Sport Club do Recife 2021 - Player Wages

Sport Club do Recife have a total of 50 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Patric (Patric Cabral Lalau) earning £7,800 per week.

Sport Club do Recife play in the Brasileirão, the top division of football in Brazil.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £3,893,604 per year
  • £74,877 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Patric (Patric Cabral Lalau)£7,800£405,60031D/WB/AM (R)Brazil
Hernane (Hernane Vidal de Souza)£7,200£374,40034ST (C)Brazil
Rafael Thyere (Rafael Thyere de Albuquerque Marques)£5,700£296,40027D (C)Brazil
Thiago Neves (Thiago Neves Augusto)£5,600£291,20035M (C), AM (RC)Brazil
Maidana (Iago Justen Maidana Martins)£4,900£254,80024D (C)Brazil
Márcio Araújo (Márcio Rodrigues Araújo)£4,900£254,80036DM, M (C)Brazil
Lucas Venuto (Lucas Henrique Ferreira Venuto)£4,000£208,00025AM (RC)Brazil
Adryelson (Adryelson Shawann Lima Silva)£3,500£182,00022D (C)Brazil
Carlos Eduardo (Carlos Eduardo Soares Mota)£3,400£176,80028GKBrazil
Leandro Barcia£3,000£156,00027AM (RL), ST (C)Uruguay
Maílson (Maílson Tenório dos Santos)£2,900£150,80023GKBrazil
Marquinhos (Marcos Vinícius Sousa Natividade)£2,900£150,80023M (L), AM (RL)Brazil
Marcão (Marcos Antônio Almeida Silva)£2,900£150,80029DM, M (C)Brazil
Sander (Sander Henrique Bortolotto)£2,600£135,20029D/WB (L)Brazil
Luan Polli (Luan Polli Gomes)£2,000£104,00027GKBrazil
Dalberto (Dalberto Luan Belo)£1,400£72,80025AM (RL), ST (C)Brazil
Bruninho (Bruno Roberto Pereira da Silva)£1,020£53,04020AM (LC)Brazil
Betinho (Roberto Pimenta Vinagre Filho)£985£51,22028DM, M (C)Brazil
Chico (Francisco Alves da Silva Neto)£841£43,73221D (C)Brazil
Ewerthon (Ewerthon Diógenes da Silva)£715£37,18019D/WB (R)Brazil
Júnior Tavares (Carlos Eugênio Júnior Tavares dos Santos)£703£36,55623D/WB (L), M (C)Brazil
Ricardinho (Ricardo Ribeiro de Lima)£700£36,40031D/WB (R), DM, M (C)Brazil
João Igor (João Igor Oliveira de Santana)£665£34,58024M (C)Brazil
Marcos Serrato (Marcos Vinícius Serrato)£635£33,02026DM, M (C)Brazil
Raul Prata (Raul Prata)£585£30,42033D/WB (R)Brazil
Ronaldo Henrique (Ronaldo Henrique Ferreira da Silva)£561£29,17226DMBrazil
Luciano Juba (Luciano Batista da Silva Junior)£473£24,59620D/WB (L)Brazil
Mikael (Mikael Filipe Viana de Sousa)£315£16,38021ST (C)Brazil
Pedrão (Pedro Henrique Nunes Silva)£267£13,88420D (C), DMBrazil
Maxwell (Maxwell Lima Santos Silva)£267£13,88421ST (C)Brazil
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Vinícius Popó (Vinícius Santana da Silva)£208£10,81619ST (C)Brazil
Danrlley (Danrlley Ferreira de Souza)£198£10,29618ST (C)Brazil
Túlio (Túlio Galindo Bandeira de Melo)£180£9,36020GKBrazil
Victor Gabriel (Victor Gabriel da Conceição Ribeiro)£162£8,42416D (LC), WB (L)Brazil
Elias (Elias Lira Nogueira Júnior)£145£7,54021D/WB (R)Brazil
Igor (Igor Oliveira da Silva)£92£4,78419ST (C)Brazil
Gustavo Oliveira (Gustavo Silva de Oliveira)£54£2,80817AM (C)Brazil
Renzo (Renzo Azevedo Pimentel De Moura)£43£2,23618D (C)Brazil
André Segundo (André Medeiros Duarte Segundo)£35£1,82018D/WB (R)Brazil
Mateus Oliveira (Mateus da Silva Oliveira)£35£1,82018AM (R), ST (C)Brazil
Cristhian Barbosa (Cristhian Barbosa de Paula)£35£1,82019D/WB (L)Brazil
Nadson (Nadson Nery Ramos de Oliveira)£35£1,82017DM, M (C)Brazil
Rivaldo (Rivaldo Mascarenhas dos Santos)£35£1,82018DM, M (C)Brazil
Adriano (Antônio Adriano Nascimento de Sousa)£35£1,82017GKBrazil
Adryan (Adryan Victor da Silva Cunha)£30£1,56019AM (C)Brazil
João Vitor (João Vitor Silva de Oliveira)£25£1,30018AM (L), ST (C)Brazil
Helber Ítalo (Helber Ítalo dos Santos)£25£1,30018DM, M (C)Brazil
Ryan (Pabulo Ryan Lopes Vieira)£25£1,30018D (LC)Brazil
Welberty (Welberty Alcântara de Abreu)£24£1,24818ST (C)Brazil
Deyvson (Deyvson Medeiros Cordeiro dos Santos)£24£1,24818M/AM (C), ST (C)Brazil

Who is Sport Club do Recife's highest earner?

Patric (Patric Cabral Lalau) has the highest salary at Sport Club do Recife, earning £7,800 per week

What is Sport Club do Recife's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Sport Club do Recife total salary bill is £3,893,604 per year

What is Sport Club do Recife's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Sport Club do Recife total salary bill is £74,877 per week

What league do Sport Club do Recife's play in?

Sport Club do Recife play in the Brasileirão, the top division of football in Brazil.

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