Virtus Entella 2022 - Player Wages

Virtus Entella have a total of 61 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Andrea Schenetti earning $17,810 per week.

Virtus Entella play in the Italian Serie C/B, the second division of football in Italy.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • $4,857,143 per year
  • $93,407 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Andrea Schenetti$17,810$926,12030AM CItaly
Leonardo Morosini$8,220$427,44025AM/F CItaly
Daniele Dessena$6,028$313,45634DMItaly
Andrea Magrassi$4,795$249,34028STItaly
Alessandro Capello$4,795$249,34025AM/F CItaly
Facundo Lescano$4,521$235,09224STArgentina
Matías Silvestre$3,973$206,59636D CArgentina
Andrea Paroni$3,425$178,10031GKItaly
Armand Rada$3,425$178,10022DMAlbania
Andrea Paolucci$3,425$178,10034DMItaly
Claudio Morra$3,288$170,97626STItaly
Gabriel Cléùr$3,014$156,72823D/WB/M RAustralia
Markus Pavic$2,603$135,35626D/WB/M LAustria
Michele Pellizzer$2,603$135,35632D CItaly
Nermin Karic$2,603$135,35621M CSweden
Manuel Cicconi$2,603$135,35624AM RLItaly
Leonardo Di Cosmo$1,370$71,24022D/WB R, AM RLCItaly
Mauro Coppolaro$1,315$68,39024D RCItaly
Marco Chiosa$1,233$64,11627D CItaly
Daniele Borra$1,137$59,12925GKItaly
Lorenzo Meazzi$959$49,86820AM LCItaly
Jacopo Lipani$891$46,30620DMItaly
Silvio Merkaj$822$42,74423AM R, STAlbania
Andrea Bruno$740$38,47020AM R, STItaly
Luca Barlocco$671$34,90826D/WB LItaly
Ovidijus Siaulys$548$28,49621GKLithuania
Paolo Coly$534$27,78418AM LItaly
Lorenzo Ferraro$178$9,26116STItaly
Fabrizio Benasso$178$9,26117DMItaly
Daniele Linale$178$9,26116DMItaly
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Filippo Andreazza$178$9,26117STItaly
Emanuele Banfi$178$9,26117STItaly
Simone Bartolozzi$178$9,26116GKItaly
Tiziano Bignone$178$9,26116D/WB LItaly
Andrea Cavriani$178$9,26117D CItaly
Riccardo Costa$178$9,26117STItaly
Francesco Cucciniello$178$9,26117M CItaly
Andrea D'Aiuto$178$9,26117M CItaly
Olmo Dighero$178$9,26116GKItaly
Thomas Pastine$178$9,26118GKItaly
Andrea Matarozzi$178$9,26116DMItaly
Emanuele Occhipinti$178$9,26116M CItaly
Riccardo Tassotti$178$9,26117D CItaly
Elhdji Thioune$178$9,26117STItaly
Gabriele Trevisol$178$9,26117STItaly
Ruben Rinaldini$178$9,26117GKItaly
Francesco Amato$178$9,26117DMItaly
Stefano Di Mario$178$9,26116D CItaly
Jacopo Lofoco$178$9,26118D CItaly
Elia Andreetto$178$9,26117D RCItaly
Federico Macca$178$9,26117M CItaly
Lucas Muller Cecchini$178$9,26118M CItaly
Mykola Bablyuk$178$9,26118M CItaly
Davide Alesso$178$9,26118M CItaly
Matteo Prosdocimi$178$9,26118M CItaly
Mattia Giammaresi$178$9,26116M CItaly
Pietro Antonioni$178$9,26118AM CItaly
Matteo Maresca$178$9,26118AM CItaly
Alehandro Mazzotta$178$9,26117STItaly
Lorenzo Trocino$178$9,26118AM RLItaly
Emanuele Tosi$178$9,26118AM/F CItaly

Who is Virtus Entella's highest earner?

Andrea Schenetti has the highest salary at Virtus Entella, earning $17,810 per week

What is Virtus Entella's yearly wage bill in 2022?

Virtus Entella total salary bill is $4,857,143 per year

What is Virtus Entella's monthly wage bill in 2022?

Virtus Entella total salary bill is $93,407 per week

What league do Virtus Entella's play in?

Virtus Entella play in the Italian Serie C/B, the second division of football in Italy.

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