Accrington 2020 - Player Wages

Accrington have a total of 53 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Courtney Baker-Richardson earning £3,400 per week.

Accrington play in the Sky Bet League One, the third division of mens professional football in England.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £1,613,040 per year
  • £31,020 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Courtney Baker-Richardson£3,400£176,80023STEngland
Sadou Diallo£1,600£83,20019AM CEngland
Benny Ashley-Seal£1,500£78,00020AM R, STEngland
Billy Kee£1,500£78,00028AM/F CN.Ireland
Bobby Grant£1,500£78,00029AM RLCEngland
Joe Pritchard£1,100£57,20022M LCEngland
Dimitar Evtimov£970£50,44025GKBulgaria
Jordan Clark£970£50,44025AM RC, F CEngland
Mark Hughes£900£46,80032D CEngland
Ben Barclay£890£46,28022D C, DMEngland
Callum Johnson£880£45,76022D RC, M CEngland
Dion Charles£870£45,24023AM RLC, F CN.Ireland
Harvey Rodgers£830£43,16022D RCEngland
Ross Sykes£830£43,16020D RCEngland
Joe Maguire£810£42,12023D/WB LEngland
Lamine Sherif£790£41,08020DMGuinea
Phil Edwards£750£39,00033D REngland
Jerome Opoku£710£36,92020D LCEngland
Zaine Francis-Angol£650£33,80026D LAntigua & Barbuda
Offrande Zanzala£640£33,28021AM RL, STCongo
Ajibola Alese£600£31,20018D CEngland
Sam Finley£600£31,20026DM, AM/F CEngland
Seamus Conneely£600£31,20030D R, DMIreland
Sean McConville£600£31,20030AM RLCEngland
Colby Bishop£580£30,16022STEngland
Connor Simpson£580£30,16019STEngland
Wilson Carvalho£580£30,16024D/WB R, AM RLEngland
Joe Bursik£510£26,52018GKEngland
Andrew Scott£500£26,00019AM/F CN.Ireland
Alex O'Neill£450£23,40018STEngland
Lewis Doyle£440£22,88018M CEngland
Harry Perritt£380£19,76019D/WB REngland
Niall Watson£370£19,24018AM RL, STEngland
Lewis Gilboy£340£17,68019DMEngland
Adam Bowe£120£6,24016D CEngland
Charlie Ridge£120£6,24016STEngland
Dan Martin£120£6,24016M LEngland
Gabe Ellis£120£6,24016STEngland
Guelor Kasongo£120£6,24016M REngland
Jack Bolton£120£6,24016D RCEngland
Jack Buckley£120£6,24016GKEngland
Jack Doherty£120£6,24016STEngland
Jack Evans£120£6,24016D CEngland
Jak McKinlay£120£6,24016STEngland
Kevin Spinelli£120£6,24016STEngland
Liam Isherwood£120£6,24016GKEngland
Luke Stowe£120£6,24016M CEngland
Mitchell Nolan£120£6,24016M CEngland
Rigo Madzura£120£6,24016D CEngland
Ryan Graham£120£6,24016D REngland
Ryan Muldoon£120£6,24016D LEngland
Warren Sung£120£6,24016M CEngland
Érico Sousa£-360£-18,72024AM RLPortugal

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