267$65,89725D/WB (R)Italy
Alessandro Mallamo$1,215$63,19021M/AM (C)Italy
Mattia Finotto$930$48,37227AM (RL), ST (C)Italy
Matteo Rossetti$811$42,17422M (C)Italy
Alessandro Vogliacco$737$38,32721D (C)Italy
Sebastian Musiolik$725$37,68624ST (C)Poland
Simone Pasa$608$31,63126D (C), DM, M (C)Italy
Giovanni Foschiani$275$14,31917D (R)Italy
Nicolò Lavina$275$14,31916M (C)Italy
Nemanja Ristic$275$14,31917D (C)Bosnia & Herzegovina
Nicolò Giordano$275$14,31916GKItaly
Andrea Feruglio$275$14,31917D (R)Italy
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Giovanni Cesarin$275$14,31916DM, M (C)Italy
Simone Baldassar$275$14,31916M (C)Italy
Marco Masut$275$14,31917GKItaly
Giacomo Fantin$275$14,31916D/WB/M (R)Italy
Anthony Andreasic$275$14,31917M (C)Italy
Alessandro Cucchisi$275$14,31917M (C)Italy
Pietro Passador$275$14,31917GKItaly
Alessandro Movio$275$14,31916M (RC)Italy
Filippo Iacovoni$275$14,31916DMItaly
Gledi Beqiri$275$14,31916DM, M (C)Italy
Cristiano Morandini$275$14,31918M (C)Italy
Giacomo Zanotel$275$14,31916ST (C)Italy
Davide Cocetta$275$14,31916D/WB (L)Italy
Luciano Ballan$275$14,31917D (C)Italy
Francesco Bottani$275$14,31916M (C)Italy
Tommaso Truant$275$14,31916ST (C)Italy
Davide Turchetto$275$14,31917AM (C)Italy
Alberto Plai$275$14,31916ST (C)Italy
Alessandro Nieddu$275$14,31916DM, M (C)Italy
Enrico Maset$275$14,31916D (C)Italy
Niccolò Samotti$275$14,31917D (C)Italy
Ndricim Lazri$275$14,31917ST (C)Italy
Leonardo Munzone$275$14,31917D (C)Italy
Tommaso Carli$275$14,31917ST (C)Italy
Noel Music$275$14,31916ST (C)Italy
Alessandro Vanzo$275$14,31917ST (C)Italy
Aldo Banse$275$14,31917ST (C)Italy
Federico Secli$275$14,31918ST (C)Italy
Davide Del Savio$275$14,31917D (C)Italy
Marco Destito$275$14,31916AM (C), ST (C)Italy
Alvin Obinna Okoro$0$016STNigeria

Who is Pordenone's highest earner?

Giacomo Calò has the highest salary at Pordenone, earning $15,070 per week

What is Pordenone's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Pordenone total salary bill is $5,350,480 per year

What is Pordenone's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Pordenone total salary bill is $102,894 per week

What league do Pordenone's play in?

Pordenone play in the Serie B, the highest league of professional football in Saudi Arabia.

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