Fluminense Football Club 2021 - Player Wages

Fluminense Football Club have a total of 67 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Fred (Frederico Chaves Guedes) earning £27,000 per week.

Fluminense Football Club play in the Brasileirão, the top division of football in Brazil.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £11,406,200 per year
  • £219,350 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Abel Hernández£20,000£1,040,00030STUruguay
Manoel£12,000£624,00031D CBrazil
Ganso£12,000£624,00031AM CBrazil
Egídio£12,000£624,00035D/WB LBrazil
Luccas Claro£10,000£520,00029D CBrazil
Juan Cazares£10,000£520,00029AM RLCEcuador
Calegari£9,400£488,80019D/WB R, DMBrazil
Nino£9,000£468,00024D CBrazil
Lucca£7,000£364,00031AM L, STBrazil
Nonato£6,900£358,80023DM, AM CBrazil
David Braz£6,400£332,80034D CBrazil
Danilo Barcelos£6,400£332,80029D/WB/M LBrazil
Hudson£6,200£322,40033D/WB R, DMBrazil
Jhon Arias£6,100£317,20023AM RLCColombia
Matheus Ferraz£5,900£306,80036D CBrazil
Samuel Xavier£5,600£291,20031D RL, DMBrazil
Caio Paulista£4,400£228,80023AM RLBrazil
Yago Felipe£4,300£223,60026AM RCBrazil
Luiz Henrique£4,000£208,00020AM RL, STBrazil
Marlon£3,900£202,80024D/WB LBrazil
Gabriel Teixeira£3,200£166,40020AM CBrazil
Raúl Bobadilla£2,700£140,40034AM/F CParaguay
Marcos Felipe£1,900£98,80025GKBrazil
Reginaldo Júnior£1,700£88,40029D RCBrazil
John Kennedy£890£46,28019AM L, STBrazil
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Lucas Barcelos£620£32,24022AM R, STBrazil
Dani Bolt£580£30,16022D/WB RBrazil
Alexandre Jesus£490£25,48019STBrazil
Gustavo Apis£470£24,44022AM RLCBrazil
Paulo Victor£420£21,84022AM CBrazil
João Lopes£400£20,80025GKBrazil
Wisney£390£20,28022D/AM RBrazil
Luan Brito£300£15,60018STBrazil
Pedro Rangel£300£15,60021GKBrazil
Luan Freitas£270£14,04020D CBrazil
Marcos Pedro£210£10,92019D/WB LBrazil
Gabryel Martins£170£8,84019STBrazil
Wallace£130£6,76020AM CBrazil
Justen£130£6,76018D RCBrazil
Arthur£110£5,72016AM CBrazil
Jefté£110£5,72017D/WB LBrazil
Jefferson£90£4,68019AM RLBrazil
João Cipriano£60£3,12018D CBrazil
Matheus Martins£50£2,60017AM L, STBrazil
Kayky Almeida£50£2,60016D CBrazil
João Neto£50£2,60018STBrazil
Edinho£50£2,60019AM CBrazil
Davi Schuindt£40£2,08017D CBrazil
Gustavo Lobo£40£2,08017STBrazil
João Bartoski£40£2,08018GKBrazil
Yago£30£1,56019AM/F CBrazil
Felipe£30£1,56019D RCBrazil
Ewerthon£30£1,56020AM CBrazil
Davi Alves£30£1,56019D CBrazil
Rafael Monteiro£30£1,56017D/WB LBrazil
Deivisson£30£1,56019AM R, STBrazil
André£30£1,56019D CBrazil
Gabriel Lyra£30£1,56017STBrazil

Who is Fluminense Football Club's highest earner?

Fred (Frederico Chaves Guedes) has the highest salary at Fluminense Football Club, earning £27,000 per week

What is Fluminense Football Club's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Fluminense Football Club total salary bill is £11,406,200 per year

What is Fluminense Football Club's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Fluminense Football Club total salary bill is £219,350 per week

What league do Fluminense Football Club's play in?

Fluminense Football Club play in the Brasileirão, the top division of football in Brazil.

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