Accrington Stanley 2021 - Player Wages

Accrington Stanley have a total of 46 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Nathan Baxter earning £2,900 per week.

Accrington Stanley play in the Sky Bet League One, the third division of mens professional football in England.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £1,448,980 per year
  • £27,865 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Nathan Baxter£2,900£150,80021GKEngland
Tariq Uwakwe£2,600£135,20020WB (L), DM, M (C), AM (RC)England
Jonathan Russell£2,100£109,20019DM, M/AM (C)England
Cameron Burgess£1,400£72,80024D (C)Australia
Joe Pritchard£1,100£57,20023WB (RL), M (RLC)England
Mark Hughes£900£46,80033D (C)England
Michael Nottingham£900£46,80031D (RC)St Kitts & Nevis
Ben Barclay£890£46,28023D (C), DMEngland
Dion Charles£870£45,24024AM (RLC), ST (C)N.Ireland
Ross Sykes£830£43,16021D (RC)England
Harvey Rodgers£830£43,16023D (RC), WB (R)England
Joe Maguire£810£42,12024D/WB (L)England
Lamine Sherif£790£41,08021DM, M (C)Guinea
Matt Butcher£780£40,56023DM, M (C)England
Mohammed Sangaré£680£35,36021M (C)Liberia
Colby Bishop£680£35,36023ST (C)England
Ryan Cassidy£630£32,76019ST (C)Ireland
Sean McConville£600£31,20031M (RL), AM (RLC)England
Séamus Conneely£600£31,20032D (R), DM, M (C)Ireland
Tom Allan£600£31,20020AM (RL), ST (C)England
Stephen Sama£600£31,20027D (C)Germany
Tom Scully£510£26,52020DM, M (C)England
Toby Savin£460£23,92019GKEngland
Harry Perritt£430£22,36020D/WB (R)England
Zehn Mohammed£400£20,80020D (RC), DM, M (C)England
Lewis Mansell£390£20,28022AM (RL), ST (C)England
Rhys Fenlon£330£17,16018M/AM (RL), ST (C)England
Reagan Ogle£330£17,16021D (RLC)Australia
Jack Bolton£250£13,00018D (L)England
Dan Martin£250£13,00017M (L)England
Liam Isherwood£250£13,00017GKEngland
Jack Doherty£145£7,54017ST (C)England
Jack Buckley£145£7,54017GKEngland
Adam Bowe£145£7,54017D (C)England
Charlie Ridge£145£7,54017ST (C)England
Gabe Ellis£145£7,54016ST (C)England
Mitchell Nolan£145£7,54017M (C)England
Jak McKinlay£145£7,54017ST (C)England
Ryan Graham£145£7,54017D (R)England
Jack Evans£145£7,54017D (C)England
Ryan Muldoon£145£7,54017D (L)England
Rigo Madzura£145£7,54017D (C)England
Luke Stowe£145£7,54017M (C)England
Guelor Kasongo£145£7,54017M (R)England
Warren Sung£145£7,54017M (C)England
Kevin Spinelli£145£7,54016ST (C)England

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